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My Plaything: Carmen Luvana

  • Release date:
    July 1, 2003
  • Runtime:
  • Cast:
    Carmen Luvana

My Plaything: Carmen Luvana

New Sensations/Digital Sin

Genre: Virtual Sex

Director: Scott Taylor

Cast: Carmen Luvana, stunt cock

Length: ? minutes

Date of Production: 12/6/02 (box), 9/27/02 (credits)

Extra's: strip tease by Carmen, Carmen rides the Sybian vibrator (a large machine used to get women off), Interview with Carmen, out takes of the show, photogallery, trailers, credits

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color and looked very clear. The colors were a bit saturated this time but overall it was still very clean with no artifacts.The audio was presented in stereo English, with a bit of Carmen's Spanish tossed in as she got excited, and was also clear in most scenes.

Review: Fans of the various virtual sex series on the market can tell you that it's like playing a computer game where you get to choose what kinds of action a favorite porn star does. The idea is that you can select from a variety of choices, temperaments, and angles in order to see the star doing the kinds of things you get off to. Since we're all different, it makes sense that by allowing a fan to pick what he or she wants to see, the dvd is a good choice for customizing whatever actions it'll take to get them off. How often do most porn viewers get upset when they see the often incompetent director fade away before the fan is through with a scene, have condoms when the fans doesn't like them, or not have the position a fan favors?

The focus of this particular dvd, My Plaything: Carmen Luvana, is to show the little blonde with the Puerto Rican roots, in all her glory for you to control. Much like the awesome My Plaything Jenna Jameson 2, this recent release gives the spot light to the lean blonde contract performer for Adam & Eve a chance to shine. I remember a few of her earliest scenes for New Machine when I saw them in Carmen Luvana Exposed, and thought that this gal has what it takes to make it big. After what amounted to a bidding war for her services, she went with those nice folks from North Carolina but her legacy, as documented here, will last longer than any of us will in the industry so it's a good thing Scott did a good job directing. When I saw the cover, I almost mistook Carmen for Jenna Jameson herself as the blonde hair, make up, and implants certainly resembled the superstar but for those who are unfamiliar with the gal, she's short, has implants that are really large for her frame, a pierced belly button, and a large tattoo on her abdomen. Still, she's a little firecracker when she gets going.

The action on the main dvd is like the other releases in the series, you can select from tease, masturbation, foreplay, and actual sex with a guy as the primary choice. You then select whether you want her to act naughty or nice-both have their appeal, and decide when you want her (and the guy) to cum.
Okay, you start off with the tease choice to be a completist. You get to see her tease you with her tits, ass or pussy while she's dressed in some really hot looking lingerie. The garters and tiny panties really warm a guy up. Whew!

You get through with that and you want to make her masturbate. Works for me. You select from fingers, a vibrator, or one of two dildos, with the option to allow her to orgasm. This time she's in a little Catholic Schoolgirl outfit for some variety. Good choice and some stuffed animals are thrown in on her bed for effect too.

Moving right along, there's the foreplay option where you can select from handjob, blowjob, fingers, tongue, or vibrator. The first two get the guy off and the others get her off when you select the cum on cue selection.

Lastly, the sex option is there to finish up. The choices this time, in addition to the usual naughty or nice and cum on cue, are missionary, doggie, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. As I said, there's a lot to pick from.

Summary: So, how good is this one compared to others? That really all depends on what you want out of it. If you want to see Carmen Luvana in all her glory, you won't find a better showcase of her talents. While the choices are somewhat limited by virtue of the current technology, there are a lot of loops to chose from. The biggest complaint people are going to have is the fact that the cumshots are faked. This has been a big criticism by fans from the initial releases of the series. The company used a CGI shot that was so fake looking it ruined the effect of the rest of it. The other limitation fans may fuss about is that there was no anal action. It doesn't bother me but these days, no anal means fewer sales-an increasing number of fans want to see anal. Those two problems aside, I would prefer the access time to be lowered since the longer wait to change scenes is a pain and if the production values could've been a bit higher, like the Jenna Jameson 2 release, I'd have been able to rate this very fun dvd higher than Recommended.



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