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Bad Girls Have Tattoos

  • Release date:
    February 25, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 48m
  • Cast:
    Brooke Banner|Sarah Jessie|Angie Savage|Daisy Cruz|Jazy Berlin|Jenna Moretti|Lela Star

Category: Compilation/All Sex/Tattoo


Cast: Brooke Banner/Sarah Jessie/Angie Savage/Daisy Cruz/Jazy Berlin/Jenna Moretti/Lela Star

Release Date: 2/25/2013

Extras: Trailers/Slide Show/Web

Runtime: 108 Mins


Scene 1:

Sarah Jessie/Dane Cross

[Scene taken from 'Bossy Milfs 6']

Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Missionary/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Facial (Medium Volume)

The premiere scene in the densely titled 'Bad Girls Have Tattoos' begins as we see Dane Cross in a classroom before Sarah Jessie enters dressed perfectly slutty in tiny daisy dukes, a tight wife beater top, and black high heels. As she enters, we see the blackboard behind Dane which reads, "Traffic School for Sluts." Sarah enters saying she's there for her class and Dane directs her to her seat. Sarah is the only student in class, and as she sits down she begins sipping on a bottle of rum. Dane notices, and asks her if she's drinking, but Sarah simply ignores answering him and instead begins in some heavy flirting. She takes her top off, and as she does so the action almost immediately begins. Sarah's porno-goddess body is fully exposed now as she pulls out Dane's beef rod and begins sucking as Dane moans happily. The blowjob is nice here and includes a bit of tit-fucking throughout as well. Sarah keeps it fairly sloppy, and the sex eventually begins in a missionary position on Professor Cross's desk in the coming moments. The sex begins nicely as the camera gets some nice glimpses of Sarah's bod throughout Dane pummeling her pussy. A nice reverse cowgirl grind is given by Sarah Jessie in the following moments, but as the scene progresses it seems to lose some steam. The scene goes on and ultimately ends as Dane fires off his dick juice over Sarah's face as she laps up the excess jizz off of his member. If you love the big fake boobs look, Sarah is right up your alley, but as far as this scene goes, it just didn't have many noteworthy moments, if any.

Scene 2:

Angie Savage/Lela Star

[Scene taken from 'This Ain't Baywatch XXX]

Cunnilingus/69/Mutual Masturbation

The next scene begins as we see Lela Star and Angie Savage, who are contemplating skinny dipping in the pool as the scene begins, and soon decide to go for it. The girls get naked as they both teasingly play with each other's parts as the action soon starts up. They rub tits in the early moments before Angie decides to get a facefull of Lela. Two great sets of boobs in this scene, as the emphasis seems to lie there mainly. The girls then set up some towels on the ledge and do some 69 action to start the pussyplay. They continue poking and prodding each others holes, as Angie gives some pretty sloppy head to Lela in the upcoming moments. As with most lesbian scenes, this one has a lot of fingering going on throughout the action, as it seems that Angie is the domme of the scene, while Lela lays back and enjoys her antics. Lela eventually gets her turn to please Angie, as she does so mainly through cunnilingus. Lela's methods throughout are quite hypnotizing, she fingers Angie with the utmost care and concern, pulling her fingers out only to lick them and resumes the task at hand. The two later share in a mutual masturbation session that entails each of the girls staring at each others parts as they fondle themselves accordingly. Some fantastic upshots take place throughout this, as the screen soon fades during this segment. This was an okay scene, the only thing that kept my attention was Lela Star, she's a definite favorite, but the scene was pretty slow overall.

