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Three Timing

  • Release date:
    September 30, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 24m
  • Cast:
    Eric Masterson|Kinzie Kenner|Jesse Jane|Robby D.|Natalia Wood|Penny (II)|Jason Steel|Joone|Samantha Lewis

Three Timing

Digital Playground

Genre: Feature

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Natalia Wood, Jason Steele, Jesse Jane, Eric Masterson, Kinzie Kenner, Penny, Charlie Lane
Non-sex role by: K. Logg

Length: ~83.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/10/03

Extra's: Behind the Scenes feature, Porn 101 featurette (a comedy bit of bloopers and messing around by the cast), biographies for the Jesse Jane and Robby D., trailers, photogallery, double sided DVD cover

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color, not the usual full frame the porn world holds as a standard. This gave the feature a look of a professionally done mainstream movie (in terms of aspect ratio) although, to be fair, there was some color over saturation going on and more grain than I'd have preferred. The audio was presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital English and generally sounded pretty fair except during the sex scenes where Robby thought loud, obnoxious (not to mention bland) music would be a good idea in order to drowned out the vocal moaning of the women. I know it's an artistic choice but maybe in the future, a separate audio track can be added that has a lower level for the music.

Body of Review: Digital Playground, much like Wicked Pictures and Simon Wolf Productions, is a company that doesn't release a lot of movies each year. While some companies will happily provide the quantity over quality approach, DP is content to sell larger numbers of less disposable porn, and then cash in on cable deals. In order to accomplish this, the company goes with the same type of contract performer system that Wicked, VCA, Vivid and a few others seem to find profitable. After all, consumers, primarily men, have proven they buy and rent movies for the performers appearing in the movies more than anything else. One of the latest stars to rise to prominence in this fashion is the lovely blonde Texan, Jesse Jane.

Jesse is a short little dynamo of sexual energy with a high-pitched voice, large implants, and a curvy body that men drool over. I've seen firsthand how many do this (at the AVN show) and I'd be negligent if I were to leave out how her personality contributes to her charm. Even jaded old porn hounds hung on her every word after spending a couple of minutes with her and as her skills develop, it'll be interesting to see if Digital Playground can translate her appeal in their movies. To date, her movies, such as Beat The Devil and No Limits have been pretty good in terms of this but hardly the breakout she's capable of. With that said, I turn my reviewer's eye to her latest release, a little feature by the name of Three Timing by director Robby D.

The movie is a sexual send up to Ground Hog Day, the mainstream cult movie starring Bill Murray where he relives each day over and over while retaining his conscious mind of the events from each cycle. Caught in a time loop of sorts, he must figure out why he's stuck in time and what he can do to break free of the loop (after taking advantage of it). Jesse's movie is a bit less ambitious (the budget for the porn version is probably about as much as Bill Murray's hairdresser costs for his film) but since we get to see her and other cuties screwing, it's not a problem. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Natalia, a lean brunette with ample breasts, took care of Jason on a bed. The oral, by both of them, was pretty solid but the vaginal intercourse was mechanical more often than not. It ended with her taking a load in her mouth and savoring it a bit; not a bad thing for many fans but not something that'll add a lot of heat to a scene either.

Scene Two: Jesse, the blonde bombshell that has been taking the porn world by storm this year in movies such as Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane , and Eric, "Joe Average" porn stud, had sex on a bed. Her oral skills were also fairly well refined (yum) but this time the sexual antics were slightly better. The limitations of the camera angles and music weakened it, with too few static shots and droning music for my taste.

Scene Three: Kinzie, a cute brunette with a lean body, and Eric, had a scene in a bed. The sex included, as before, oral and straight with only a bit of heat. If seeing attractive people screwing is enough for you, all the scenes will appeal to you but there was often some spark missing for me. Some would argue this is because of how many movies I watch but there's a difference between sex (which would appeal to all of our voyeuristic tendencies) and GOOD sex (which shows chemistry between the performers and transcends the limited voyeurism appeal).

Scene Four: Penny, Kinzie and Charlie had a lesbian scene on a big couch. There weren't a lot of big toys used and the action, while limited to oral and fingers, was pretty warm. I still think the camera angles were limited and the music weak, but at least they obviously had a lot of fun doing each other.

Scene Five: Jesse and Jason had the final scene in a bed. I'm sure the whole point of the other scenes was to make this one look good by comparison since it actually had some heat to it (only scene four and this one held up to repeated viewings). The sex was only oral and straight again but at least this time the couple took their time with one another. They seemed to enjoy the foreplay at least as much as the regular intercourse and that makes a world of difference to me. It ended with him shooting his load all over and around her pussy, not the average ending in a porno, and had some heat.

Summary: Okay, before I finish this review up let me state that I have seen a number of well made releases by Robby D. so I know he has talent but at times I wonder aloud why some of his movies fall flat. After all, it's not like he makes a lot of movies so his quality level should be pretty high. In the case of Three Timing, I suspect that something external held him back a bit, and that is why even fans of Jesse Jane will probably waiver between giving it a rating of Rent It and Recommended.

Other films with Jesse Jane you might like more: Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane , Jesse Jane: Erotique,
Beat The Devil and No Limits


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