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Midnight Kiss

  • Release date:
    June 27, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 20m
  • Cast:
    Steve Hatcher|Mike Horner|Cheyne Collins|Chris Cannon|Samantha Sterlyng|Olivia Saint|Evan Stone|DoLorian|Jessica Drake|Summer Storm|Roy Karch

Midnight Kiss is a VCA release that doesn't have much going for it in the storytelling department, but does all right when it comes to sexual action and while it may not be worthy of a purchase, should provide for an entertaining evening in front of the TV – regardless of whether you are along or with your significant other.

The movie basically takes place shortly after Jessica Drake has thrown a dinner party at her house, and the first scene has a very hot looking Olivia Saint getting it on with porn veteran Mike Horner. Director Roy Karch does a smart thing here with Olivia and several of the other actresses in this movie – he has them leave some of their sexy clothing on, as porn movies used to do all the time back in the 80's, but seems to rarely do anymore. In this scene, Olivia keeps on a sexy pair of black stockings as she and Mike go at it in the doggy and missionary positions. The only downside to this scene is at the climax, when it's hard to tell if Mike only comes a little bit, doesn't come at all or if, perhaps, the camera just missed it.

Jessica walks in on Mike and Olivia after they have finished and escorts them to the door, where Evan Stone has just arrived. Jessica tries to explain to Evan that he missed the party, but he manages to talk himself in anyway. While the two are conversing, they notice that Samantha Sterlyng and Steve Hatcher are in the room and making out on the couch. Jessica and Evan leave Samantha and Steve alone, and we get to see the two go at it on the couch. Unlike the first scene, Steve has a real nice cumshot at the end of the action which lands on Samantha's waiting face.

Scene three of Midnight Kiss marks the first time I have seen newcomer DoLorian in action, and I was quite happy with what I saw. She's a thin blonde with an all-natural body and no tattoos…something that's a rare find in the adult industry today. DoLorian has a poolside tryst with Chris Cannon, and she seems to really be enjoying herself during the fun. She also takes a facial at the end of the action, although she does spit some of it out of her mouth.

In the next to last scene, Summer Storm and Cheyne Collins go at in on their bed. Cheyne is trying to get a hold of Evan because they have tickets to a game, but Summer has a better recreational activity for Cheyne to attend! After Summer gets Cheyne nice and hard with her oral skills, he returns the favor by going down on her pussy. They then move into the missionary and doggy positions, and the coupling concludes with a pop shot to Summer's face.

The movie concludes with Jessica Drake and Evan Stone finally getting it on. They're married in real life, so there's some real chemistry between the two performers, and this is one of the hottest scenes on the DVD. Jessica rides Evan's large cock in the cowgirl position and then lies on her side to take it spoon-style. The scene ends with a really nice facial from Evan.

While the video on this DVD is above average for an adult release, the audio is only so-so, with the dialogue low and often hard to hear without cranking up the volume a few notches. As for bonus features, that's where this DVD really suffers – giving viewers only a chapter selection, a slide show, a Jessica Drake photo gallery and three trailers for other VCA releases. There's also an option available that will allow viewers to watch just the sex scenes of the film, without the dialogue portions.

While this is kind of a disappointing release from VCA, it wasn't unwatchable and did have some good sex in it. I just don't see this one worthy of repeat viewings, however.


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