Scene 3:

Brooke Banner/Cyrus King

[Scene taken from 'Busty Beauties: The A List #3']

Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Spooning/Facial (Low Volume)

The third scene starts with Cyrus King, who is literally tossing a salad in the backroom of a restaurant or grocery store (I can't really tell which). Brooke enters view immediately as the scene opens and upon her entrance Cyrus tells her that customers shouldn't be wandering in the back. Brooke basically ignores hime and  tells him she's simply testing out the merchandise, as she holds a cucumber in her hand. She soon unclothes herself, and pours cooking oil over her amazing tits in the next moments, as Cyrus non chalantly tells her that she has a very nice set of melons. Brooke chomps on her cucumber as her tits lie fully in the face of the camera, and I must say that she looks incredible here. A nice bj ensues soon after, and the sex eventually starts in the doggie position with Brooke leaning over a nearby foodcart. We eventually move on to a reverse cowgirl, where Brooke's well oiled tits are bouncing wonderfully like a couple of loose cantaloupes. The scene progresses fairly well, and later ends after Cyrus drops his boy sauce over Brooke's face. This was another decent scene, I could probably have watched Brooke just sit there and continuously pour oil over her tits and be fine with it, but whatever. As far as the sex in the scene goes, it was average at best.

Scene 4:

Jazy Berlin/Daisy Cruz/Dale Dabone

[Scene taken from 'America's Favorite Commercials Gone Porn']

Blowjob/Doggie/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Spooning/Reverse Cowgirl/Facial (Medium Volume)

The fourth scene begins as we see Jazy Berlin, Daisy Cruz, and Dale Dabone sitting on a sofa in a bar. Nina Mercedez plays the server, and as she brings a beer over, the fakely bearded Dale Dabone says, I don't always drink beer...yadda yadda, you know where this one's going. Dale is playing Dos Equis' most interesting man in the world here, and after this introduction Jazy and Daisy start in on the heavy petting. The cheesiness is thoroughly vomit inducing as this intro goes on, and the bj soon begins as both girls take turns sucking on Dale's meat whistle. The double bj is a little below mediocre here, with some fair sloppiness I guess, but the fake moans are seriously ruining it for me. The sex later begins as Dale fucks Jazy in a doggie style position while Daisy coaxes the two on in a pretty lifeless and painful manner. The sex here is pretty weak, and the only notable parts are when the camera gets a good view of Jazy's delicious looking tits. The scene progresses, and actually does pick up fairly well when Dale fucks Daisy in a spoon position; some epic views of Daisy's tits here as well. Is this movie based on tattooed girls, or big titted girls? Because I don't think Jazy has one tattoo on her entire body, hmm. Anyways, the scene goes on, with a seemingly fake orgasm from Jazy Berlin and an eventual facial given to Daisy, as she then spits the most interesting man in the world's jizz over Jazy's breasts. Not a great scene here, love Jazy Berlin but the overall sex was pretty meager.

Scene 5:

Jayden Williams/J.W. Hardin

[Scene taken from 'Barely Legal Biker Girls']

Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Facial (Medium Volume)

The final scene in 'Bad Girls Have Tattoos' starts as we see J.W. Hardin fixing up his motorcycle as Jayden Williams then approaches him saying her parents are coming home and she needs him to get his bike off of her property. Jayden looks fucking awesome here, and as the two bicker back and forth they also laugh uncontrollably taking themselves out of character a bit, but ultimately creating a pretty funny introductory segment. This goes on for a bit before Jayden gives in to J Dubs' manly sexual prowess by making out with him. The action starts with Jayden lying on the motorcycle seat and J.W. eating her pussy, with action being pretty slow in the early stages. The bj comes next and is again pretty slow moving, with some acting spruced in throughout making it even more awkward seeming than it already does. The blowjob goes on for awhile, never really reaching a good point, and leading up to some doggie style sex over J.W.'s motorcycle. The scene moves forward drudgingly, as it looks like Jayden is not into this guy in the least, and aside from some eye candy, it's all pretty bad. It finally comes to an end as J Dub fires off a super close-up facial that gets in Jayden's eyes and encompasses a good amount of her face. This scene was pretty bad, it never reached a strong point and was just not good.


A pretty lackluster attempt from the hustler folks here. I understand that they're playing it up for the tattoo fans, but maybe all the girls in the film should at least have some tattoos before you market it as such? Just a thought. Anyways, the sex was mostly flat and colorless throughout the movie, and aside from having some fairly decent star quality there's really nothing positive I could tell you about it. With a pretty lame set of bonus features and an overall "meh" feeling, I'd have to recommend you go ahead and skip this one. I see no reason to tell you otherwise.


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