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Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 2

  • Release date:
    May 6, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 30m
  • Cast:
    Lisa Ann|Dana Dearmond|Dana Vespoli|Bonnie Rotten


Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 2

Evil Angel

Genre: Lesbian, Anal, POV

Director: Dana Vespoli


Cast: Dana Vespoli, Chanel Preston, Bonnie Rotten, Dana DeArmond, Lisa Ann

Length: 150:45 minutes

Date of Production: 2013

Extras: The extras included a company trailer for the website, some photogalleries from the scenes, a pop shot recap, filmographies, trailers, and few company website links was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 2 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Dana Vespoli for Evil Angel. The visual elements this time were again straightforward, the lighting akin to her titles produced for other companies in large part and the editing on the slight side. The work appeared to be shot with a single camera and in point of view fashion, the bird’s eye viewpoint offered up coming across as well handled overall. For the record, there was a company watermark on the lower right hand corner of the screen. The aural components of the show were basic and not overly distinctive but I could hear the ladies going at it, whispering sexual comments toward one another and otherwise providing some ear candy worth listening to.


Body of Review: Dana Vespoli is one of the sexiest directors we’ve occasionally had blogging at Xcritic, her latest works for Evil Angel showing a desire to break free of industry conventions. Her latest flick as director for the company is called Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 2, the movie showing Dana Vespoli tearing into some prime female ass and them reciprocating on her likewise on rare occasion (I wanted more of that the last time too). Of interest to me this time was Lisa Ann doing her first girl on girl anal scene, but Chanel Preston is a major hotty I adore watching, Bonnie Rotten has been climbing the porn pantheon a lot of late, and who can ever forget about Dana “Does It All” DeArmond strutting her stuff in enthusiastic form yet again?

The company website described the movie like this: “Lovely Evil Angel director/performer Dana Vespoli is a multi-talented woman, both behind and in front of the camera. With the release of "Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 2," you might even say she's got her fingers in many pies! This intense, first person view into the sweet asses of Dana's favorite girls is filled with creative perversity and lots of slow-burning passion. Wearing sheer stockings, her wrists bound to her shapely calves, buxom beauty Chanel Preston is ass-up and ready for action. Dana probes the sultry starlet's elastic asshole using her digits, dildos a couple of ultra-wide butt plugs, and even a medical speculum! Chanel impales her sphincter on the director's strap-on cock and sucks it clean. Cute, heavily tattooed, hard-bodied teen Bonnie Rotten cheerily dominates Dana, slurping on her fake phallus and deeply tonguing her hairy pussy before taking the camera and filming Dana's Sapphic service from her own point of view. The director explores the colon of limber, lovely Dana DeArmond, shoving fingers and toes up the kinky brunette's tender bunghole. Ms. Vespoli makes Ms. DeArmond gag as she pushes those fingers down Ms. DeArmond's throat. The kinky dykes pleasure each other with nasty anal toys and sensuous foot worship. In her first all-girl anal scene, super-stacked MILF icon Lisa Ann gets her massive tushy fucked to gaping by the director's arsenal of rectum-stuffing tools. Calling all ass fanatics and girl-on-girl voyeurs: "Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 2" is hot, hard-core lust with a true woman's perspective.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Dana Vespoli, an exotic hotty who has been wowing fans for years, was up first with totally tasty Chanel Preston, the attractive brunette seen featured on the lower right hand corner of the cover. Chanel was dressed in black lingerie, her ample sample of an ass given a delightful amount of coverage as Dana felt her up and shot footage, the director’s thumb penetrating Chanel’s asshole as the gal was bent over and tied up in front of the white couch. Chanel was fed the thumb and repositioned on the couch with the black tape keeping her arms at bay, a purple dildo stuffed into her perfect pucker and then fed to her as Chanel made it clear she enjoyed the spectacle going on. Fingers, a speculum, and various toys were then deployed to stretch Chanel’s sweet ass wide open, a gape hang time impressive to most displayed before Dana put on a strap on dildo to pork Chanel’s ass soundly. They took it slowly at first but Chanel easily accommodated the device, the gal sucking it clean without any need for genetic juice of population pudding as the scene closed out around the 40 minute mark of the movie.


Scene Two: Bonnie Rotten, the heavily tattooed brunette seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was next as she walked through a wooded area outside where Dana Vespoli was stalked by her with a knife. The stylish POV camera work aside, Dana wore a strap on dildo much earlier here for Bonnie to gleefully suck, the slurping sounds elevating the quality of the action where the fun factor went so high for me. Bonnie blew her before gobbling her gash, the giving leading to getting stuffed herself even harder. Bonnie was an active rider and rode the cock in her ass quite well, the taste testing and fingering leading to increasingly large toys placed up her welcoming ass. I liked how Bonnie gave head in POV a few times, Dana’s hairy snatch meriting a lot of oral attention before both got off by the end of the scene.


Scene Three: Dana DeArmond, the well known extreme queen seen on the lower middle of the cover, was up next as she did some stretches on a bed in her red leotard. Her fleshy ass looked ripe for the plucking, or fucking as it were, the gal welcoming the hands of Dana Vespoli to play with her body. While Dana has long been established as a force of nature when it comes to working up large loads of spunk and splooge, her exclusively ball batter days are long gone as she embraces other women with as much zeal these days. She showed right away that she could vaginally gape, some spitting and fingering moving from vaginal to anal action quickly. There was then a lot of devotion to foot fetish play, the director fucking the performer with her foot and getting a lot of oral as DeArmond sucked the resulting juices off the dainty digits. The performer than gave the director some head in POV fashion, the camera switching hands to show reciprocation unlike what was expected of the show. DeArmond then masturbated with a metal rod one last time, getting off with her ass penetrated as a result.


Scene Four: Lisa Ann, the busty brunette wearing glasses seen featured on the left side of the cover, was up last in what was billed as her first anal scene with another woman. She began with an interview on the couch while a lot of tease footage was displayed of her in various pairs of panties, some solo masturbation included before she engaged with sexy Dana Vespoli. Dana pointed out that Lisa had “an amazing butt”, the firm ass cheeks still having some “squish” to it as both of them massaged the ample cheeks. From there, a series of toys and devices were deployed on stretching Lisa’s sweet ass, a speculum helping her open ever wider just as the glass anal plug gave her some solo inspiration to get off with. Lisa did not do any taste testing of the tainted toys though, Dana putting on a strap on dildo to plow Lisa’s backside to her utter delight. It was a chemistry filled scene for all the right reasons but I wish they had both been given more time to explore each other from head to toe. Lisa took the toy well and got off, no ball batter (or baby batter for that matter) unleashed other than by her legions of fans at home.


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Summary: Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 2 by director Dana Vespoli for Evil Angel had no males to provide a shower of ball batter but the anal and lesbian angles were well covered. Dana did not give a lot of head in most scenes and was largely left out of receiving much anal loving, her handling of the camera showing some increasing skill as she engaged some of her favorite anal sluts to spread their cheeks as the director saw fit. I gave the movie a stronger Recommended this time thanks in large part to the playfulness and the amount of chemistry the ladies displayed, the sheer level of fun factor enough to merit repeated viewings for anyone into ladies doing ladies with an emphasis on anal antics. In short, Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 2 was a nice start to what has become a series, some polishing up and selection of top notch ladies like Lisa Ann and Chanel Preston to showcase almost certain to gain additional attention for the director, the title proving very accurate in terms of the kinds of action the four scenes offered so give it a look.


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