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Secretary’s Day 6

  • Release date:
    February 14, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 15m
  • Cast:
    Dani Daniels|Jessa Rhodes|Avril Hall|Christie Stevens|Charley Monroe|Mick Blue|Johnny Castle|Richie Calhoun|Billy Hart|Jim Powers Director|

Category: Office/Anal


Cast: Christie Stevens/Dani Daniels/Jessa Rhodes/Charlee Monoe/Avril Hall/Richie Calhoun/Toni Ribas/Billy Hart/Mick Bule/Johnny Castle

Director: Jim Powers

Extras: BTS/Photo Gallery/Trailers/Web

Release Date: 2/14/2013

Runtime: 135 Mins


Scene 1: (Jerk)

Charlee Monroe/Richie Calhoun

Tease/Female Masturbation/Cowgirl/Missionary/Cunnilingus/Ass Eating/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Facial (Low Volume)

The premiere scene in 'Secretary's Day 6' begins as we see the beautiful Charlee Monroe. Charlee's occupation and 'secretary stats' show on the bottom of the screen during the scenes opening, and we see her in perfect sexy secretary attire while she holds the phone up to her ear and teases. The tease is set to cheesy music and is essentially a mediocre striptease to sum it up in a couple words. Afterwards, we see the title screen for the scene which is appropriately titled 'Jerk'. Charlee walks into her office, as the camera closely follows her with a couple of generous walkshots, showing her fantastic body from the back as well as the front. She walks around the office for a while before she encounters one of her male colleagues in the form of Richie Calhoun who is jerking off to internet porn as she strolls by. Rather than running to rat out her cockjerking coworker Charlee calls her girlfriend to tell her about the incident. Charlee continues laughing incessantly whenever she sees Richie, and later confronts him about it. After she does so, she tells him that she wants to see him jerk off in front of her. After a little arm twisting Richie decides to go ahead and follow her orders and the sex is soon to start after in a cowgirl style position. Position changes quickly and the sex is decent in the opening moments as Richie later mounts her on his desk for a missionary style bangfest. The scene continues forward having some fair moments but never really reaching a true pinnacle. The scene later ends after Richie squirts a small load over Charlee's face, giving a sub-par ending, to a sub-par scene. When all is said and done, there was really nothing special about this scene.

Scene 2: (Saturday Fantasy)

Dani Daniels/Toni Ribas

Tease/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Squirting/Blowjob/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie/Facial (Medium Volume)

Like the last scene, this one begins with Dani Daniels giving us a nice striptease to the sweet sounds of some of the most absurd elevator music I've ever had the privilege of listening to. Anyways, the tease is again very slow moving, but Dani's beauty is simply undeniable regardless. After the tease, the title screen appears. This scene is titled 'Saturday Fantasy' and begins with Dani and Toni Ribas in an office setting. Toni stares and gawks over Dani from behind her desk before he later decides to approach her. Toni asks Dani if she would like to go get a drink, to which she replies that she'd rather just fuck on the desk right now. Sounds like a good deal. The scene begins soon after as Toni and Dani start in on the heavy petting. Toni does some muff munching to start out the foreplay as we get an up-close and personal view of Dani's hot bush. Sex starts in right after in a missionary position on Dani's desk, just like she asked. Sex is pretty nice here, with some good energy from the two and Dani giving some pretty nice squirts throughout. After some good sex the scene caps off with Toni firing off a load over Dani's face and hair. This scene was better than the first, but I still wasn't completely impressed with it overall.

Scene 3: (The Fling)

Christie Stevens/Mick Blue

Tease/Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Doggie/Doggie Anal/Reverse Cowgirl Anal/Cowgirl Anal/Facial (Medium Volume)

Next up is a striptease sequence from the stunningly beautiful Christie Stevens. Again, set to music and beginning with her fully clothed in secretary attire, this tease is my favorite of the film so far. Christie has a way about her, making otherwise standard tease sequences awesome, and this one is no exception. The scene later begins with Christie sitting at her desk where she gets a phone call from a "Mrs Blue" who seems to be rather flustered with not having seen her husband in a while. Christie tries to settle down her boss's wife by comforting her and telling her that he's been very busy lately. Christie then goes into Mick's office and gives him the bad news about his wife. After this little song and dance ends Christie approaches Mick again where she pulls both of her tits out of her shirt before walking up to him purposefully. The action starts here as Christie goes down to her knees for the bj. Definitely the best blowjob of the film yet, but very short-lived and leads up to Mick returning the favor mere minutes after. As the sex begins, the intensity is ten-fold better than any scene thus far as well, Mick really puts it to Christie and she accepts it well. The anal sets in soon afterwards, and Christie's asshole is so unbelievably tight that Mick has some serious trouble getting in there. Once it does begin, the energy stays nice for a bit, but tends to drop off in moments as well. The scene carries on with these sporadic moments of strong points before finishing off with Mick busting his gunk over Christie's face. This scene was the best yet, and although there were some slow moments, there were some pretty great ones as well.

Scene 4: (The Mentor)

Avril Hall/Billy Hart

Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Missionary/Cowgirl/Doggie/Cum in Mouth (Medium Volume)

Next up is Avril Hall, who again opens up the scene with another tease session. Avril looks fantastic here as she playfully unclothes herself while staring into the camera, before the scene eventually begins. Avril recently broke up with her boyfriend and she is a little distraught over it. Her manager Billy Hart comforts her as she cries at her desk, and the action later begins with the two making out. After Billy gives Avril some oral, she returns the favor with a fantastic blowjob while sitting on all fours on her office desk. Sex begins in a missionary position, and seems to be taking a bit to pick up, but watching Avril is still pretty great regardless of it. The scene continues with much of the same, again, never really finding a high point and ultimately ending with Billy finishing himself over Avril's mouth. This scene wasn't all that great unfortunately. I always love to watch Avril, but the sex just kind of fizzled out at certain points.

Scene 5: (Working Late)

Jessa Rhodes/Johnny Castle

Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Missionary/Doggie/Facial (Medium Volume)

The final scene in 'Secretary's Day 6' begins as we see Jessa Rhodes teasing and unleashing her clothes as the cheesy music plays in the background. Jessa's body is immaculate, and the tease here is definitely right up there in the running with Christie Stevens' scene. The scene begins with Jessa sitting at her desk, as her boss (Johnny Castle) tells her that she doesn't need to be working so late. She insists on staying late at the office only to later reveal that she is running a porn webcam service after the associates at the firm have left. Johnny catches her in the act and confronts her, but much to Jessa's surprise he says he likes it, and actually asks her to give him a show right in his office. Jessa complies, and the action later begins with some heavy petting that eventually leads up to oral sex on both parts. Sex starts in a missionary position, and does so pretty well. Energy is not through the roof, but as the scene progresses there are some really great moments. The scene finishes with Johnny throwing his load over Jessa's face. This was another decent scene, nothing amazing, but perhaps worth a watch.


There were some decent moments in this movie, but honestly nothing that merits me telling you that it was great, because it just wasn't. Even the scenes that I'd consider to be good had a lot of down moments, taking a lot of time to build up, only to decline again in the later stages. I'd say that if you see this one for a fair price and are thinking of renting one for the night to pick it up, but if you happen to pass it up, you're not really missing that much.


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