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Claire Castel: The Chambermaid

  • Release date:
    June 18, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 32m
  • Cast:
    Claire Castel|Alina Henessy|Cayenne Klein|Abbie Cat|Judith Eufrat|Michael Chapman|Thomas Stone|Nasta Zya|Clark Basset|Silvie|Deluxe

Claire Castel: The Chambermaid
Marc Dorcel
Directed by Herve Bodilis
Date of Production: 4/15/12
Running Time: 2:00:16
Condoms: Yes


Claire Castel
Cherry Kiss
Abbie Cat
Cayenne Klein
Nasta Zya
Silvie De Luxe
Eufrat Mai
Martin Gun
Mike Chapman
Thomas Stone
Mr Clark

Special Features:

The Making of: 31:31
Scene Selection

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps (various languages to choose from)

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-4 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Claire has no idea what awaits her when she accepts a position as a maid in a luxurious mansion. As soon as she puts on her sexy maid’s uniform, she has no choice but to satisfy the Baron’s every desire, even in his most perverse ones. In a single glance, Claire submits completely to him and does what ever he wants, like giving John, the butler, incredible oral sex in front of everyone. Under the Baron’s lustful gaze, Claire makes it her duty to make him cum in her mouth. Later, when the Baron sends for her during dinner, the young woman thinks that the lord of the mansion wants her, but in fact, he wants to watch her be taken roughly by two men at the same time. A spectacular double penetration follows. Just when she no longer believes that he wants her, the Baron finally visits Claire while she is preparing a meal in the kitchen. But this young maid has many more surprises coming her way….

Well it’s always nice when a new movie with Claire Castel in the lead pops up. And plus it’s always nice to see a Dorcel film with some sexy maids in them. Like I said in the review, sometimes I have to do some research on the cast, but luckily with the BTS I was able to figure out a few of the ladies in the scenes, including Henessy who sort of planted herself in my radar in this movie. You get a nice mix of fun to hopefully check off a few marks in your checklist, either it be a certain fetish or position, and of course it looks amazing on the screen thanks to Herve and that great Dorcel look. If you aren’t familiar with Claire, or even any of the other ladies in this movie, I think this HIGHLY RECOMMENDED movie might be enough to make you a fan from now on.


It seems this is not your normal interview process, as lovely blonde helps Claire shed her clothes and then sets her on her knees. She opens the butler’s pants and pulls out his cock and Claire begins to suck and swallow as the lovely blonde helps her get started. It doesn’t take long for him to be at full attention as he enters her mouth. There may be a crowd watching her, but she’ not going to stop until he explodes for her. And with a nice mouth and double handed combo, that shouldn’t be too long. He pulls out and jerks off until he plants a nice load in her mouth and face. The other girls help clean her up, as it seems she has gotten the job.

Eufrat and Silvie

And it wouldn’t be a Dorcel film, if we didn’t have the lovely Eufrat in a G/G scene, and who doesn’t want to see two sexy ladies in maid outfits having some fun. She sucks and licks her boobs, while rubbing her pussy with her hand, as the uniforms begin to come off. The one bad thing about these films, I have no idea who half the people are and I will do my best to try and figure that out, perhaps the BTS will be of some help. Eufrat sets her lady friend down and works her pussy with her fingers and tongue, making her body shake and shiver, as the moans begin to pour out of her mouth. She props herself on the piano, as she slides her fingers deep in her pussy, while kissing her neck.

He finds a new girl on the side of the road and it seems like she is going to be trouble, but I am guessing it’s going to be the kind of trouble we like. I need to figure out her name, she’s got a nice little body on her.


He’s enjoying his meal and after some oral fixation time in her mouth with his fingers, he calls in for two of the male workers to come in and after some heated foreplay with Claire, lots of kissing and fondling of that gorgeous body. He slides off her uniform and then sends her over to service the two servants with her mouth. But she’s not only offering her mouth to them, as one of them slides into her pussy, as she continues to suck and swallow the other. She gives him glances while she services the two guys, hoping he likes the show she is giving him. He comes over and gets a few more grabs of her boobs and shoves her face down on one of the cocks. Some very nice energetic and deep doggy, and then he spreads her ass and invites one of the workers into her ass, as she mouth opens wide with each thrust. As her ass is getting fucked her mouth is doing a fine job working over his cock. And as he walks out of the room, the two servants fill both of her holes for some DP action. They pull out and give her ass a nice cum bath.


