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And the Winner Is… Janine

  • Release date:
    January 29, 2003
  • Cast:
    Janine|Dyanna Lauren|Sindee Coxx|Charlie|Julia Ann|Chandler|Tia Bella|Inari Vachs|Nikki Tyler

And the Winner Is... Janine


Genre: Compilation, Janine

Directors: Ralph Parfait, Paul Thomas, David Stanley, Toni English, Cleo Edwards, Robyn Dyer, FJ Lincoln

Cast: Janine, Chandler, Julia Ann, Charlie, Inari Vachs, Tia Bella, Corrine Williams, Racquel Darrian, Shanna McCullough, Tye, Sindee Coxx, Dyanna Lauren, Raylene

Length: 119.5 minutes

Date of Production: 12/11/00 (compilation, not the scenes)

Extra's: 3 bonus scenes, outtakes of Janine in Speedway, trailers, photogallery, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The scenes were taken from a variety of movies that were shot between late 1996 and late 1999 or so which pretty much tells me that the picture will be spotty. Luckily, even the worst scene here wasn't bad looking (as long as Janine was on the screen). The sound varied just as much and the music was often too loud which was a nuisance to me.

Body of Review: Janine was one of the most celebrated lesbian acts to hit the screen as part of Blondage and as one of the most famous Vivid contract stars. She was one of the most tattooed gals in the business which paved the way for others to get tattoos as well (note: I'm not a fan of tattoos). In any case, her claim to fame was linked to Vivid and all female action so if you like those two things, read on.

In And The Winner Is...Janine, you get 10 scenes with her in the feature and one more in the bonus section. The total of all this footage is over two hours of pure Janine. If you like her enough to watch that much but don't want to shell out a lot of dough for the individual movies she's in, this might be a good choice for you. Personally, I can think of several other scenes I'd have preferred to see but these were reportedly the ones that won her various awards. No mention of which scene won which award was made and, to be frank, I'm not going to spend hours on end looking them up for you. Awards don't really matter much (they tend to be a better indicator of how much a company advertised with the award givers magazine if you know what I mean) since the bottom line is how hot the gals in the scenes are. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by original movie title, director, and cast:

Scene One: Amnesiac: D-Ralph Parfait: Janine and Chandler had a lite-bondage scene in a barber chair inside a tattoo parlor. Lots of tease (and grain).

Scene Two: Blondage: Extreme Close Up #2: D-Paul Thomas: Julia and Janine had a short scene in a pool. Yum!

Scene Three: The Cult: D-Ralph Parfait: Charlie and Janine had a scene on a rooftop. This was when Janine had black hair (I prefer her as a blonde) and it was okay except for the technical limitations.

Scene Four: Free Janine: D-David Stanley: Inari and Janine on a kitchen table. Lots of toy use and Inari took a technical DP. Janine's hair was cut short here but otherwise the scene was great!

Scene Five: Girl Next Door: D-Toni English: Tia and Janine in a workroom. Not bad but not her best either.

Scene Six: Kink: D-Cleo Edwards: Corrine and Racquel enjoyed Janine in a darkly lit bondage-lite scene. Fair.

Scene Seven: Seven Deadly Sins: D-Robyn Dyer: Julia and Janine screwed in a green room (literally) and played with a strap-on. Yum!

Scene Eight: Speedway: D-Ralph Parfait: Shanna, Tye, Sindee and Janine had a short scene with toys. I liked it but would've appreciated more time to enjoy it.

Scene Nine: Where The Boys Aren't #11: D-FJ Lincoln: Dyanna and Janine in front of a fireplace. Yum!

Scene Ten: Where The Boys Aren't #13: D-Toni English: Raylene and Janine in a dining room. Again, Janine had her black hair and there was a lot of toy use here. This was a good scene and the longest as well.

Summary: I've always thought Janine was a hotty so you won't get any less than a recommended from this reviewer. I would've given it a higher score if there had been more scenes or the advertised "tons of extras" or even if the picture and sound were better. Fans of Janine would, however, be hard pressed to find a better compilation of her performances. Try it, you may find enough to consider it a keeper.


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