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Girls Kissing Girls 12

  • Release date:
    May 1, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 18m
  • Cast:
    Ryan Keely|Jessie Andrews|Anikka Albrite|Dana Vespoli|Aiden Ashley|Sovereign Syre|Alyssa Reece|Celeste Star

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Dana Vespoli
Writer: Jet Michaels

Cast: Jessie Andrews, Dana Vespoli, Ryan Keely, Sovereign Syre, Anikka Albrite, Celeste Star, Aiden Ashley, Alyssa Reece

Length: 139 minutes

Extras: There is a Behind the Scenes segment, a nice looking photo gallery, and several trailers.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Condoms: None

Overview: Girls Kissing Girls 12 is a film by Sweetheart Video and director Dana Vespoli. This installment is her second Girls Kissing Girls production. Her first one was a real winner. In this movie, favorite all girl performers Sovereign Syre and Celeste Star are joined by Jessie Andrews, Dana Vespoli, Ryan Keely, Anikka Albrite, Aiden Ashley, and Alyssa Reece. As this title states, we do get a lot of kissing action among the paired off women.
Dana Vespoli, Aiden Ashley
Scene One: Aiden Ashley tells artist Dana Vespoli that her paintings are not as popular as they were in the past. During their conversation, the simmering attraction for one another leads to a kiss. Their lip lock activity lasts a while on the red leather sofa. Aiden's sexy legs look very yummy while Dana is laying on top of the woman. A nice amount of heat is generated by the ladies. I like seeing Aiden's legs wrap around Dana's hips. Later, Dana kisses her foot and then, her tits before placing her attention onto Aiden's warm honeycomb. She really stimulates it nicely as soon as she removes the friend's panties. Aiden looks at Dana's work steadily and cums often. She squeezes her own breasts and squirms a lot too. Next, Aiden pulls off Dana's pants and goes to work on pleasuring her womanhood with good stimulation too. I like how her mouth and tongue created those sensations to run through Dana's body without relying on fingerfucking actions. Some tribbing and foot worship activity by Aiden follows. She also climbs onto top of Dana so that her artistic friend can eat her pussy. Then, we see both women in doggie position as Aiden sucks her snatch. More kissing activity occurs later as they stand on their knees. Dana's pussy rubbing actions get her friend off well. Their kissing moments leads to the end of their good performance.
Celeste Star, Anikka Albrite
Scene Two: Masters student Anikka Albrite is looking for a place to live that is near the college. She arrives at Celeste Star's home and she offers her to live with her. After having lived together for a bit, the blonde hottie develops a crush on the woman. When Celeste finds her in her bedroom, Annika confides to the woman that she has feelings for her. Celeste sits beside her on the bed and soon, we see them kissing. It starts off slow and soon, the passion for the each other picks up. I enjoyed seeing their tongues being used. The atmosphere in the room becomes hotter as these two ladies make out. Their kissing and caressing activity is pretty time-consuming. We see them sucking titties a bit. Later, Celeste lays on top of Anikka. They really look good together. She humps her a bit too. Later, Celeste puts her focus on the cutie pie's pussy. Anikka's lacy undergarments look very nice on her. I like their good eye contact between one another. Afterwards, she removes Celeste's panties and applies her pussy rub and suck on the woman's sexual playground. After some hot moments, the tribbing activity by Anikka follows. Some erotic kissing action occurs when Celeste is on top of her. Next, Celeste applies a very stimulating pussy suck that really gets Anikka quite wet and juicy. Later, they kiss a bit to end their scene. It's always nice to see Celeste getting turned on by a woman during their make out session. She always does a super job. Anikka had a pretty good performance too.
Ryan Keely, Jessie Andrews
Scene Three: Jessie Andrews is the make-up artist for Ryan Keely's model shoot for the day. They talk a bit throughout the day before they eventually kiss because Ryan asks her out. Later, their kissing activity shifts to the bedroom. It is at this location where the atmosphere heats up significantly. I like their slow paced performance that allows their hotness to linger on for a long time. The model sucks pussy first before Jessie gets to do it. Their back and forth activity is really cool. The hottest moments occur during the second part of their performance when the pussy pleasuring moments are quite heated and that includes some tribbing action by both of them. Their performance ends with them kissing and snuggling.
Alyssa Reece, Sovereign Syre
Scene Four: Alyssa Reece gets upset by Sovereign Syre's higher than thou attitude. After she confides to the woman, they kiss. Their touching performance becomes sweeter as it progresses forward. Their bodies are very attractive and their tender kisses are cute. I also like how they take their time in feeling and pleasuring their bodies. Their kisses become a tad passionate when they feel each other's pussies. Some steady pussy sucking by the women follows that starts off with Alyssa's applied oral technique. her steadiness shifts to a more energized oral sucking delivery that gets Sovereign off. My mouth was getting so watery as we get to see Alyssa put forth an amazing effort. Some nice kissing follows. Then, Alyssa is standing on the sofa on her knees while Sovereign feels her butt and then, sucks her snatch. Her actions are tender. She also pays some attention to the woman's feet and legs. As Sovereign sucks her juicebox while Alyssa's pussy is over her mouth, the sensations grow stronger as it lingered on. Alyssa cums so well. More sweet kissing follows.
Final Thoughts: This twelfth installment is a very good one for those fans who like to watch a lot of kissing activity. Alyssa Reece and Sovereign Syre have the most tender kissing performance while Anikka Abrite and Celeste Star have the most passionate one. There are also plenty of good pussy eating moments too that will excite the viewers. Since number twelve does not have the same level of high energy as it's predecessor, it ends up with a recommended rating.


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