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College Rules 12

  • Release date:
    September 23, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 51m
  • Cast:
    Kalina Ryu|Heather Starlet|Hope Howell|Angelina Mylee|Lacey Leveah|Blaire Banks|Keiyra Lina|Jagger Jordan|Vee Cummings|Alexis Paige

Genre: Gonzo, Amateur
Director: ?
Cast: Mercedes, many amateurs
Length: 171 minutes
Date of Production: 8/22/2013
Extras: There is a photo gallery, cum shot recap, and website information.
Condoms: Yes
Audio/Video Quality: The video  and audio quality are good.
Overview: College Rules 12 is an amateur gonzo flick by Morally Corrupt and Jules Jordan Video.  This series involves college students.
Scene One: The Girls School the Newbs. The scene starts off with four coeds, with one of them holding the camera, in a room and two of them suck punch from their belly buttons with a straw. When the two guys are playing their video game, a couple of the girls try to get their attention, but with no success. One rubs her titties above one of their heads while a blonde plays with herself with a toy on the bed. Later, two of the students finally get one of the fellas attention and starts to fool around with one of the girls. After a quick game of tossing bean bags into a hole, his buddy pairs up with two hotties. When he enters the room, his friend is already fucking the coed doggie style. Then, the bean bag fella gets his dick sucked by the horny duo before one of them rides him. My favorite moments, however, were the pussy eating ones though since I love the taste of pussy. But, the best moments were the screwing ones as the coeds provide nice energy and effort. Also, the guys were nice looking fuckers. After the doggying couple finally ends with a cum shot to a receptive face, the camera focused more on the trio. The bespectacled one continues to get mished while her gal pal sucks and fondles her breasts. Their screwing experience ends with both of them receiving cum on their faces while laying on their backs.
Scene Two: Tommy Gets What's Coming to Him. Tommy's girlfriend is making a revenge tape by having an orgy with guys and girls in his dorm room while he is away. When two college boys arrive, three of the coeds strip. After showing off some booty, a bespectacled blonde in a ponytail gives head as two of her friends are busy making out with his pal on a different bed. The cocksucking activity looks quite hot especially when we see two coeds working over a guy's sexual package at the same time. I got very turned on by their slow paced sucking delivery. The close-up shots of the bjs are cool too. Then, the screwing activity occurs as the blonde gets mished and the other babe gets doggied. The pace of the fucking action picks up as the spectacled girl gets doggied pretty solidly. More doggie action is shown by the guy's pal afterwards. Later on, the cute pissed off coed has her revenge when she sucks two guys in the bathroom for a while before receiving one of their cumshots on her face. Then, while her boyfriend is sleeping, she sucks his roommate's dick in the same room. I like her determined sucking effort. The coed gets naked afterwards and rides him reverse cowgirl style in POV mode. We get some nice fucking, but the premise of having her cheating boyfriend in the same room without knowing what is going on is not believable. The scene ends with the man cumming on his roommate's toothbrush.
Scene Three: Hall Pass. There is a loyalty test going on to see which boyfriends will not cheat. In the first instance, a blonde gives a handjob to a briefly reluctant fella in the restroom. Soon, a half-naked coed joins them as she teases the guy with her fun moves. Later, his girlfriend walks in on them and slaps his face. In the second instance, three hot chicks enter a guy's dorm room and do a very good job in trying to seduce him. There are good titty and ass action, but the guy is pretty stern in refusing their hot and constant advances. After he kicks them out of the room, we see him and her pretty girlfriend snuggling on his bed. He gets pissed that she had tested him. Later that day, we see the girl sucking his dick on the bed. Suddenly, a knock is heard on the door and one of the pretty blondes from the trio test hotties comes in. It's his hall pass for passing the test. Mercedes sucks his dick a bit and then, she rides him for a while as his girlfriend feels her titties. A cool doggie fuck follows which leads to the guy jacking off on her nice breasts. Another test occurs in a dormroom. The three hotties are trying to seduce him. Since he passes the test, he receives a hall pass later in the day. He ends up being with his girlfriend's two friends. The guy receives a cool looking cocksuck by them. The scene gets hotter when the blonde rides his dick and her partner rides his mouth. Afterwards, the two coeds switch positions. Next, both girls get doggied by him. The energy level is pretty good and hot. In the end, he cums into the blonde's mouth.
Scene Four: How Many Cum Shots Can We Get?. A group of six coeds, three on each team, are competing to see how many college boys they can make cum. When everyone is there, three girl kiss and soon, the orgy begins. Two of the hotties are sucking two guys each while their friend is busy giving head to a guy on the bed. Afterwards, the brunettes get doggied as their blonde pal rides a dick. I like seeing them continue their cocksucking action. The activity is quite exciting as the coeds are pretty hot looking and active in wanting to make them cum. I really enjoyed watching the screwing activity. The second group of threesome coeds uses ambush style technique into getting most of their unsuspected guys. A brunette takes the dicks of two college students out and applies lengthy hand jobs on them. Her active and enthusiastic effort looks hot. When she increases her pace immensely, one of the guys cum on her. Then, the other dude strokes himself off. Next, two coeds take a fella into the restroom where one of them gives head to him for a long period of time. She eventually makes him cum in the stall. Another girl rides a cock in a car before he cums. The hurried editing pace among this second group of competitive coeds is a bit annoying. The final cumshot comes when a cute hottie applies a two-handed hand job on a lucky guy.
Final Thoughts: This film is definitely for those viewers who enjoy watching young coeds and their sexual antics. It's fun to watch them act out their scenarios even though at times, it's not believable in the sense that people are not aware of things that are occurring around them. Nevertheless, there are good moments of fun and hotness like in the Hall Pass scene. If you like to watch a lot of hand job action, you need to check out the final scene. Overall, the coeds are pretty cute and will provide nice eye candy stimulation and some good fucking moments. It's a nice rental.


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