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Cum Swallowing Auditions Vol. 1

  • Release date:
    July 15, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 51m
  • Cast:
    Kennedy Leigh|Lola Foxx|Lia Lor|Mika Sparx

Genre: Amateur, POV

Director: ????

Cast: Kennedy Leigh, Lia Lor, Lola Foxx, Mika Sparx,

Length: 1:50

Date of Production: 4/29/13

Extras: photo gallery, cum shot recap

Audio/Video Quality: The video is presented in widescreen color. The picture quality is good and does not have any noticeable defects in the picture. The lighting is also good. The action is captured in POV (point of view - first person perspective of the action with the male participant holding the camera while he engages the girl). The camera work is generally steady with some shaky handling. However, there is nothing to ruin viewing experience. The audio is presented in 2-channel stereo and sounds very good. There is a music track. It is subtle but feels out of place and reminds me of space. Scene 2 does not have the background music.

Body of Review: Cum Swallowing Auditions 1 is a pro-am video that features 4 babes in 4 scenes. The girls engage in short interviews, suck and fuck the dude. Each scene has the girl swallowing the dude's load twice. The girls also are clothed during most of the action. They wear one-piece dresses that are hiked up when they are fucked. The feature is also captured in POV (point of view - first person perspective of the action with the male participant holding the camera). Here's the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Kennedy Leigh - Rating 3.0/5.0
Kennedy the cute blonde gal featured on the DVD cover. She has a pretty face and a nice teen body. She's the ripe age of 18. The scene opens with a short interview. Soon after she's going to work on the dude's cock. She takes a hands free approach and looks great in the act. She maintains good eye contact with the camera as she sucks. Next she fingers her clit and the dude eats her out (due to the camera, we don't actually see her receiving oral, only her body squirming). Next the dude proceeds to fuck her. Her pussy looks great taking cock. She really seemed to enjoy herself and even squirts. Throughout the action she keeps her dress on (hiked up, covering her chest) and we only get a brief periods of her bare breasts. Midway through the action the dude pops and she swallows the load. The scene cuts and she's magically completely naked. The dude fucks her and then unloads in her mouth again. Overall I enjoyed watching Kennedy fuck. She had good energy and kept excitement levels high. I was disappointed at the fact her tits were pretty much covered the entirety of the scene.

Scene 2: Lia Lor - Rating 3.0/5.0
Lia is a good looking fake blonde gal. She's 21 years old with a slender figure and pretty green eyes. The scene opens with a quick interview. Then she's on her knees sucking off the dude. Lia puts a lot of energy into the oral bit. She is eager and handles the dude's cock like a pro. Her performance includes plenty of ball licking and light deep throating. It's a hot oral bit. The sex is also heated. Lia continues to excite and fucks with lots of energy. She also spends a fair amount of time blowing the dude. This bit ends with her swallowing his load. Like the first scene, her top side is covered the entire time. The scene cuts and she's completely naked and getting fucked doggie style. She swallows another load and the scene ends. Overall I liked Lia a lot. She had a great attitude and seemed thoroughly enjoy herself. I would have liked her completely naked, but I thought her on camera performance was great.

Scene 3: Lola Foxx - Rating 3.0/5.0
Lola is a cute dark haired girl with pretty brown eyes. She's 20 years old and has a nice body. The scene opens with a brief interview. The fun starts off with a blow job. Lola performs her oral duties like a champ. She's energetic and knows her way around a cock. Plus her pretty brown eyes look great as she maintains eye contact with the camera. The sex continues to offer fun. Lola moans loudly and frequently as the dude slides in and out her. Her body even quivers as she cums. She's clearly enjoying herself. This bit ends with her swallowing a cum shot. Hopefully not a surprise but her top side is covered by her dress. The scene cuts and she's sucking the dude off. They continue with some more sex. During this bit there are some short shots of her tits. They end with another load swallowed. Overall I liked Lola's on screen performance. She was exciting to watch fuck, but like the others I would have liked to see her naked.

Scene 4: Mika Sparx - Rating 3.0/5.0
Mika is an attractive dark haired babe. She's 20 years old. She's got a smoking body and nice round tits. Sadly she keeps her upper body covered most of the scene. Anyways they open with an interview. Next she gets in his pants and proceeds to suck him off. She takes a slow approach but still kept my attention with her pretty face. Mika also does some light deep throating. When sex comes into play, things really heat up. Mika is energetic and really gets into the action. Her sweet box looks great as it engulfs the dude's prick. At the end of this bit she swallows his load. The scene cuts and the dude is fucking her again. During this bit we finally get a quick look at her tits. They're damn nice and would have been great to see more of. I feel cheated. The action ends with more cum swallowing. Overall I liked Mika. Her oral performance wasn't as strong as the previous girls, but she made up for it with energetic sex.

Conclusion: Overall I enjoyed Cum Swallowing Auditions 1. I thought the cast was made up of young cuties and found their on-screen performances to be pretty hot. The camera work was pretty good, as well as the lighting. While there was a professional feeling to the production, the action still felt like amateur and not a full blown professional porn. I was disappointed that the girl's top sides were covered during the majority of the action. I think seeing the girls bare more often would have made this release that much better. Still I found the scenes enjoyable enough that I think they are worth watching over and over. Lastly I would have also liked some teases in the openings. In the end I enjoyed Cum Swallowing Auditions 1. It's a video I will watch again and enjoy. It is recommended. I would have given it much higher marks if there had been good teases and more bare breasted action.


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