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Women Seeking Women 92

  • Release date:
    April 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 0m
  • Cast:
    Cherie DeVille

Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: India Summer, Syren De Mer, Cherie DeVille, Jenna J Ross, Shyla Jennings, Sarah Shevon, Noname Jane, Aryana Augustine, Rozen Debowe. Non-sex role: Brenda James

Length: 181 minutes

Extras: The female cast of Women Seeking Women 92 is introduced. The promos and trailers give the viewers a very good sample of this studio's titles. The promos are Protect, GF Films promo, Freedom, Imperfect Angels, Pin Up Girls, and Road Queen . The trailers are Lesbian Fight Club, Cheer Squad Sleepovers 3, Lesbian Hospital 2, Mother Daughter Exchange Club 27, News Women 3, , and Strays . Website information is also included.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Women Seeking Women 92 is a film by Girlfriends Films and is the longest running series that this studio produces. Since the beginning, it has been a major force in the lesbian genre of the adult industry. Girlfriends Films has won a multitude of awards from all of the awards shows that this business has had. As a matter of fact, Women Seeking Women has won the XRCO Award four consecutive times for Best Girl Girl Series. As it looks right now, they have a very good shot to make it five next year. On a different point, I have always enjoyed watching this studio use non-sex roles in some of their scenes. Fan favorite Brenda James is one performer who finds her way into several of them.

Scene One: Syren De Mer confides to her girlfriend Cherie DeVille about how close she is with Jenna J Ross since Jenna has been eyeing Cherie in the shower room. Later that day and after Cherie has processed the shock that she felt, she and Syren are ready to make love. However, before their girl time begins, Syren brings in Jenna for some fun threesome action. Syren and Jenna kiss while Cherie gets turned on. It does not take long until Syren and Cherie are kissing. I enjoy looking at the cute smiles on Syren's and Cherie's faces. One can tell that both of them are so turned on. Meanwhile, Jenna has no facial expression. Her demeanor is to go right for it. It is shown significantly when she eats the blonde's pussy. Cherie really gets off so well. Later on, we get good close-up shots of Cherie eating her pal's pussy. Syren's moans sound cute. It leads to Syren straddling Cherie's face while Jenna is sucking on the brunette's titties. Afterward, Cherie squirms on her back as Syren sucks on her honeycomb while Jenna fondles the blonde hottie. The heat level increases as soon as Syren fingerfucks her friend with much gusto. Then, Syren gets the double pleasuring treatment as her two friends fondle her. Jenna especially does a fine job rubbing her crotch. Next, Cherie and Syren pleasure Jenna at the same time. It's great to see a young lady receive a work over by two hot Milfs. Unfortnately, it did not last long enough. The activity switched back onto pretty Cherie who received more double treatment. Anyways, I enjoyed watching Syren hump Cherie's leg. Moments later, Syren is moaning emotionally as Jenna is sucking and rubbing her nice looking pussy. She really cums when Cherie joins in on the rubbing activity. A cool moment occurs afterwards when Cherie is sucking on Jenna's passion fruit while Syren doggie humps Cherie with a lot of desire. A very hot moment occurs when Syren is eating Jenna's snatch and then, she rubs both of Cherie's and Jenna's pussies.

Scene Two: Shyla Jennings is watching Aryana Augustine open her huge box full of her stuff and take out the contents. She notices Aryana's very soft blanket and heels. Later on, Shyla stays over for the night. Aryana snuggles next to her in bed. Later, the touchy feely lady caresses her snuggle partner. Shyla enjoys Aryana's sweet gestures. It leads to them kissing. Their tender kissing activity lasts for a long time. When Aryana rubs her pal's crotch with more passion, Shyla breathes more heavily. Soon, their kissing action resumes a bit as Aryana caresses and sucks Shyla's tits and chest. I like how Aryana slowly unbuttons her shirt and continues her active touchy feely behavior on Shyla's body. Aryana's actions create good steaminess to their performance. As a matter of fact, Shyla also applies good body language and and caressing activity too. When Aryana removes the remaining sleepwear from Shyla's legs, Shyla looks so adorable on the bed. I love looking at her body. Then, Aryana is rubbing the woman's pussy underneath her panties. When Shyla's panties are removed, I got very turned on seeing her crotch. Aryana resumes in kissing her as she straddles her hips. Later, Shyla breathes heavily and squirms on the bed as her friend sucks her tasty honeycomb. Thus far, their performance feels quite personal and erotic. Later, when Aryana lays on top of Shyla as they resume their kissing action, we get good shots of Aryana's pussy as it is getting rubbed by her pal. However, a very heated pussy suck and rub by the woman really increases the excitement level. It leads to an energetic humping motion by Shyla too. A consistent finger fuck and clit rub by Aryana follow. Afterwards, they kiss.

Scene Three: Brenda James is preparing the bed and showing Noname Jane how to fix it before India Summer arrives. Brenda is a therapist who has matched up Jane and India up for a sexual tryst in order to allow them to fulfill their lesbian desires. After their brief chit chat, Jane takes India to the bedroom where they caress each other momentarily before kissing. When their clothes begin to come off, their breasts are wonders for sore eyes. I have always admired India in having her amazing natural tits since this industry has always had, in my opinion, the wrong notion that "bigger is better." Meanwhile, Jane's nipples get so hard and pointy when India sucks on them. Then, the more experienced woman sucks on Jane's pussy with good focus and effort. Jane moans with additional emotion as soon as India rubs and then fingerfucks her nicely pampered plaything. I could imagine the tasty juices of Jane when India started to suck on it again. More heated effort is applied to Jane's vaginal area when India rubs her knee against her. In the meantime, India was also feeling some sensations on her pussy while Jane rubbed hers too. Afterwards, the women switch positions and roles as Jane became the solo pussy pleasurer with her mouth. She applied a forceful effort since we can see the ligaments from India's neck while the dark-haired beauty is getting off. The mutual rub-a-dubbing by both women creates solid action too. This performance is one sizzling scene. These ladies are putting a whole lot of gusto into it. I could not sit still. The tribbing activity which is initiated by India is super hot. I could sense that Jane's pussy got so wet. Of course, India had to suck on it with much determination afterwards in order to recover those tasty morsels of feminine flavor. A highly intense pussy rub by India occurs later as she uses both hands on Jane's sensitive sex spot. In the end, I really enjoyed the close-up shots of their tender kisses.

Scene Four: Rozen Debowe is showing Sarah Shevon the room that she is renting out. Later on, the two roommates talk a bit at night. After Sarah's date, Rozen enters her room and they begin to chat a bit again. It leads to them kissing. These lip lock moments are cute and they generate simmering heat. I like that Rozen and Sarah are taking their sweet time. It feels like they are in their own universe. Later, I enjoyed watching the leg worship moments by Rozen and the titty sucking activity by Sarah. Next, Rozen is laying on her back with good joy on her face as she is experiencing her pussy sucked by the cute woman. Afterwards, their back and forth pleasuring moments adds good heat, but it also continues their good personal chemistry.

Final Thoughts: This ninety-second installment is very hot and one that should be seen and enjoyed. There is plenty of exciting sex as well as personal moments. India Summer and Noname Jane have the most energetic and exciting performance. They really go all out to pleasure their partner with so much drive. The addictive three-way tryst among Syren De Mer, Cherie DeVille, and Jenna J Ross leads off this sizzling flick. As to the most personal scenes in this movie, they have to go to Shyla Jennings and Aryana Augustine, and Rozen Debowe and Sarah Shevon. I am glad to say that this film is a highly recommended treat.


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