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Lesbian Playmates

  • Release date:
    January 11, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 41m
  • Cast:
    Cindy Hope

Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: Sandra Shine, Sophie Moone, Cathy Heaven, Bianca, Anita, Amabella, Cindy Hope, Bianca Golden, Joanne Sweet

Length: 161 minutes

Extras: None

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Lesbian Playmates is a film by Viv Thomas and distributed by Girlfriends Films. It has top European female performers like Sandra Shine, Sophie Moone, and Cindy Hope. The five scenes portray girlfriends who are close and who enjoy making out with one another. The personal chemistry between the women is good.

Scene One: Brunette Sandra Shine and blonde Sophie Moone are playful towards each other at the breakfast table. Their inner hunger leads to them filling their appetite with some kissing activity. The two dear friends apply gentle kisses on the other's body. Their slow-paced behavior makes this scene sweet-natured. I like seeing them apply good amounts of pleasure on their titties. As a matter of fact, Sandra rubs her own bosom against Sophie's panty-covered sex spot before massaging it with her hand and mouth. I also enjoyed seeing her suck on the panties a great deal before placing her pretty lips onto her partner's appealing vaginal plaything. Once again, the slowness enhances the personal chemistry between the couple. I love seeing Sandra suck in between Sophie's pussy lips. The sight of Sophie cumming made me hot. Afterwards, the two close friends kiss as Sophie removes her pal's panties. Then, she delves into the woman's pleasure playground to taste and stimulate her passion fruit. Her steady pussy suck looks and feels smooth. It looked so comfy that I wanted to snuggle up to someone and go to bed.

Scene Two: Sophie Moone and Cathy Heaven are making out on a white couch. The kissing moments built up good chemistry between them. The moment when Cathy pays close attention to Sophie's leg is sexy. I like leg worship a whole lot. Then, the woman rubs the blonde's pussy with her hand right before sucking on it. I also liked seeing Cathy kiss her way down the woman's body with her soft kisses. Then, the very good close-ups shots of her pussy pleasuring activity are quite stimulating for the viewer. Also, their tight kissing shots are hot too. Next, I really enjoyed watching Sophie kiss her partner's body. Her focus on Cathy's pussy got me hard. Meanwhile, the sight of their nyloned covered legs enhance the eye candy stimuli for the viewers. When we receive a close-up shot of Cathy's pussy, it is quite wet. A white glass dildo is soon used on it. Once again, the close-up shots continue to be hot. After this fucking activity, Sophie and Cathy kiss before Sophie begins to use the item through the woman's tight butt hole. I enjoyed watching Sophie kiss her butt once in a while during this lengthy anal screw.

Scene Three: Blonde Bianca and her friend Anita enter their home and drink some wine before the playful women makeout. These long legged babes fondle one another during their kissing moments. It leads to them semi-undressing each other as they expose their breasts. The nice titty sucking activity by Anita leads to Bianca providing a solid pussy suck on her. The close-up shot are good. Afterwards, Anita pleasures her friend's attractive body well and delivers a sweet pussy massage later on. Bianca looks quite pleased by it.

Scene Four: Brunette Amabella and Cindy Hope are caressing one another on a bed while they cuddle. The kissing activity is brief. It leads to a brief pussy eating moment by Cindy. Her tongue gets pretty wet. Next, Cindy focuses on Amabella's butt. As a matter of fact, she really focuses on caressing her partner's back for a while. Then, some back and forth titty sucking action occurs by both ladies before we get to the pussy eating action when we see the brunette orally pleasuring her partner. For this scene, the slow pace is too slow. The viewer is going to want to get to the point much quicker. However, when the muffin eating action takes place, it's pretty good since we get solid close-up shots of their appealing beauty spots. Moreover, they do get off well especially Amabella. I also liked their tribbing activity along the way since their beautiful bodies were showcased nicely.

Scene Five: Bianca Golden and Joanne Sweet come home from shopping. They end up making out in the entryway. Bianca gets down on her knees and eats her friend's sexual juice spot for a while. I like how she at times would apply nice kisses on it. Afterwards, Joanne is running her hands along Bianca's body while she is leaning back against Joanne. Then, Joanne gets to suck and fingerfuck her girlfriend's pussy while Joanne is sitting on a chair. Their sexy legs are totally hot throughout their performance. These two blonde bombshells provide solid and steady eye candy stimulation. It's the best scene of this film where both ladies gave very good performances equally.

Final Thoughts: The title Lesbian Playmates is appropriate since all five couples show good chemistry that makes you believe that they are friends. It's believable. Bianca Golden and Joanne Sweet were hot and Sandra Shine and Sophie Moone were cute together. If you like your girl on girl action with European beauties, then this nice flick is a good one to rent .


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