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Sweet Sounds

  • Release date:
    April 3, 2003
  • Cast:
    Steven St. Croix|Cheyne Collins|Jesse V.|Joey Ray|John West|Felix Vicious|Layla Jade|Monica Mayhem|Sophie Evans|Toni Ribas|Nicholas Steele

Sweet Sounds is another adult film (like Wicked's Makin' It) that finds a small-town girl struggling to find success as a singer. As she makes her way to the top, she finds a lot of time to have sex with people. Let's see how she does.

Scene 1

This heterosexual scene is a nice, well-lit couples scene that begins with a spirited blowjob and moves to an equally spirited cunny-lapping and fingering. The action then moves to missionary atop a table, lots of yelling, doggy-style, then burst across the lower back. Gotta be honest, this dude's long sideburns and earring and general attitude bugged me, but the woman is fairly nice on the eyes. A pretty standard scene. Grade: B-

Scene 2

Here's a satisfying lesbian encounter that occurs in a large bathroom, just after one of the women hops out of the shower. It starts with some breast-suckling and moves on to the requisite cunnilingus, from each to the other—one of which occurs nicely from behind. Then, they break out a rather complex-looking toy and really go at it. But the scene ends abruptly, just when it's getting great! Grade: B-

Then, there's lots of singing.

Scene 3

Now we get a three-way with two guys and a girl. It occurs atop a bed and is actually pretty hot, considering this is the least-desirable type of three-way. We get the usual maneuvers. It ends with the usual simultaneous wad-blow across the breasts. Grade: B

Scene 4

Here's a couples scene that takes place on a red couch. We watch it mostly through some window blinds, giving it a voyeur feel. It starts with a trade-off or oral favors and moves on to doggy and missionary and reverse cowgirl and boom. Grade: B-

Scene 5

Arriving immediately after the previous scene, this couple scene takes place on a leopard-skin couch and is almost exactly like the scene it follows, except with a condom. Grade: B-

Scene 6

Here's an interesting variation: This couples scene takes place on top of a high-rise at night. As thousands of windows overlook them, this couple engages in a blowjob, cunnilingus, doggy-style, reverse-cowgirl, and a liquid shot to the mouth. If you're into public sex, this scene ain't bad, but it's not riveting either. Grade: B


Not bad. This Adam & Eve production is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen and actually looks pretty good! Detail is fine, and colors are accurate. The sound presentation is deep and rich. Good show!


You get two Bonus Scenes. The first, from Unforgettable, takes place in an outdoor setting, by a pool. I liked the public-sex aspect of this one. The second, from Devoured, takes place on a pool table and is kinda sleazy in its greasy clarity.

You also get 6 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage from the making of the film. Plus, trailers and a photo gallery.


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