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Mr. Beaver Checks In #17

  • Release date:
    July 8, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 40m
  • Cast:
    Csoky Ice|Nick Lang|Tiffany|Kelly (II)|James Brossman|Nikki Sun|Eve|Kelli|Frank Thring|Critotal|James (British)|Pokahontas

Mr. Beaver Checks In 17


Genre: Gonzo, Foreign

Director: Frank Thring

Cast: Kelli, Maria, James Brossman, Frank Thring, Tiffany Diamond, Christal, Kelly, Virag, Chuky, Eve, Nick Lang

Length: 100.5 minutes

Date of Production: 2/7/03 (box), "Jan-Feb 2003 (credits)

Extra's: 12 minute long Behind the Scenes feature for volumes 17 & 18, cast list, slide show, director's profile, trailers

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full
frame color. Most of the time, the lighting and camera work were passable with
a few problems. The audio was presented in stereo and was also fairly clear.

Body of Review: The Mr. Beaver series is a lighthearted piece of
fluff that stars Frank Thring as an old guy who travels around the world
looking for hot babes. He usually doesn't join in with the sex which is fine with those of us that prefer seeing the babes with someone at least somewhat non-repulsive. The movies
use Frank's character to show the loosely connected scenes and a bit of pretty travel footage fill out the show. I saw Volume 16 awhile back but this episode, Mr. Beaver Checks In 17 had some merit all it's own but not a lot. There wasn't much of a story so pardon me if I skip telling you all about the matchbook plot here. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Big Balls: Kelli and Maria, a couple of average looking European gals, took care of Frank and James on a hotel bed. There was some anal along with the oral and straight but the blemishes, stretch marks, and lack of heat made this scene unworthy.

Scene Two: Switched Bags: Tiffany, a lean and cute gal, and James, had a scene in abed. It started off slowly but soon was pretty solidly energetic. There was anal for the fans but he didn't go all the way inside her. Not bad.

Scene Three: Bad Day: Kelly and Christal had a lesbian scene in a shoe store. I actually liked this scene more than I should have. The gals were lean and they weren't ugly but one of them kept looking at the camera and usually that lowers the heat. This time, it didn't. Fairly warm.

Scene Four: Contracts: Virag, a curvy brunette with a great looking ass and long legs, took on Chuky in an office setting. Lots of oral and straight before the facial but no anal. It was okay but her crotch blemishes were distracting.

Scene Five: Special Massage: Eve, another cute gal that I'd like to see more of but with better production values, and Nick, had a scene on a massage table. Slightly energetic with some chemistry-too bad it didn't last longer since it was just starting to show promise.

Summary: This series isn't the best Hustler has to offer and it's not because Frank is in too many scenes. It's the lighting and quality of the women that hurt this one most-as well as the limits of showing much less than average amounts of sex. I admittedly liked the extras this time, at least as much as the feature itself, due to the behind the scenes feature, but that wasn't enough to raise the rating of this one above Skip It.



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