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Hot Orchid

  • Release date:
    November 19, 2002
  • Runtime:
    1h 47m
  • Cast:
    John Decker|Tyce Bune|Dasha|Paul Thomas|Kate Frost|Nina Ferrari|Marty Romano|Rafe|Cherie|Raven Touchstone|Cobi Garcia

Hot Orchid


Genre: Feature, Couples

Director: Paul Thomas

Cast: Cherie, Rafe, Dascha, John Decker, Marty Romano, Kate Frost, Tyce Bune, Nina Ferrari

Length: 88 minutes

Date of Production: 9/7/01

Extra's: 5.1 sound, spam, 4 trailers, bonus sex scenes (many with Dascha), photogallery, 18 minute long Behind the Scenes featurette, fetish room, CREDITS!

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was one of the best I'd seen on a Vivid release, ever! If they could fix some of their older releases, I'd have to rewrite a lot of reviews. The audio, however, was very mixed. Most of the time, the vocal track was way too low with the music way too high (otherwise, you could just turn up the volume to fix the vocal problem). If you play with your speaker levels, you can compensate for the problem as I did but you shouldn't have to do that.

Body of Review: Hot Orchid is a story centered on Dascha and John as a couple of married people who cheat on their spouses with one another. The acting is fairly good and a lot of attention was paid to everything EXCEPT the vocal track. The sex itself was well done and the movie could've been a minor hit if not for the audio problem. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast member:

Scene One: Cherie and Rafe boned on a pool table. It focused on oral and straight with a bit of spanking to liven things up. Both seemed to enjoy the action and that helped make it warm for me.

Scene Two: Dascha, lovely blonde contract star for Vivid, had sex with John on a kitchen counter. Mostly oral with some straight in a vocal and warm scene.

Scene Three: Dascha, the one I got this movie to see, took care of Marty next. The sex was a bit over the top in the vocals department but she did display some energy. Good!

Scene Four: Kate, well known anal vixen by now, took care of Tyce in the bathroom. The scene was the only one to include anal and was better than I expected if not the best here.

Scene Five: Nina and Marty screwed in the garage. It had the oral and straight that we know will happen in a Vivid movie as well as some more spanking. Pretty good.

Summary: I wonder if the vocal track could be easily fixed for future pressings of this one. The sex is good enough and the women attractive enough for me to want to recommend it to everyone not fixated on circus act sex but I don't feel right doing so since this is a story porn release with a defective audio track. Well, if it doesn't get fixed, perhaps the scenes will end up in many other future releases as bonus scenes. Speaking of bonus scenes, several of them here were quite good too-the fact that they had Dascha in them made sense since this feature centers around her. The Behind the Scenes was good too.


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