It’s back to the new girl, as she is getting checked out by one of the staff, starting off with some oral fixation, shoving his hands and tongue in her mouth, before he makes his way to her tits and pussy. He continues to rub and play with her pussy as she can barely keep still, but reaches over and teases his crotch, before finally ending up on her knees and having it deep in her mouth. I think he is pretty happy with her oral work, and then she pushes him down and climbs on top, giving him some up close time with her tits as she jerks him off. Enough jerking, as she climbs on and bounces those tits and that ass on his cock. I REALLY need to figure out who this lady is. She flips around and continues to ride his cock, basking in the sun light. They make their way to the couch and she continues to show off her curves, as he gives her ass some cock love, and it’s a long anal session. He pulls out and gives her a very nice cum shot around her mouth, and she gives it a few last sucks and swallows before this scene is done.


And it seems the man of the house is once again, showing some interest in Claire as she is making dinner. He slides her panties and stuffs her pussy, as she is stuffing the turkey. Wasn’t there a Seinfeld episode about this. After the doggy, he lays her down on the table and gobbles and squeezes her tits, let’s see how many food puns I can put in this scene. She leans her head over the side, as he shoves his sausage in her mouth. After his cock gets a nice workout, he joins her on the table and slides his sausage into her rump, as he mounts her. Plenty of booty bouncing to enjoy as he mounts her too. He pulls out and glazes her ass with his love gravy. Another solid scene with Claire, don’t want you to think it was bad cause of the jokes, that were bad I am sure.

Nasta (Blonde)

Its inspection time for a busty blonde and brunette duo, but after checking out their work, it’s time to check out their bodies, with a few firm butt grabs as he helps the brunette out of her dress. Some play time with her tits before he makes his way to the curvy blonde. Some rubbing and teasing of her pussy, before the bra comes off and he gropes her tits. He pulls out his cock and slaps it against her ass, and then she turns around and falls to her knees to get him up and ready for more fun. He moves over to the brunette and let’s her have some quality time with his cock, and the duo is able to get him hard and at attention. He slides in from behind on the blonde, giving her pussy a nice work over with his cock. The brunette is left to play with her pussy, at first, as the blonde has her eyes locked on him. And the bouncing boob show continues as he makes his way inside the brunette for some missionary. Some spit play and kisses between the girls while the brunette gets fucked. He flips her over and leans her up against the table for some doggy action, keeping up the pace nicely. The brunette puts her uniform back on and leaves the blonde to some more oral love for his cock. He slides on a condom and she takes a seat on his cock, giving us a nice view as she hops that booty on his cock. More oral appreciation follows until he fills her mouth with his love, and she lets it drip onto his cock.

Cayenne and Cherry

As he is cleaning their bedroom and enjoying some of their lingerie, the girls come in as he finds himself under one of their beds. The girls start to slide off their uniforms and he enjoys their shoes and stockings and then gets caught as he starts to show his love to Cherry’s feet and legs. The darker blonde, Cayenne  joins in the fun, as she lets him show some love for her feet too, along with his stockings. This guy has a few fetishes to fulfill in this scene. He leans back and teases his cock with Cherry’s foot, and then as he sits in between them, gets a double team on the foot to crotch rubbing. They open his pants and give his cock a nice work over with their hands and mouth. With the double team action, it’s not long before he’s up and ready for more, as he slides into Cherry’s pussy, as she offers a helping hand and gets a few kisses from the other lady. But it’s quickly onto the next girl, as she sticks out the booty as she rides him and dives her face in Cherry’s pussy. But he finds a way to get more of his foot fetish time in as he sucks on her toes. Does a nice job of sharing his cock with both girls, along with some nice tongue work making sure everyone is involved in the fun. He plasters Cherry with his cum, as she sucks on her lady partner’s stocking covered foot.