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Art of Sex 2, The

  • Release date:
    January 4, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 31m
  • Cast:
    Cathy Heaven|Totti|Iwia|Lexi Lowe|Ivana Sugar|Steve Q|Kari Milla|Madlin Moon|Renato|Matt Bird|Kari

Genre: Vignette

Director: ?

Cast: Ivana Sugar, Cathy Heaven, Iwia, Kari, Madlin Moon, Lexi Lowe (non-sex role), Renato, Matt Bird, Totti, Steve Q.

Length: 152 minutes

Extras: There are several trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: The Art of Sex 2 is a film for couples and those who enjoy personally erotic sex. The tone is romantic and personal. There is plenty of chemistry between the performers to provide solid fondness for one another. Lexi Lowe starts off each scene with some sensual words of wisdom.

Scene One: While on her bed, beautiful Lexi Lowe is talking to the camera as she opens a bottle of champagne. She mentions how the night would take place with some sensual romance. Her sexy voice is quite seductive. Later, Ivana Sugar joins her man Matt Bird in the shower. They kiss and act playful. Moments later, Ivana squats down and sucks his cock. Once she has done a good job, the scene shifts to the bedroom where her fella is on top of her. He pleasures her for a while as he kisses her body. While Ivana is on her tummy, the guy rubs and fingers her pussy. Thus far, their chemistry is pretty good. The scene feels personal. I enjoyed watching him eat her pussy. The woman moans nicely. Afterwards, Ivana sucks his dick for a while before he mishes her. A nice fucking doggie follows. The blonde hottie squeezes the blanket pretty tightly. I enjoyed their fuck from behind moments the most. Their scene ends with a personally heated mish. Finally, he pulls out and Ivana strokes him off on her belly.

Scene Two: Sexy Lexi is laying on her bed as she talks to the camera. She is drinking some champagne. The woman tells us about how her boyfriend would treat her in bed. Later, the scene shifts to when we see Iwia kissing her guy Steve Q. while straddling his lap on the bed. Her guy does a nice job sucking her breasts a while. Then, Iwia pulls his shirt off of him. More kissing activity occurs. Then, she kisses her way down his body that leads to the woman taking out his cock. His lady sucks on it for a while. I enjoy watching how fond Iwia is towards him. Next, he rubs her pussy from inside of her panties. Some nice pussy eating and finger fucking action follows. He continues sucking her snatch while Iwia is on her hands and knees. Then, the man fucks her doggie style. She looks quite beautiful in this position. Her beauty becomes more of a turn-on while we see her in the spooning position. At this point, I was feeling pretty hot. After the cowgirl moments, a heated missionary screw occurs. This fantastic scene ends with her stroking him off on her tummy. Throughout this performance, I enjoyed listening to her heavy breathing.

Scene Three: Lexi is talking to the camera in a nice sexy manner. Afterwards, we see Cathy Heaven and her fella Renato caressing one another quite personally. The steam factor is high as their moments of eye contact are hot. Their performance is highly erotic. Renato does a great job in running his hands along Cathy's body. Later, the man stimulates her puffy pussy well as he fingerfucks it. The steaminess continues to grow as they kiss while he is on top of her. Later, they have changed positions and Cathy reaches into his underwear to feel his dick. Then, I got so turned on by wathcing the blonde beauty lick his penis before sucking it with much fondness. Cathy's tender body language enhances their incredible chemistry. She looks very attractive riding him reverse cowgirl style and getting spooned. The camera does a fine job in showcasing her body. After a heated doggie screw, a very hot looking blow job and hand job follow. It leads to Cathy making him cum.

Scene Four: Lexi gives tips of how and where to have sex while on top of her bed. It's all about mixing it up and not be routine. I like her helpful and seductive attitude. Afterwards, Kari and her fella Steve Q. are kissing by the bar as they drink some champagne. She is sitting in a chair while her man is standing. They begin to make out and she unbuttons Steve's shirt. It is apparent that you can feel the heat between them as Kari runs her hands along his torso. Later, she begins to stroke his dick with her hands. The atmosphere really feels steamy now. Later, Steve is sucking on her nice looking titties. Moments later, he has his mouth shoved into her tasty pretty pussy. Then, the guy fucks her missionary style while Kari continues to be in the chair. He increases his screwing rhythm. Her heavy breathing sounds hot. Next, the brunette gets on her knees in order to suck his dick. The bj activity shifts onto the sofa. It remains a hot turn-on. Then, she rides him cowgirl style a while before turning around for the reverse cowgirl moments. I enjoyed watching him be active as they kiss. The spooning and the more emotional doggie activities occur next. The 69 with Kari on top looks exciting on account of her constant hand stroking action. She eventually makes him cum.

Scene Five: Beauty Lexi Lowe tells us about the most beautiful moment in sex. Then, she removes her panties. Afterwards, we see Madlin Moon and her man Totti making out on the bed. Their chemistry is very good. I enjoyed their kissing moments. Later, he moves down her body and focuses on orally pleasuring her womanhood. Totti does a fine job in licking and eating her vaginal lips. When he kisses her again, Madlin runs her hand along his dick. Next, while Totti is laying on his back, the beauty kisses her way down his body until she starts to suck his cock. The bj moments are slowly paced and super hot. Then, her cockriding moments gain in pace. Nevertheless, the tone still feels steamy. A spoonful of sugar occurs where the man fucks her with a steady rhythm while rubbing her clit constantly. Even though their performance is a pretty steady one, the mish becomes energized.

Final Thoughts: This film is going to be a hit with people who enjoy watching soft, tender, and steamy personal sex. The simmering heat level runs pretty steadily during these performances. I enjoyed watching Lexi Lowe at the start of every scene. Her comments and romantic wisdom are an effective vehicle for the upcoming sex scenes. Moreover, much credit goes to the director who made sure that there would not be the usual cum shot moments. I loved watching the sensual handstroking activity by their partners that made these men cum. I recommend this fine film.


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