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  • Release date:
    February 14, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 24m
  • Cast:
    Jon Dough|Chasey Lain|Kylie Ireland|Tiffany Mynx|Sahara Sands|Randy West|Shelby Stevens|Vanessa Chase

The Feature:
Yes… more Wicked for Tommy Castrol. This time, I'm reviewing "Submission." The only thing I know about this movie is that it stars Chasey Lain. I don't care about the movie's plot, because it's stupid. Every word of dialogue is an excuse for spontaneous sex. Now with that said, it's "Kleenex" time…

The "Kleenex Scale" is done on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being a strong scene, and 1 being a limp one. The main feature consists of 5 scenes with a total running time of around 85 minutes. Here are the scene breakdowns:

Scene #1 – Chasey Lain and a girl
Oral for both girls, which gives way to a pretty good 69 to end the scene. Not much else going on here, but good enough.
Kleenex Rating: 3

Scene #2 – Girl and a girl
Blowjob for the guy, while Chasey watches on. Doggy, anal missionary, and she gets a facial. I'm not a fan of anal-into-facial at all.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #3 – Taylor Hayes w/ Keri Windsor
Chasey watches the guy get a blowjob from a woman who looks like a little boy (except for the breasts). He wastes no time going for anal, and that's it. What the hell?
Kleenex Rating: 2

Scene #4 – Chasey and two girls
Chasey shaving her legs prompts two lesbians to walk in and go down on her. Everyone exchanges oral pleasantries. Two strap ons are introduced, and Chasey blows both of them. Missionary strap on sex, and we're done.
Kleenex Rating: 3.5

Scene #5 – Chasey and a guy
She awakens to find his penis near her mouth, so she proceeds to blow him. Missionary, doggy, and he cums on her tits.
Kleenex Rating: 3

The full-frame 1.33:1 presentation looks really good. Very little grain and artifacting apparent (especially for a porno), so I'm satisfied.

A Dolby 5.1 and 2.0 soundtrack presents all the cheesy music, moans, and thrusts that your sound system can handle. But honestly, are you really buying this DVD for the audio? Well, according to Wicked's tenacious pimping of Dolby Digital Surround Sound in the menus, you may very well be buying it for the terrific audio.

Interactive menu allows you the choices of: "Play Movie", "Chapters", "Special Features", and "Audio Selection."

There's a bunch of stuff to list here. "Biographies", "Bloopers", "Photo Gallery", and all the other crap that's on every other Wicked DVD (trailers, Web, etc).

Final Thoughts:
Jeez, what a mediocre DVD. It's so mediocre, I couldn't find any information for it at adultdvdempire.com. Anyways, if you like Chasey, this may be worth your time; but with the likely Wicked MSRP of around $30, you'd be better off getting something else instead. At best, this is a rental.



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