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Ass Party 3

  • Release date:
    January 9, 2013
  • Runtime:
    5h 3m
  • Cast:
    Joey Silvera|Sheena Ryder|Sheena Shaw|Anikka Albrite|Veruca James


The Ass Party 3

Evil Angel/Joey Silvera Video

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Sheena Shaw, Veruca James, Christian XXX, AJ Applegate, John Strong, Joey Silvera, Sheena Ryder, Lee Bang, Chanel Preston, Anikka Albrite, Sierra Sanders

Length: 303:03 minutes (181:45 minutes & 121:18 minutes)

Date of Production: 2012


Extras: The extras included a cast list, photogalleries, filmographies, a popshot recap, and some websites, trailers, and a 53:02 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. The BTS showed the ladies as being into the action, playful, and it was well worth watching for the additional material.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Ass Party 3 was presented in the usual 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel. The composition of the shots was flattering to the women although much of that would still be an artistic call on my part so I can safely say that the overall visual aspects of the movie were decent. Like many of the director's at Evil Angel, Joey seems to prefer concentrating on capturing the raw energy over giving the viewer technical perfection, the end results sometimes varying a bit but not nearly as much as some of his previous releases thanks to awesome lighting this time. The 2.0 Dolby Digital audio was presented in the usual stereo English but there wasn't any significant dynamic range or separation between the channels. The voices were sometimes hollow but like seeing the occasional shadow in the movie, this is to be expected in order to preserve the nearly realistic manner in which the scenes took place.

Body of Review: Joey Silvera is a talented director at Evil Angel known for his large body of sexually appealing porn as a director. His latest release coming in for review is called The Ass Party 3, the title focusing on the anal exploits of such appealing ladies as Anikka Albrite, Chanel Preston, Sheena Shaw, AJ Applegate and others worthy of your time, money, and seed. The amount of anal fuck for the buck reached nearly four and a half hours, the ladies all learning to appreciate getting plowed in their perfectly fine asses while showing they had fun. There was a great deal of enthusiasm, energy, and chemistry here; due in part to the fine casting of attractive ladies.

The company website described the movie like this: “Say what you will about iconoclastic porn director Joey Silvera, but the guy knows how to party! He proves it again in "The Ass Party 3," his latest deluxe, double-disc anal event - the infamously quirky pervert brings his uniquely creative imagination to five scenes of erotic ass play. You'll never know quite what to expect, but anything goes and everybody cums! First, incredibly sexy Sheena Shaw and pale submissive Veruca James grease up their sweet bungholes and explore each other with toys. After a private lesbian backdoor session, muscular stud Christian thoroughly face-fucks and sodomizes the girls. The threesome features ass-to-mouth cocksucking and a gooey oral sperm swap. Delightfully cute blonde AJ Applegate gags on thick cock and takes a deep ass fucking that earns her a couple of mouthfuls of jism. Slender, sultry Sheena Ryder gets rectally ravaged by big Lee Bang. At the climax of this kinky interracial date her gorgeous face takes a messy load of cream. Foxy bitches Chanel Preston and Anikka Albrite expand each other's butthole using probing fingers and huge toys; they get off with the help of a vibrating Hitachi wand. And all-natural, big-bottomed beauty Sierra Sanders pops festive balloons with her mighty buns before riding a massive dick and coaxing out two servings of creamy semen. If you're into fine-ass, party-rockin' babes, consider yourself invited. "The Ass Party 3" is nonstop anal fun!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used on for those still interested:


Scene One: Sheena Shaw, a delightfully curvy fuck bunny with a sweet ass, and cute brunette Veruca James, were up first in a scene with Christian XXX. Sheena led Veruca around on a leash, the subordinate crawling into the kitchen for her mistress, to receive some glass toys out of the freezer. Sheena started applying them to her precious pucker after she sucked on them, the fingering of Veruca’s ass readying her for the glass dildo being slowly inserted and rolled before Sheena took a turn with a technical DAP using two toys. Both of the decadent little foxes rimmed each other and liked the penetration, Sheena taking larger toys and showing her dominance as they both got off. Once properly lubricated and warmed up, Christian came in to share them too, a lot of oral and pounding anal complimenting the usual sexual tricks, the slutty gals enjoying his ministrations as the circus act sex tricks continued (like stuffing large colored balls into Sheena’s ass). Sheena stood out as the driving force behind the scene and made it the most strokable this time, Veruca also giving plenty to inspire too (just not in as large a role) as they blew him to completion to share the wad of genetic juice in a cumswap with each other.


