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College Rules 10

  • Release date:
    May 28, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 0m
  • Cast:
    AJ Applegate|Dillion Harper|Penny Pax|Melody Jordan|Elaina Raye|Ava Hardy|Tiffany Fox|Nina James|Skyler|Lexi Kartel|Payton Price|Natalia Robles|Sydney Cross|Kamryn Kingston|Nu Smyrna

Quick Thought: College Rules #10 is amateur hour or rather 3 hours of it. The quality of the action varies and tends to be on the dull side. Unless you are desperately looking for some amateur porn, I would not bother with this one.

Genre: Amateur, college

Director: ????

Cast: ????

Length: 3:01

Date of Production: 4/24/13

Extras: There isn't much except for the standard cum shot recap and photo gallery.

Audio/Video Quality: The video is presented in widescreen color. The picture quality is acceptable. The camera work can get pretty shaky as the video is captured in an amateur fashion. The lighting quality is not professional, but is not terrible enough to ruin viewing experience. The audio is presented in 2-channel stereo and sounds good.

Body of Review: College Rules #10 is a collection of amateur videos submitted to a website (collegerules.com) for $10,000. This volume of the series has 4 scenes. Each scene has multiple parts (2-3). Each part is a completely different sex scene. About a year ago I reviewed College Rules #5 and was not very impressed. Suffice it to say, #10 hasn't brought anything better to the table. Here is the scene by scene if you are interested.

Scene 1: The Sisterhood Is Calling - Rating 2.5/5.0
3 sorority pledges are put to the test and asked to engage in sexual acts: dance around naked and suck a cock, fuck a freshman in his dormroom and fuck in a classroom.

The first girl is a slender blonde with small perky tits. She masturbates in a classroom and jerks off the dude next to her. The scene cuts and they are the only ones in the classroom. The girl gets on her knees and sucks him off. She gives a hands intensive blow job. Next they engage in sex. The dude fucks her on the professor's desk in missionary and doggie. She moans loudly and seemed to enjoy it. The scene ends with the dude cumming in her mouth. She spits it out on her chest. Overall it was a pretty decent sex scene. There was good energy, but it wasn't anything special.

The second girl is a thin brunette with nice tits. She takes off her clothes and goes streaking down a hallway. She stops a guy and asks him if she can give him a blow job. Her performance is on the dull side. Part of the problem is that the dude's prick is bigger than she can take and she doesn't seem willing to go that extra mile. The action ends with the dude unloading on her face. Overall I was disappointed with this blow job. The girl was very attractive, but her performance was lacking and dull.

The third girl was tasked to fuck a freshman in his dormroom. This gal is blonde with nice sized tits. We find her on a couch with the dude. They take off their clothes and she sucks him off. The oral action is more enjoyable than the second girl, but not fantastic. The sex offers some decent action. It starts off weak but builds up to some enjoyable action. We get some nice shots of the girl's tits bouncing in motion. The scene ends with the dude pulling off his condo and getting ready to blow his load. Unfortunately, the scene ends and we don't get to see the young blonde girl take it in the face. Overall I thought there was some decent action with this gal. However it was not amazing or anything worth watching again and again.

Scene 2: Three Submissions For The Price of One! - Rating 2.0/5.0
This scene is made up of 3 sex scenes with girls who want to make some money.

In part one we find a blonde girl with small tits and a tight body in a car with two guys. She takes off her clothes and fingers her clit. The scene cuts and the driver is in the backseat with her. She gives him a blow job. This blonde gal definitely knows what she's doing. The blow job is pretty intense and exciting. Afterwards they fuck in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Unfortunately the action is captured in the backseat of a car. So there is limited movement (for the camera and the couple fucking). The scene cuts again and she's sucking him off and takes his load in her mouth. She lets the spunk in her mouth drip back onto the dude's junk. Oddly she has on more clothes than before. Overall I really liked the blow job but the penetration did not keep my attention.

