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Too Short: Get In Where You Fit In

  • Release date:
    July 21, 2003
  • Cast:
    Mr. Marcus|Venus|David Steele|Envy Me|Mika Tan|Promise|Wesley Pipes|Cherie|Too Short

Too Short: Get In Where You Fit In

Adam & Eve

Genre: Vignette

Director: Vedo Johnson

Cast: Promise, Mika Tan, Mr. Marcus, Wesley Pipes, Venus, Cherie, Darren James, David Steele, Envy Mi
Non-sex by Too Short

Length: 104.5 minutes

Date of Production: 6/25/02

Extra's: music video, trailer to part 2, behind the scenes, photogallery

Audio/Video Quality: Most of the picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame with some parts of it in 1.78:1 widescreen (it appeared matted, not shot in widescreen). The picture looked, in almost all cases, like it was shot with a consumer level home camera (and an old one at that). The picture was faded, grainy and had loads of video noise marring the action. The vocals weren't too bad but the music sounded distorted and weak. I like some rap music and this wouldn't even have scraped the bottom of the barrel at a Vanilla Ice concert.

Body of Review: The fusion of Rap and Porn has been the topic of a number of musicians over the last few years. After all, if a porn company sells 5 thousand units of a title, the movie is a success in most cases while a poorly selling rap album will move more than twenty times that. Getting to play with porn stars onscreen is a status symbol for rappers, much like having pretty white (typically blonde) women hanging on their arms. So each side of the equation gets something-rap performers with fading careers can hope to obtain their last chance at the brass ring and the porn companies gain the added sales (and expanded markets) the music industry provides them. The best selling crossovers to date are the Snoop Dogg movies made for Hustler, even though they are among the weakest material I've seen from the company (not to mention from Snoop himself). In an effort to jump onto this ship, performer Too Short made a deal with Adam & Eve to cash in a like minded manner. The first release by this duo is Too Short: Get In Where You Fit In.

The movie lets Too Short rap a bit during some poorly edited sex scenes and sort of participate in them while the porn performers are getting it on. My biggest complaint is that the production values were piss poor and the cast (other than Darren and Marcus) were all way below average. If you can get off to this stuff, anything else will kill you by comparison. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by case as best I could figure them out with the poor lighting:

Scene One: Promise, Mika, Marcus and Wesley had a scene on a couch with Short doing some rubbing action. It was edited pretty poorly so the action skipped around a lot. The scene had some anal but mostly oral and straight action took place. Weak.

Scene Two: Venus, a lean gal that's been around the block a lot, took on Marcus. The action started with oral and moved to straight sex by a pool. The action wasn't bad but it seemed to be captured on a home video camera and didn't look good.

Scene Three: Cherie and Venus, not top of the line talent by a wide stretch, took on Darren and David on a bed after warming each other up a bit. Wesley joined in and there was some anal and a DP. It wasn't the worst scene I've watched lately but it came close.

Scene Four: Promise, after teasing the camera a bit, was joined by Mika, David and Marcus on a couch. The close ups, poor editing, and lack of chemistry made this a weak scene too.

Scene Five: Envy did Marcus on a bed after blowing him a bit. Not the worst scene here either but not up to the standards either of them have set elsewhere.

Summary: You'd think that whomever was responsible for this one would have seen fit to have high end production values, top notch talent, and a sound engineer that knows what he's doing. After all, to obtain a repeat customer base, you have to make them happy. If the fans are so stupid as to buy this solely because Too Short is "sort of" in it, so be it but I think providing them with something of higher quality would help expand the market a lot more and maybe assist Short in gaining music sales. The music for the show was fairly abysmal too, keeping in mind that I like some rap, and the lack of any redeeming qualities make this one easy to rate as a Skip It.


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