Scene Two: AJ Applegate, a fantastic blond beauty that has pretty eyes and definitely resembles her namesake from years ago (Christina Applegate during her later years on “Married With Children”), was up next on a set resembling an employee lounge. She wore a colorful bra and form fitting skirt that hugged her awesome ass quite well, John Strong enjoying spanking her fleshy rump before eating her ass and gobbling her gash. His oral worked wonders on putting her in the mood to mingle, the gal reciprocating with some powerful oral of her own on his turgid pecker. She sucked his rod and balls quite well, applying some hand to gland combat before he throated her rapidly. Her asshole was them lubed up and a glass dildo used to stretch her out, her reaction to the penetration a mixture of pleasure and pain with all the right moans & groans to make it extra strokable. The vaginal hammering led to equally solid anal, AJ looking totally into it as she rubbed herself while he went balls deep in her backdoor. AJ had a notably lengthy gape hang time for those interested, the gal pushing her limits to enjoy the waves of pleasure mixed with pain she was receiving. There was also some food fetish bits to enjoy with strawberries and a lot of taste testing, AJ actively riding before she blew John to completion in POV style, swallowing his load of population pudding and then giving Joey Silvera a blowjob as well (devouring his spunk too).


Scene Three: Sheena Ryder, a lean brunette with all natural curves and a tight booty, was up next as the last scene of the first disc. She danced to some weird music and shook her moneymaker, her thigh high black boots and oiled ass giving her some added appeal too. She finished teasing to lay on a black ottoman and masturbate, first shoving a vibrator up her pussy and then using it up her ass. Her ass swallowed the sizable toy enough that it attracted the attention of black Lee Bang, his cock shoved in her mouth as he fingered her shaven snatch. Sheena appreciated the riding crop smacking her fleshy ass and she was soon taking Lee into her asshole, the largely passive ride improving over time. They had some chemistry for each other from what I could tell too, Sheena loving his big black cock porking her silly as she stretched her ass cheeks wide apart and rubbed herself, doing some taste testing as well as vaginal as the scene progressed. While not as sexually charged as the previous two scenes, the slow smoldering sensuality burned nicely here, Lee beating out a good sized load of spunk all over her face to glaze it and plaster her eyes shut. Sheena laughed at the release of the tension, getting off earlier and glad to see she had such a positive impact on him as well.


Scene Four: Chanel Preston, the gorgeous babe seen on the center of the front cover with brownish hair, and ass-licious hotty blond Anikka Albrite, seen bent over beside her, were up next in a surprising twist of events by having a lesbian scene together. I say this since the common belief held by many is that a true “anal scene” needs to have a man involved too, my own take being I enjoyed this as a change of pace from the other scenes. Given the extensive length of the double disc movie, over five hours of all new content, not to mention the serious quality of these two major babes (either of whom could win scores of awards for performances of late), the mere fact that they would be getting so seriously twisted sexually involving anal was enough to count me in. Their shoes, leggings, corsets and perfectly sexy bodies made them prime candidates for ass play here, some oiling up of their generous rumps sure made them look fabulous. The fun factor was enhanced by their playfulness too, the amount of rimming and toys used once fingers loosened them gave this one some nice replayability. The anal toys were plentiful and increasingly large, the lack of baby batter no impediment to the frantic ass fucking Chanel gave Anikka with a strap on dildo too. For the record, anyone wanting to see Chanel take a gigantic black dildo up her ass will want to see this one too, Anikka working it in deep as she massaged her clitoris, leading to a small baseball bat before Chanel reciprocated with much smaller toys on Anikka. Their chemistry was super so that helped too.


Scene Five: Sierra Sanders, a flexible Floridian with a great ass, was up last as she danced around a metal stripper pole in the living room while wearing some skimpy panties and top. She provided some booty clapping and then sat down to use her tall high heels to bust balloons, her ass oiled up to the liking of Christian XXX. He immediately crawled up behind her to smooth himself on a balloon against her ass, losing the inflatable device to go straight to the tap to rim her seriously well. For a slightly thicker than average porn chick, Sierra was very flexible and this played to their advantage as he gobbled her gash and otherwise orally prepared her for insertion. The couple then began boning vaginally, the young lady looking younger still due to her shaven twat. Sierra proved she had a kinky side by tossing Christian’s salad after blowing him, stroking his meat vigorously as he prepared to pork her asshole. Toys stretched her out a little and she did a technical DP using his cock in one hole while a toy stuck out of her ass, her active riding skills impressing me during the vaginal but leaving me concerned about her anal abilities. While she started slow, Sierra soon gave a much smoother and faster anal ride, Christian’s pecker porking her precious pucker ever so well. This continued until a final hummer led to her swallowing his splooge, Joey Silvera giving her a second round of ball batter to appreciate via a short handjob and blowjob combination.


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Summary: The Ass Party 3 by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel was a marked upgrade from the first volume in the series, the cast of lesser known ladies such as AJ Applegate, Chanel Preston, Veruca James, Sheena Shaw and others all deserving a nod for giving their all and looking like they were having a sexually heated time. As such, I rated the double disc movie Highly Recommended, the scenes providing solid strokability and replay value with the advertised action taking place in spades (though Chanel and Anikka only did lesbian here, it was very good at that). In short, The Ass Party 3 had substantial amounts of anal fuck for the buck that should work for those wanting a top flight set of scenes involving slutty little fuck bunnies enjoying their asses getting plowed to the hilt by the usual suspects so check it out.


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