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Young Heather Hunter

  • Release date:
    December 17, 2002
  • Cast:
    Mr. Marcus|Tera Heart|Teri Diver|Heather Hunter|Madison|Deidre Holland|Cheri Taylor

Young Heather Hunter


Genre: Compilation

Director: varied

Cast: Heather Hunter, Cheri Taylor, Deidre Holland, Madison, Mr. Marcus, Teri Diver, Eric Edwards, Tom Byron, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera
Note: There were no complete credits or even cast list on the movie or dvd case. Only a few names and a "many more" on the case.

Length: 133 minutes

Date of Production: 6/21/02 (compilation)

Extra's: 3 unrelated scenes, multiangle BJ demo with Heather, behind the scenes for Hard Evidence, generic photogallery, 4 trailers, commercials

Audio/Video Quality: Like most compilations that span long periods of time, the technical qualities varied. Some of the scenes were super clear while others were dark and grainy. The audio was about average for such a compilation.

Body of Review: Taking a look at the dvd cover, you get to see what the attractive Heather Hunter looked like. A very light skinned black gal with a lean body and a kinky mane of hair. She was one of Vivid's mainstays during most of the late 90's and it's easy to see why. She got out of the porn industry and attempted to make a success of her musical abilities but I haven't heard much about her lately.

In Young Heather Hunter, we get to see a series of 12 scenes with her engaged in various forms of sex, mostly couples stuff and lesbian action with some condoms used. About half of the scenes were worth watching at least a few times with a couple of keepers. I really liked the way her tiny nipples stood out in the two shower scenes here and a few others were pretty good too. The technical qualities were mixed but not bad considering the circumstances. Fans probably know that she only made about 50 or so movies in her career with a number of compilations on top of that. Vivid didn't see fit to include any information of the source material for the scenes, or a complete cast list, so I'll spare you the typical guessing game a reviewer goes through under such circumstances.

Summary: This would be a fair rental to anyone except really big fans of Heather's. Her scenes were never the most energetic and most of the people she had sex with lacked a certain chemistry with her but when she clicked with someone, she was hot. That's not to say the compilation was particularly well done-it was obviously rushed- but you get over 2 hours of Heather scenes and it will probably serve your purpose if all the better titles are rented out.


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