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Creampied Cheerleaders 3

  • Release date:
    June 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 0m
  • Cast:
    Mark Wood|Tommy Pistol|Derrick Pierce|Alex Gonz|Britney Young|Will Powers|Charity Bangs|Ashley Stone|Courtney Shea|Angel Del Rey

Genre: Teen, CreamPie, Role Playing, Cheerleader

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Angel Del Ray / Mark Wood, Charity Bangs / Tommy Pistol, Ashley Stone / Derrick Pierce, Britney Young / Alex Gonz

Length: 2 hours

Date of Production:  June 25, 2013

Extras: The film does not offer much in terms of extras. There is a pop shot menu, photo gallery and a few trailers of other Quasar-directed films: Blow Me Sandwich 15, Happy Endings, Is Your Mother Home 2 and She’s So Anal, as well as a variety sex products being pitched.

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: There was no description of the aspect ratio of the feature (fullscreen, widescreen) and no audio track information on the disc (Dolby Digital 5.1, stereo, mono, etc.) However both sound and video production were excellent.

Overview: The movie is pretty cut and dry when it comes to its formal description. Each girl has a solo vignette of cheerleading and body rubbing set to music which helps the viewer get in the mood. I wish there was a little more creativity with the cheerleading outfits themselves, and I wish there was a little more of a scene build-up to the sex. However, this film features great, young talent and is sure to please. It’s Creampied Cheerleaders 3!

Scene 1:
Angel Del Ray and Mark Wood

After showing off her thin body and small perky tits in the cheerleading vignette, Del Ray goes right into making out with Wood, before lifting up her skirt to show off her tiny succulent ass. Wood proceeds to suck on her tits and take off her panties to lick her pussy which she is more than happy to accommodate. He does a great job of eating her out before she works his cock in her mouth. Her blow job technique, however, lacked an intensity (slobbering, spitting and stroking) which was a turn off for me. Del Ray makes up for it though by taking his large cock in multiple positions. Wood buries his cock deep inside Del Ray’s pussy from behind, giving her all she can handle. He firmly slaps her ass and pulls her hair which she also enjoys. Del Ray rides Wood’s cock with authority as he drills her tight pussy with her ass cheeks spread wide. She finally takes off her top while riding his cock to show off her amazing tits and tattooed body, and then goes right into reverse cowgirl where she just continues to get pounded. Quasar does an amazing job with great camera work, which showed a close up of her pussy which I really enjoyed watching get fucked. Wood glides his rock hard cock in her wet snatch in the missionary position leaving a nice cream pie load for her to enjoy.

Scene 2:
Charity Bangs / Tommy Pistol

Charity receives intense pussy play from Pistol from the get go, licking her asshole and spitting and sucking on her shaved pussy – it really sets the tone for a really hot scene. I love the way she takes his cock in her mouth getting throat fucked, while sucking his balls, mixed perfectly with spitting and stroking. She rides his cock before sucking him off again then goes right into doggy style. I love her dirty talk as she takes it all from behind. This, like the previous scene, is incredibly hot – just a great mix of dirty talk and her enjoyment of getting fucked from behind. Charity gets back on her knees to suck his cock and then gets fucked sideways. She again works his cock so well in her mouth which was a real big turn on for me. Pistol eventually deposits a nice load in her pussy from the missionary position.

Scene 3:
Courtney Shea / Will Powers

Shea lets Will spank and play with her ass, before sucking on her perfect natural tits. Powers wastes no time and goes right between her legs to suck her pussy. He doesn’t spend too much time eating her out from behind, and she gladly returns the favor when she firmly grasps his cock in her mouth. After a short blow job, Powers fucks her from behind. Shea does a better job of sucking his cock after doggy style and transitions perfectly into reverse cowgirl, exposing her natural tits and smooth pussy. I also enjoyed the fact that she keeps her skirt up exposing her pussy in that position. Shea handles his cock with ease and does a great job of fucking in the reverse cowgirl position. Kudos again goes to Quasar for great camera work of up close and from the back fucking. Towards the end of the scene, Courtney again shows great command of his cock, bobbing up and down on his large rod. Powers finishes her off by leaving a sweet load in her pussy ready for her to enjoy.

Scene 4:
Ashley Stone / Derrick Pierce

Stone, in my opinion has the hottest body of the other starlets in the movie. Pierce starts off by licking her pussy while she grabs her tits in enjoyment. I really love the way she sucks his cock – stroking his staff and licking his balls, while getting throated. She goes right into reverse cowgirl, just getting pounded nicely. After sucking his dick from the reverse cowgirl, Stone assumes the missionary position, getting drilled even more. She rides his cock again and takes off the rest of her outfit, showing off her incredibly hot body. Pierce certainly works her pussy good throughout the entire scene and deposits his load from behind – it is best cream pie of the movie.

Scene 5:
Britney Young / Alex Gonz

Gonz wastes no time warming up her pussy from behind, before inserting his large cock inside of her. She doesn’t suck his dick for while, but it is a treat to watch her slobber all over it and lick it when she does. Young has a perfectly shaved pussy which gets fucked from multiple positions. Quasar, as he has done in the other scenes, shows off more tremendous camera work of her pussy getting fucked from up close. Young eventually takes off her outfit and continues to ride his giant cock. Gonz creams inside of her from the missionary position. The scene is definitely hot, but I enjoyed the other four just a little more.

Final Thoughts:

I have to admit that I am a little biased when it comes to cheerleading porn – it is an absolute turn on. And this movie does not disappoint. The starlets are hot, the sex is incredible and the awesome camera work from Quasar brings it all together. The only thing preventing me from giving it a 5-star rating is that I wish there was a little more build up / story line to the sex and cut out the solo vignettes (i.e. getting caught in the locker room, or a post game interaction of some sort, something of that nature) and I wish the outfits were better. But those are minor little personal preferences of mine and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It is Highly Recommended.


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