Part two has 2 young brunettes talking about how to make some quick cash. They decide on a video submission. The girls take off their clothes and proceed to get hot and heavy. Soon after they take turns eating each other out. A dildo is also used. Once the girls are finished with each other, the scene cuts. We find one of the girls looking for a dude in the male locker room. She finds him in the shower and sucks him off. The scene cuts again and we find them in her dorm room. They continue the oral action and proceed to fuck. She rides him in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. They finish in doggie with a cum shot on her chest. Overall the action was average. There wasn't a lot of energy in the boy/girl portion and the girl/girl action didn't do a whole for me.

In the final part of scene 2, we find a dude and a blonde girl in a dorm room. He wants her to show off her ass and she wants to study. She agrees to jiggle her booty if he leaves her alone. We get a nice tease and preview of the girl's ass. The scene cuts and they get into action. The fun begins with a blow job. The oral action is done well. It's captured in POV and gives a nice close up of the action. Next they engage in sex. The dude fucks in her in doggie, reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. The action ends with her jerking him off. Overall I liked the opening tease and oral action. The sex wasn't as exciting.

Scene 3: Playing 21 - Rating 2.0/5.0
This scene has a group of college kids playing blackjack. Of course the stakes are high. The girls and guys have to flash their goods or strip.

Eventually a pair of girls in their bra and panties decides to kiss each other. They are cute young babes with small tits and slender bodies. The kiss turns into something more... and they strip off their underwear. The girls continue to engage in girl/girl action. A small dildo is used and the girls lick, suck and bang each other on the table in front of everyone else. Another girl (not participating) offers an anal plug. It gets shoved in one of the girl's asshole. Overall I didn't care much for this girl on girl bit. I am not a huge fan of lesbian action and this scene just didn't do anything for me.

In this next part, one of the girls from the poker game (wearing different clothes) is on a couch with some dude. She's a fairly cute blonde with nice perky tits. They kiss and get naked which leads to the dude eating her out. Next she gives him a blow job. The oral exchanges are decent. They are nothing overly impressive. The sex doesn't seem to offer much more. I liked the view of her tits, but just didn't feel much energy or excitement from the action itself. The scene ends with a facial.

This last part has a curvy brunette with large natural tits who was at the card game. She's going to have sex with some dude. We find her only wearing panties, which come off pretty quick. The dude goes down on her. The camera doesn't really show off the pussy eating. Next she gives him a decently entertaining blow job. The sex doesn't seem to improve the mood. The girl's big tits jiggle like crazy but I was put off by the dude who seemed to be moaning more than the girl. The pacing was also on the dull side. The scene ends with the cum shot on her chest.

Scene 4: College, Girls, And Sex Games - Rating 2.0/5.0
This scene features a bunch of college kids drinking in a dorm room. They start off by showing off their asses (a dude included). They play twister in their underwear and clothes come off when they fall. After a few rounds of twister, they have a pillow fight.

This first part has a thin brunette with small tits giving a dude a blow job. She takes a slow approach, but looks good in the act. Next they fuck in cowgirl and doggie. The action is okay and not as exciting as the blow job. The action ends with a facial.

In this second and last part, 2 girls team up against a single dude. We find them a couch (just feet away from the couple that just finished in part 1). The girls make up for a dark haired gal with nice sized tits and a thin dirty blonde girl. The girls take turns sucking his cock. The oral action is decent. Next the dude fucks the dark haired girl first. She has larger tits and they look pretty good as she is worked in missionary. Then the dude fucks the dirty blonde doggie style. Afterwards she sucks him off and takes a facial. The scene cuts and the other gal rides the dude and receives a facial.

Conclusion: I enjoy getting away from "professional" porn every now and again. Amateur porn can provide a nice detour. Unfortunately I did not find College Rules #10 to be a very worthwhile experience. While there were some young cuties, the action tended to be on the dull side. I suppose if you are really interested amateur action then this might be worth checking out as a rental. However I think the action is too hit or miss to invest any time or money on it. Skip It.