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Down To Fuck 3

  • Release date:
    January 21, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 13m
  • Cast:
    Laurie Vargas|Christy Mack|Melody Jordan


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Down To Fuck 3

Vince Vouyer Unleashed/Jules Jordan Video

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Vince Vouyer

Cast: AJ Applegate, Erik Everhard, Laurie Vargas, Brett Rockman, Eric John, Melody Jordan, Gia Jakarta, Vince Vouyer, Christy Mack, Alex Gonz

Length: 193:24 minutes

Date of Production: 12/18/2012


Extras: I liked the 3:51 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, it was short but sweet (I wish it was much longer, no pun intended). There was also a photogallery, a pop shot recap from the scenes, some trailers, and web access.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Down To Fuck 3 was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color with an approximate aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by director Vince Vouyer for Vince Vouyer Unleashed. The lighting was flat and even most of the time, helping make the scenes look good. The editing and camera work was distinctive too, allowing the ladies enough room to look their best during the tease portion of the scenes as well as the actual fucking, any complaints about minor issues (there were a few) trivial compared to the overall quality of the production. The biggest complaint most fans will have should probably be the company watermark on the lower right corner of the front cover, the camera seemingly compensating for it but keeping all the best action away from it. The aural components of the show were also well handled, nothing significantly outstanding but the ladies could be heard, the background noises were minimal, and the music did not get in the way as it sometimes does elsewhere.


Body of Review: Vince Vouyer has long been one of my favorite directors, his current work under the Vince Vouyer Unleashed label among the best he has ever offered the world. His latest fuck flick is Down To Fuck 3, the series reportedly known for providing attractive young ladies wanting to be showcased as true players in the field of fucking. This time, Vince struck gold with ladies such as Melody Jordan, Christy Mack, AJ Applegate, Gia Jakarta, and Laurie Vargas; all of them truly “down to fuck”. While I have not reviewed previous volumes of the series, a quick look at the performers in those show that most went on to bigger projects so keep an eye out for this batch of beauties too. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: A Christmas Tale: AJ Applegate, the all natural blond seen featured on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up first in a seasonal tale of sex where she prepares for the holiday in a skimpy red outfit that has a matching thong riding up her sweet ass cheeks. She takes a nap and awakes to find “Santa Cock” (Erik Everhard as a Santa Claus character), soon remarking on his growing bulge beneath his ample stomach. The two hit it off immediately, their mutual chemistry enhanced by Erik’s desire to tap that fine ass, the man gobbling her gash and ass before she slobbed his knob to start the flow of juices. They fucked aggressively and there was plenty of taste testing, Erik pounding her welcoming ass in several positions until dropping a wad of genetic juice for her reward. AJ kept fine eye contact and it was a very strong opening scene to set the pace, proving that not all newcomers start off slowly before embracing all they can be though the emphasis on vaginal sex made the scene fairly lengthy, I found her to be best when taking it there instead of her ass. On a side note, Erik continued his amusing, over the top acting that has helped add entertainment value to his scenes even more of late. The company website described the scene like this: “Ho Ho Ho is what Santa Cock aka (Erik Everhard) Has to say as he wakes Big Booty Blond AJ Applegate with a slap on the Ass. AJ awakes with a big smile and says Santa Cock is that you? Ho Ho Ho why yes it is, Have you been Naughty or Nice? Because Santa Cock is not giving out presents for Nice girls this year, only the naughtiest of girls will get presents from Santa Cock because me and the Elves took a vote and we decided we Prefer Blow jobs over wooden Toys! AJ replies well then Santa Cock I have been very Naughty let me show you just how naughty, Ho Ho and away we go by putting his cock in her mouth before bending her over in front of the Xmas Tree and ass fucking the Blue eyed Blond and giving her several ATM's before blowing his milk all over her pretty face.”


Scene Two: Laurie Vargas, the busty Latina in the center of the front cover, was up next as a wannabe porn star, her frisky nature showing her tease in bikini lingerie that enhanced her figure. She had a bright pink dildo on hand to warm up with but it was clearly the peckers of Brett Rockman and Eric John she wanted more than anything else. The guys helped warm her up a little bit but she went wild for cock in some sloppy head giving that showed the veteran performer as a force to be reckoned with, her active vaginal and anal penetration positions enhanced by her eye contact and apparent desire to stretch her limits. The tryst included some hard double penetrations where the guys drilled her deep and rapidly, her oral on the rods such that it drove them crazy to pound her even more before they launched their loads of population pudding on her face, Laurie slurping up the baby batter remaining on the floor. The company website described the scene like this: “The dirtiest Girl in porn is at it again, Hispanic Porn Whore Laurie Vargas decides to make a porno with a few friends and a pink dildo. Laurie gets Double Penetrated by Brett Rockman and Eric John in the process while gagging herself with a huge pink dildo. Laurie slobbers over both cocks like she was cock deprived for several weeks. Both porn studs penetrate Laurie's anal cavity several times in between Double Penetrating her and face fucking her before blowing their loads that Laurie happily licks up off the floor.”


