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Happy Ending

  • Release date:
    September 30, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 22m
  • Cast:
    Mimi Miyagi|Minka|T.J. Cummings|Dale DaBone|Evan Stone|Eric Masterson|Kaylani Lei|David Stanley

Happy Ending


Genre: Feature

Director: David Stanley

Cast: Minka, TJ Cummings, Mimi Miyagi, Evan Stone, Kaylani Lei, Eric Masterson, Dale DaBone

Length: 82.5 minutes

Date of Production: 2/25/03

Extra's: 7 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Greg Leon, 5 unrelated sex scenes, short Mimi Miyagi biography, trailers, photogalleries, positions room, double sided DVD cover, forced spam

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, the industry standard at this time (maybe someday anamorphic widescreen will be the norm). There were some issues with grain and video noise but less than in a number of other Vivid features of late. There appeared to be an attempt to simulate a film look while still using much cheaper videotape but we all know how that typically doesn't work out too well. The audio was presented in stereo English and while slightly hollow, was generally easy to understand. The mix between the vocals and music was generally fairly well done.

Body of Review: Feature porn is some of the most elusive to get right in terms of combining the elements of a story and decent sex. Typically, companies focus on one or the other and both suffer. There are exceptions to this rule but as long as companies push their directors to churn out as many releases as possible in the shortest amount of time, this will continue to be a problem. One of the latest releases by Vivid, Happy Ending, seems to fall under such an origin. The movie is about Mimi Miyagi, as herself but retired from making porn, running a holistic health center. Her business is not doing well and her boyfriend, Evan (as a rock star), suggests she has her staff dress up in sexy outfits. As the movie progresses, her life takes a turn for the worse but I don't want to spoil it for fans. If you are a huge Mimi fan, read on for my breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Minka, an Asian gal with some of the largest implants I've ever seen, and TJ, got it on after she rubbed him the right way on a massage table. The sex was oral and straight only with her finishing him off with a nice titty fuck. I really didn't care for her look (implants are bad enough but hers were gross).

Scene Two: Mimi, an established performer herself and owner of much more reasonable sized implants, took on Evan on a bed. The sex included oral and straight with a 69 thrown in for good measure and ending with anal and a pop shot. Not a bad scene at all!

Scene Three: Mimi, Kaylani, and Minka had a lesbian scene at the breakfast table. While they had a good time and the use of the vibrator was cool, I just couldn't get past Minka's horrible breasts.

Scene Four: Kaylani, looking very young and lean, had a scene with Evan in one of the massage rooms. There was a lot of oral this time and it ended with the two boning as she wore a little schoolgirl outfit. This was a pretty good scene too (I didn't count a brief little interlude between Minka and Eric since it amounted to a hand job under a towel).

Scene Five: Mimi gave Dale some oral loving before finishing him off with straight sex (and a brief titty fuck to get him ready). He then took her anally and finished up. Fair.

Summary: This was one of those movies that is designed for fans of a performer only. There was some benefit for fans of Asian gals too but the heat was very limited in most cases to make this one a Skip It for anyone else. The technical limitations weren't that bad but without hot babes having great sex, who wants to drop the dough with all the better stuff on the market? Oh well, even the top companies make mistakes and this was one of them. Pass!



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