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Deep Inside Stephanie Swift

  • Release date:
    March 4, 2003
  • Cast:
    T.T. Boy|Chloe|Jon Dough|Steven St. Croix|Kylie Ireland|Leanna Heart|Stephanie Swift|Shane|Lola (I)|Julie Rage|Mitchell Grant|Missy (I)

The Feature:
Tommy's back. Back again. Tommy's back. Tell a friend. Today's review is for Vivid's latest Stephanie Swift offering, appropriately titled, "Deep Inside Stephanie Swift." Now, if you didn't already know it was coming (pun intended), it's Kleenex time!

The "Kleenex Scale" is done on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being a strong scene, and 1 being a limp one. The main feature consists of 10 scenes with a total running time of around 100 minutes. Here are the scene breakdowns:

Scene #1 – Stephanie Swift w/ Julie Rage & Melissa Hill
The ladies strip off their ballet outfits and go at it. Lots of making out and oral. They manage to bust out the sex toys (its amazing what women pack in their gym bags these days).
Kleenex Rating: 3

Scene #2 – Stephanie Swift w/ Mitchell Gant
Stephanie blows Mitchell, he gives her oral. Missionary, doggy, and a facial for Ms. Swift.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #3 – Stephanie Swift w/ Shane
The girls make out in a locker room. Oral for Stephanie. Oral for Shane. Stephanie uses a strap on, and then Shane uses it. Shane gets spanked afterwards. Very nice scene.
Kleenex Rating: 3.5

Scene #4 – Stephanie Swift w/ Chloe & Jon Dough
The girls blow Jon. Oral for Chloe, missionary for Stephanie. More positions follow, and then Jon squirts some DNA on their breasts.
Kleenex Rating: 3

Scene #5 – Stephanie Swift w/ Steven St. Croix
Yay, office sex. Blowjob for Steven. Oral for Stephanie. Doggy, missionary, and she gets a facial.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #6 – Stephanie Swift w/ Mickey G & and a girl
Oral chain, doggy for Stephanie. Missionary/doggy for the girl, and then he cums on her ass.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #7 – Stephanie Swift w/ Mickey G
Forrest sex. Blowjob for Mickey. Missionary, doggy, and she gets a facial. Eh.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #8 – Stephanie Swift w/ T.T. Boy
Blowjob for the guy, and then its missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggy, and she gets a facial.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #9 – Stephanie Swift w/ Alexandra Silk & Jon Dough
Oral for everybody! Missionary, doggy, and a facial for both ladies. Very rushed, and subpar.
Kleenex Rating: 2

Scene #10 – Stephanie Swift w/ Leanna Heart
Yay, 60s Diner Sex! The girls make out, undress, and go for 69. Vibrators and strap on appear, leaving me wondering if it's a health code violation or not. Good scene.
Kleenex Rating: 3

The full-frame 1.33:1 presentation varies from scene to scene. Scenes are shot differently, so grain and a soft picture can be expected at times. Some scenes look better than others.

A 2.0 soundtrack presents all the cheesy music, moans, bad dialogue, and thrusts that your sound system can handle. Everything sounds about standard as far as pornos go. Besides, are you really buying this DVD for the audio?

Interactive menus filled with clips from the chapters as digitized porn music loops over and over again. Standard fare for Vivid DVDs.

3 bonus scenes.

Scene #11 – Missy w/ Joey Silvera
Oral for Missy, blowjob for Joey. Missionary, doggy, and he cums on her ass. Kind of uninspired.
Kleenex Rating: 2

Scene #12 – All three are in a steam room, and decide to go at it. Oral, fingers, and making out.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #13 – Chloe w/ Bobby Vitale
Blowjob for Bobby, doggy for Chloe. Reverse cowgirl, missionary anal, and a facial.
Kleenex Rating: 3

There are additional features including a photo gallery, previews, phone sex commercials, on the set with vivid, and more.

Final Thoughts:
Truth be told, I'm not a big fan of Stephanie Swift. I don't see her appeal honestly. Besides that, her scenes with the guys seem very uninspired (I'll give her credit, she does well with the women). So, this DVD is for fans only. Otherwise, it's a rental at best.


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