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  • Release date:
    February 25, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 31m
  • Cast:
    Taylor St. Clair|T.J. Cummings|Dale DaBone|Cassidey|Wendy Divine|Egypt|Miss Arroyo|Sky Taylor|Eric Price|Tony G.|Cleo Edwards

The Feature:
Personally, I don't care for the plot in an adult film. If I want topnotch acting and character development, I'll find something else. With that in mind, I have the pleasure of reviewing the latest offering from Vivid called "Sordid." Starring Cassidey, "Sordid" is full of sex scenes (Who would have thought?). Anyways, here is the Kleenex Scale…

The "Kleenex Scale" is done on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being a strong scene, and 1 being a limp one. The main feature consists of 5 scenes with a total running time of around 90 minutes. Here are the scene breakdowns:

Scene #1 – Guy and a girl
Her hands are tied, and she's in lingerie. Lots of foreplay. Blowjob, some ass fingering, and then he cums on her tits. Wow, totally uneventful.
Kleenex Rating: 1.5

Scene #2 –Two girls and a guy
The girls fool around while the guy watches on. He joins in and immediately goes for missionary sex, followed by doggy. The ladies get a facial.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #3 – Cassidey and a guy
She strips for him, then goes to the bathroom and runs some water over her vagina to turn him on. She looks a little bit like Nikita Denise, by the way. She blows him for a good while, and they both start to masturbate. Reverse cowgirl, and she works him over pretty good. They spoon on the bathroom floor, and then go into doggy on the bed. Finally, he cums on her lower back. Good scene.
Kleenex Rating: 4

Scene #4 – Cassidey, a girl, and two guys
She strips and puts on a show for both men. The girl comes home to find this going on, and decides to join in. Everybody goes at it, and it becomes an orgy before they partner off. Lots of oral, blowjobs, and sex. Another good scene anchored by Cassidey.
Kleenex Rating: 3.5

Scene #5 – Cassidey and a guy
Blowjob for the guy, and then oral for her. Back to blowjob, and then we get doggy, reverse cowgirl anal, and then she gets a facial. That's the end of the movie.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

The full-frame 1.33:1 presentation looks good, but soft and grainy at times (much like most of Vivid's DVDs). Overall, I'm satisfied with the transfer.

A 2.0 soundtrack presents all the cheesy music, moans, and thrusts that your sound system can handle. But honestly, are you really buying this DVD for the audio?

Interactive menus filled with clips from the chapters as digitized porn music loops over and over again. Standard fare for Vivid DVDs.

More sex scenes!

Scene #6 – Cassidey w/ Joel Ray and Manny Trio
She goes at it with one of the guys, but then he is tied up by a burglar, and she goes at it with the bad guy! Oral, blowjob, doggy, cowgirl, and then he cums on her vagina. She unties her boyfriend and starts giving him oral! They do missionary, and he cums in her. I like Cassidey.
Kleenex Rating: 3.5

Scene #7 – Cassidey w/ Bobby Vitale
They go at it while a naked man watches. Blowjob and oral are present, and she rides him cowgirl style. Missionary, and then doggy. He cums on her ass. Good scene
Kleenex Rating: 3

Scene #8 – Cassidey w/ Devon
Yes! Devon! The girls go at it, then work their way into oral. Cassidey puts on a strap on and goes Devon doggy style. Devon blows the strap on, and then starts to use a dildo on Cassidey. They bust out the dreaded double sided dildo, and work themselves over. Good scene.
Kleenex Rating: 4

Scene #9 – Meriesa w/ Dale Dabone and Pat Myne
She blows both guys. Soon, Pat is doing her doggy while she blows Dale. They change things up, and then its Dale doing her missionary while she blows Pat.She rides Dale reverse cowgirl, then does the same thing for Pat. They cum on her tits, and that's that.
Kleenex Rating: 3.5

Scene #10 – Taylor St. Claire w/ Lee Stone
They start with 69, then missionary, doggy, and then she gets a facial. Not as good as the other bonus scenes.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

There are additional features including a photo gallery, previews, phone sex commercials, outtakes/bloopers, and more.

Final Thoughts:
Despite only having 5 scenes, "Sordid" is a good DVD. The scenes are very good, and Cassidey is really fun to watch. Add to that some great bonus scenes, and you have a really good DVD. "Recommended" all the way.



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