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Christoph’s Beautiful Girls 9

  • Release date:
    April 30, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 19m
  • Cast:
    Greg Centauro|Manuel Ferrara|Steve Holmes|David Perry|Karina (II)|Leila|Christophe Clark|Judit|Richard Lengin|Veronica Sinclair|Polina|Melinda Casta|Vanessa Virgin|Mari Ley

Christoph's Beautiful Girls 9

Evil Angel

Genre: Gonzo, Foreign

Director/Producer/Writer: Christoph Clark

Cast: Vanessa Virgin, Judit, Bea, Mari Lee, Bianca, Melinda Casta, Veronica Sinclair, Mery, Angelica, Steve Holmes, Greg Centauro, David Perry, Richard Lengin, Manuel Ferrara, Polina, Diana, Sylvia, Lola, Justina, Janet, Kristina, Karina, Amanda, Karina 2, Linda, Leila, Natalia, Lena, Sindi

Length: 139 minutes

Date of Production: 4/14/03

Extra's: 21.5 minutes of extra footage, photogallery, cast list, filmographies, paper insert catalog of Evil Angel titles, biography of Christoph Clark

Audio/Video Quality: Euro Angel, Evil Angel's affiliate in Europe, isn't known for having the best looking picture or best sound in the Gonzo field but the picture and sound were still decent here. The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame and not bad looking. The audio was in stereo but I didn't seem to notice any separation of the two channels. The vocals were on the low side at times but not bad for the most part.

Body of Review: Christoph Clark's Beautiful Girls 9 is a collection of two reverse gang bangs and one regular gang bang that shows a number of women willing to have sex in front of the videocamera for your viewing pleasure. The series itself has been established as one of the better Gonzo releases that feature European gals doing all the nastier sex that many domestic performers refuse, or at least charge too much, to do. Here's a breakdown of the scenes for you:

Scene One: Vanessa, Judit, Bea, Mari, Bianca, Melinda, Veronica, Mery, Angelica, and Steve had what is generally referred to as a "reverse gang bang". That's where a single guy has sex with a group of women. What a great concept! In any case, Christoph shows the women at the beginning and does some tease footage while they sit around a kitchen table. Then Steve (AKA: The Lucky Bastard) comes in and gets to play with them in a variety of ways, including oral, straight and anal action. After awhile, they move from the kitchen to the living room to the back yard. My biggest grump about the scene is that the girls were not nearly as hot looking as I've come to expect from Christoph's Beautiful Girl series but they were willing and able to enjoy some fun here and that's important. Lots of fun, if not lots of intense heat and chemistry.

Scene Two: Vanessa, a gal with a lean body and virtually no sexual limits, and took on David, Steve, Greg, Richard, and Manuel in a regular gang bang on a couch. I hadn't seen a double anal in awhile and the gal got all freaky in how she tried it all (and succeeded). In the end, she took a massive set of loads to her face. Pretty well done here too.

Scene Three: Polina, Diana, Sylvia, Lola, Justina, Janet, Kristina, Karina, Amanda, Karina 2, Linda, Leila, Natalia, Lena, Sindi, and Manuel had the second gang bang. Like the other scenes, I'm using Evil Angel's cast list to identify these gals since no other credits exist (and I'd bet that no one, even Christoph himself, could identify them in any other fashion). That said, Manuel (AKA: Lucky Bastard 2) got to enjoy these gals all over the living room. Be it orally, straight, or anally, he did things most men wouldn't dare to dream of. The sex was typically mechanical but had plenty of stroke value and while the women weren't exactly babes, as the dvd cover suggests, they were attractive enough that most men would do them even before they were drunk. Not bad.

Summary: Not a bad volume in the series although I think Christoph might want to find better looking women in the future and have them all participate fully in the scenes rather than coast in a reverse gang bang. I think it's worth a rating of Recommended although fans may want to adjust that a bit on either side of the scale, depending on what they like.



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