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Cruel Seductions

  • Release date:
    February 21, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 32m
  • Cast:
    Chloe|Steve Hatcher|Kyle Stone|Ruby|Cheyne Collins|Chris Cannon|Mary Carey|Daisy Chain|Randy Spears|Jessica Drake

Cruel Seductions


Genre: Feature

Director: Chloe

Cast: Jessica Drake, Cheyne Collins, Daisy Chain, Mary Carey, Chloe, Randy Spears, Ruby, Steve Hatcher, Chris Cannon, Kyle Stone

Length: 92 minutes (whole feature), 57 minutes (wall to wall version)

Date of Production: 7/02

Extra's: trailers, biographies with direct to scene feature, wall to wall feature (skip the acting parts), photogallery

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was very high quality as was the sound. I had no major complaints about either and hope Chloe directs more releases for VCA.

Body of Review: When porn imitates mainstream, there are usually two outcomes: either the porno comes off looking like a cheapo rip off or it adds a new dimension of enjoyment to the show by taking a tongue in cheek attitude towards the movie. VCA has a fairly good track record with it's homage's to mainstream movies and this is yet another. Cruel Seductions is an adult look at the mainstream gem, Cruel Intentions. Let me say that the acting here was good enough to rate a cable presentation and the sex was much better than anything you'd see in a mainstream movie (of course). The only real glaring problem was that the cast looked much older than the roles they played but I remember a mainstream movie or two (think Grease among others) that did likewise. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Jessica, significant other to Evan Stone and an attractive young lady, had sex with Cheyne in a study (while Kyle watched). It was energetic and had some real chemistry going on. Like all the sex, a condom was used but that didn't slow these two down any. Yum!

Scene Two: Mary and Daisy had a bondage-lite scene together with some flogging. After watching these two go at it awhile, I wanted to be flogging something too. Yum!

Scene Three: Chloe and Randy put on a show for Ruby to teach her about the art of sexual enjoyment. If she had jumped in, the scene would've been better but then the movie wouldn't have been as good. Chloe giving head is like poetry in motion and the rest of her scene was good too. I was a bit surprised that she didn't take anal since that's always been a specialty of hers.

Scene Four: Ruby, looking better here than she had the entire movie, decided to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with Steve. The sex was pretty good and included anal with the couple showing some chemistry.

Scene Five: Jessica, still an uber babe, had sex with Chris on a bed. While I'm not a fan of her modest implants, she's always been a good performer. This scene was no exception.

Scene Six: Jessica and Kyle went at it on a desk. I think she showed even more energy in this scene than in the last one and that took some doing. Had I known she'd be in three whole scenes, I might've been more aggressive about getting this one reviewed sooner. Go Jessica!

Summary: I was surprised that VCA allowed Chloe to make various references to drug use (Kyle plays a coke head who's always snorting lines) which has been dangerous for companies wanting to avoid prosecution but otherwise, the sex was fun and hot while the ladies attractive. On top of that, the production values were as good as one would expect from VCA (i.e.: high end). The movie is obviously directed at couples but singles will find the whole package worthwhile too. The acting was good enough to support the movie apart from the sex and that may increase it's value to those new to porn (those of us who've seen too much porn tend to get jaded at such things). I would've had the movie end a bit more realistically but that's a minor complaint with all that took place here. In all, I'd suggest this as a recommended dvd, with those who have less experience probably rating it a bit higher.



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