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Beds of Sin

  • Release date:
    October 15, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 43m
  • Cast:
    Steven St. Croix|Nick Lang|Ginger|Manuel Ferrara|Lucy Lee|Rita Faltoyano|Melanie Jagger|Crystal Ray|Thomas Stone|Lucy|Dora Venter|Lea De Mae|Nikita Rush

Private Reality 19: Beds Of Sin


Genre: Vignette

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Dora Venter, Private Life Of Rita Faltoyano, Ramon D'l Pojohn, Melanie Jagger, Steven St. Croix, Lea De Mae, Mark Barrow, Manuel Ferrara, Lucy, Thomas Stone, Nick Lang, Lucy Lee, Crystal Ray, Ginger, Eve (AKA: Seurine), Nikita Rush

Length: 103.5 minutes

Date of Production: 8/03 (compilation itself)

Extra's: trailers, photogallery, production notes, cast biographies, lots of different languages and subtitles, double sided dvd cover

Audio/Video Quality: Some of the scenes were done in 1.85:1 widescreen color and looked great while others were done in the usual 1.33:1 full frame. I saw no artifacts or problems with the colors. The audio, at least for the English track, was pretty solid but keep in mind that some of the time dubbing was done. The vocals and music were all done reasonably well.

Body of Review: The Private Reality series is sort of like a video magazine where you get to watch a couple of "making of..." behind the scenes shoots for upcoming movies along with a healthy number of sex scenes filmed for the dvd itself. I liked Volume 18 when I saw it last month and the latest volume, Private Reality 19: Beds Of Sin was fairly well done too. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by title, date of production, director and cast:

Scene One: Watch Out For Your Balls: 2/03: D-Xavi Dominguez: Dora, Rita, and Ramon all had a scene at a popular bar after hours. The gals looked great and the action started off warm but got hot quickly. This was shot in widescreen and was great technically as well. There was the usual oral and straight as well as the anal before they sucked him off to completion. Yum!

Scene Two: The Making of Paradise Island: 10/02: D-Alessandro Del Mar: This behind the scenes special was also shot in widescreen and looked to have an attractive cast.

Scene Three: Intimate Love: 11/02: D-Gazzman: Melanie, a curvy brunette, and Steven, had a scene on a bed. The sex included lots of oral and straight with a fair amount of anal too. Her dirty talk made the scene better than many other Private scenes by virtue of making me feel they were having a good time. Warm, and also shot in widescreen.

Scene Four: Photoset With Lea De Mae: 9/02: D-Marc Lelong: Lea, the blonde hotty, Mark, and Manuel, had a scene that evolved out of a photoshoot on a set. The down side was the scene was very short and made to look like it was taped with a spy camera but the up side was that she did it all, including a DP. Mixed!

Scene Five: The Making Of Wild Circle : 10/02: D-Susi Medusa Gottardi: This was a short behind the scenes feature. The movie itself was only okay.

Scene Six: High Sex Society: 3/03: D-Andrew Youngman and John Walton: Lucy, a beautiful looking brunette, Thomas, and Nick, had a scene that started with her wearing some great lingerie and warming them up at the top of a staircase. The sex moved to a luxurious bed and they quickly went to anal sex after some oral loving taking place. Before the ending facial, she did a DP as well. The sex wasn't the greatest but she was a looker.

Scene Seven: Lucy And Crystal In Beverly Hills: 2/03: D-Tom Meadow: Lucy Lee and Crystal, a couple of lean looking gals, did each other on a couch. The sex was lesbian and oral for the most part with a bit of toy usage taking place near the end. The dirty talk was good but the bouncing around by the camera was disconcerting and it lowered the heat.

Scene Eight: Rococo Pleasure: 3/03: D- Andrew Youngman and John Walton: Ginger, Eve, Nikita, and Nick had a scene in a fancy hotel on a couch. It was okay but nothing about it stuck in my mind. The gals were attractive enough but they all seemed to be going through the motions too much for me to enjoy it all.

Summary: I think the women here looked, for the most part, very attractive and the biggest heat reducer was the direction and lack of chemistry. I'm rating it as a Rent It although fans of the cast may want to buy it simply to complete their collections. I think the more extensive use of the widescreen format shows promise that Private is going to expand it in the future, a demand by high-end consumers that has largely gone unfulfilled. If you like this series, you'll want to check it out but otherwise it was too mixed to recommend in any meaningful way.



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