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GF Revenge 7

  • Release date:
    January 22, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 19m
  • Cast:
    Christy Mack

Genre: Gonzo

Director: ?

Cast: various amateurs

Length: 139 minutes

Date of Production: 11/7/2012

Extras: There is a nice looking photo gallery, cum shot recap, and web site information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: GF Revenge 7 is the seventh installment to this good series that focuses on real-life sexual partners who submit their sex tapes to the studio Reality Kings for revengeful purposes. The best quality of this series is that the people who are having sex are performing it authentically without having it be a show. It's this fact that makes GF Revenge worthwhile. I hope that the string of law cases involving "revengeful" websites will not affect this series.

Scene One: Missy and P. Missy is in her very revealing red swimsuit in her hotel room. Her boyfriend is filming her. She poses for him a bit and he at times, fondles her too. Later, he takes out his dick and she obliges him in sucking it. Her POV cocksucking energy is quite passionate that I was surprised considering that she is an amateur. It's a turn-on to watch. Afterwards, the missionary screwing activity is also pretty exciting however, the camera shots are quite jerky. The following doggie shots are less frantic. In the end, the woman is laying on her back on the bed as her guy jacks off on her face.

Scene Two: Karmin and Tony Bolder. While the blonde cutie is blow drying her hair, her boyfriend touches her butt while recording her. She tells him to sit down and she will take a picture of her ass. Afterwards, the screwing action takes place quite immediately with the doggie fuck. Her nice looking butt remains a highlight. Then, the turned on woman removes her heels and pants and also shows off her nice titties. He grabs them a bit before the blonde hottie is on her knees and sucking his wet dick. I like seeing her suck his balls. It's the most exciting part of her blow job. The action moves to the bed where she spreads her legs for him to enter her womanhood. The camera showcases her breasts nicely as well as her pussy. After their doggie moments, she sucks his dick with more personal affectionate pleasure. The cockriding session shows off her pussy well. The pace picks up significantly with their final doggie screw session. Her moans become more emotional with the mish. Then, he cums on her pussy.

Scene Three: Nadia Cox, Lexi Kartell, and Tony Rubino. Two very good girlfriends make out after some persuading by the blonde's fella. He records their kissing session. Later, the blonde sucks his cock and moments later, the brunette sucks her pal's breast before joining in on the cocksucking activity. I loved watching the two work on his cock at the same time. The brunette does a nice job in sucking his balls. The lengthy blow job action is highly replayable.  It's the best part of this film so far. Afterwards, the guy asks permission from his girlfriend if he could fuck their friend. She says yes. So, he doggies the brunette while the woman is on top of the blonde. At this point, the activity is not as thrilling to watch since we do not get good views of the ladies. The best moments of their screwing performance are the ones where we get to see the blonde's hot body. Some nice looking cockriding by the brunette occurs later on. Their good scene ends with her sucking him off.

Scene Four: Alena Smile and John. A guy is recording his wife while she is in her black bra and panties. The woman is adamant that she does not want to be filmed especially while having sex. However, her very persistent hubby gets his way as the lady becomes more and more playful with her body. Eventually, she takes out his cock and sucks it with pretty good fondness. Then, he fucks her while she is on her back. Her moans sound more heated as his fucking delivery increases as in the mish and the more lengthier exciting doggie moments. He finally pulls out and cums on her butt.

Scene Five: Christy Mack, Jessie Marie, and Bruno. A guy enters his girlfriend's bedroom to find her and another woman sleeping together. The camera guy wakes her up and gets her in the mood for some cocksucking action. Her bj activity occurs as the other woman continues to sleep beside her. When they perform the doggie screw, the woman awakens and does not want to be recorded. However, she feels more at ease with the situation as soon as her friend comforts her. As the screwing activity continued, the previous reluctant woman caressed her pal's body. Then, she places her attention on the guy's cock by sucking it with a slow and sensual delivery. Next, he gets to fuck her while the two ladies kiss. Then, a nice looking three-way occurs with some pussy eating action between the ladies. In the end, the guy jacks off on the woman's ass with his girlfriend looking on.

Scene Six: Ashlynn Taylor and Junior Staxxx. A long-haired club worker is putting on her fishnet stockings for her job. Meanwhile, her boyfriend is filming her. Later, she lays on her tummy and spreads her legs apart pretty wide. Then, the woman is sucking his dick even though she does not want him to record their actions. He persuades her in a quick fuck so he doggies her. His fucking rhythm gets her turned on nicely. So, she rolls over onto her back for the more passionate mish action. I like how she reaches behind her to squeeze the blanket tightly. She continues to try to make him stop the camera, but to no success. In the end, he cums on her belly.

Scene Seven: Lexa, Mandy Skyy, and Kaffy. couple wants their female friend to record their sex scene. The activity occurs on the couch where a woman is sucking her guy's dick. A playful cockride follows. It leads to a very hot missionary fuck. Along the way, I like listening to her heavy breathing sounds. Later on, the camera woman shows off her tits and soon climbs on top of her friend's face so that she can eat her pussy. Moments later, the camera woman removes her top and we see her tits and face. All of a sudden, the scene has become more enjoyable. The guy continues to fuck her girlfriend in this three-way session. His girlfriend gets off extremely well since the woman is rubbing her clit and her fella is fucking her. A heated and spanking fuck from behind between the guy and his friend occurs next. The women want him to fuck her harder. Later, the guy gets to fuck his girlfriend again as she climbs on top of him for the cowgirl moments. A mish on their friend follows.

Final Thoughts: The trio of three-way sex performances that involves two women and a guy are the most replayable scenes. But, the majority of the scenes that involve one on one action are only fair. Nevertheless, I enjoy watching this series since they are true amateurs who are having sex for fun. They are not trying to impress any outsiders. Overall, this film is a good rental.


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