Scene Three: Melody Jordan, the pal skinned, red headed hotty sported on the left side of the front cover, was up next in her sexy lingerie. She was all smiles and projected a lot of self confidence, her tease leading to her working with Eric John. She was open to taking his cock in all her holes but her strength was in the anal she did, the oral certainly proving she was no stranger to a modest pecker poking her pie hole but her aggressive riding skills when he was balls deep in her ass making her stand out as special. She teased initially in a bed while wearing her cover attire, the lacy pink panties and matching top glowing due to the lighting that made her skin and hair glow before the tease finished up. She felt her own boobs up, her panties climbing up her ass crack before the tease montage led to a clothed interview, her bubbly personality shining through as she talked about herself. That led to her walking up the steep staircase with her pants pulled down below her ass, her blue shirt loosely hanging out with her nipples poking through the sheer material. The guys commented about her shoes and Eric was soon stuffing his face up her ass, spanking her fleshy ass to highlight how ripe her rump was as she smiled due to his oral attentions. Melody tore into his pecker orally from there, her superior eye contact enhancing the already heated tryst substantially. She sucked his balls and spread her ass for him to drill her pussy, her tits swaying as she took him balls deep. As good as she was vaginally, she ramped it up a few notches to do an active anal set of positions, blowing Eric from time to time with no hesitation for his cock coming out of her ass. While not her very best performance to date, Melody took the mouthful of spunk as though it tasted great, rubbing some of his baby batter into her chest to make it shine. The company website described the scene like this: “Red headed, Big Natural Breasted & Self Proclaimed Anal Whore Melody Jordan Spreads Her Ass for Eric John and stuffs it with his cock. Eric puts Melody in several Butt Hole Spreading Positions in between gagging her with his Rod. The 21-year-old West Virginia Native really does love getting ass fucked.”


Scene Four: Gia Jakarta, the tiny Asian gal seen on the back of the upper middle portion of the cover, was up next as Vince Vouyer himself stepped in to put her to work. I was half surprised he did not do most of the ladies before Gia but she seemed tuned to his frequency given the manner in which she submitted to his will so readily. She wore black stripper shoes and tight pants, her white bra pushing her 21 year old tits up to Vince’s liking. The cutie was heavily inked but her alluring eyes and playful, almost kittenish, nature, was appealing to watch in POV; her lips wrapping around his rod to aggressively slurp him silly nicely done as it led to the vaginal positions. Gia was very happy to fuck, doing most of the work in the vaginal penetration positions, her oral endeavors emboldening Vince to finger her perfect pucker. That led, of course, to him giving her anal for the first time, some polishing up needed to make her stand out like a seasoned professional but the cleanly shaven hotty sure must have had some practice given how fluidly she pushed back to meet his turgid tally whacker for a limited amount of time, Vince jerking off a sizable round of splooge for her to swallow (she swallowed most of it). The company website described the scene like this: “I get a call from a local agent telling me he has a Brand Newbie who just started her porn career a few days earlier who is looking to fuck and suck with hopes of being the next big porn star! 21-year-old Indonesian newcomer Gia Jakarta shows up at my door wearing tight jeans a small top displaying Tattoo's, and wow what a smile! Gia is cute and sexy and I could tell by her smile she was Down To Fuck! After some foreplay Gia takes my cock and starts licking and sucking it like a popsicle before climbing on it for a slow deep vaginal penetration. After fingering her Butt Hole while fucking her pussy I decide to put my cock in her Ass and Gia responds nicely getting Ass fucked for the 1st Time.”


Scene Five: Christy Mack, the curvy brunette featured on the bottom of the front cover, was up last and given her recent performances, I was anticipating this scene at least as much as the others, the fuck bunny set to work with lucky Alex Gonz in their first scene together. Let me be up front to let you know that this was the only scene without anal but given the strength of her performance, the curvy sex kitten did not need it as she was truly “down to fuck” like she was on fire. The tease was especially heated given how slow she was to remove her clothing, allowing glimpses but not everything to show all at once. On top of that, her fantastically brilliant eyes sparkled as she masturbated and put on a show, the gal ending up in front of a mirror putting on her makeup though Vince showed what an exciting ass she possessed (heart shaped at that) though he liked her wealth of tattoos too. Once allowed, Alex savored her ass like it was candy, gobbling her gash just as readily to her absolute delight, and peeling off her stretch pants to pound her pussy like a drum. It took him a moment to get as hard as he needed to be to penetrate her tight snatch, Christy devouring his cock in a wonderful blowjob before they moved into a 69 position where he could get some more of her ass in his mouth. This led to cowgirl, oral, and doggy, each stronger than the last with variations of the basic acts continued (her best position being a standing fuck where she bounced up and down on his rod until he launched his load of ball batter all over her head, more fucking leading to yet another smaller wad of baby batter to match the first going to her head. The company website described the scene like this: “Mack Booty Sensation Christy Mack Has made quite the splash in the porn biz. Christy's insanely Round Booty, big Boobs and Tattoo's give her one of the most unique looks in porn today. After seeing a video clip of Christy I knew I had to film her myself. I book Christy for a scene and I also Book porn stud Alex Gonz for the banging Honors. When interviewing Christy I then realize the 2 have not fucked yet. Alex approaches Christy like a true pervert and starts stroking his cock while eating her ass and pussy before penetrating the Indiana Native. Christy is on Fire with Alex Gonz as they fuck for the 1st time.”

Summary: Down To Fuck 3 by director Vince Vouyer for Vince Vouyer Unleashed had some world class ass on display, continuing the company’s recent efforts so it earned a rating of Highly Recommended or better. Christy Mack was great, Melody Jordan proved her winning stream is no fluke, and AJ Applegate was the fuck bunny I have come to know so I hope future volumes live up to this one. In short, Down To Fuck 3 was truthfully advertised in regards to all the ladies, the replay value and strokability enough to warrant checking it out for your collections due to the amount of youthful newcomer fuck for the buck. Two scenes were off the charts hot, another very close to it, and the other two very solid stroker scenes that fans are going to appreciate so give this one some attention if you enjoy the cast.


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