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Mike’s Apartment 4

  • Release date:
    February 6, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 42m
  • Cast:
    Carmen Croft

Genre: Gonzo, Web To DVD

Director: ??

Cast: Carmen Croft, Liza Del Sierra, Leony Dark, Roxy Taggart, Victoria Tiffany, Mia Ferrara

Audio/Video: Audio was fair to good. Video quality was very good.

Length: 3 hours, 42 minutes

Release Date: 2/6/13

Extras: Extras include photo gallery, cum shot recap and web access.

Condoms: No

Overview: I didn’t expect to like this DVD simply by it’s cover (which, unlike books is how most of us judge a porn). But I’m glad I checked this one out. Wow, what a cast of gorgeous Euro babes in 6 incredible, stroking hot scenes. Trust me when I tell you there is not one bad looking girl in the bunch. And when the guys pop they release a huge gash of hot spewing goo all over their thin hard bodies. Mike’s Apartment is just another name for heaven on earth!

Scene 1 Victoria Tiffany

Victoria’s lean body gets a hard pumping workout by her man but sucks him off good before he takes control of her. Victoria handles her partner’s cock nicely and is left drenched in milky white goo.

Scene 2 Leony Dark

Leony’s ass is the first thing shown in this scene but when she peels down her booty shorts Leony’s nice ass is enough to work me up as well as her partner. After a pretty lengthy q&a the two get down to business and fuck each other hard. Leny’s body looks too good to ignore so that will definitely be what gets your nutbags flowing. When it’s over she’s left with a fae covered in jizz sauce.

Scene 3 Carmen Croft

Carmen and her boyfriend arrive to the apartment to fuck but first they have to talk to the cameraman who doesn’t speak Czech and they don’t speak English. Completely fast forward through that and get to where Carmen is sucking his dick. When the oral obligations are out of the way she gets banged hard with her man never letting up. He just nails her harder and harder until he pops.

Scene 4 Roxy Taggart

Roxy is a tall sexy gal who loves the pumping her man gives to her. He fucks her real good that when her pussy is satisfied she pulls his cock out and leads it to her ass. Her tight butt lets his cock slide in easily and he pounds her ass good until the very end when he pulls out and splatters all over her ass.

Scene 5 Liza Del Sierra

Liza is the only known performer that I’ve heard of at least, and I know she always does great scenes. She does here but unlike the other girls who all got completely nude (a plus in my book), after a hot shower she puts on a sexy catsuit like lingerie piece. It’s nice but she wears it the entire scene so it’s too distracting. She has a great body so why cover it. besides that she belts out a hot scene where she gets slammed hard. If there’s a girl in this scene who can handle a good fuck it’s Liza.

Summary: Mike’s Apartment has its flaws but despite them you guys will certainly have fun cranking one out to this one. Completely skip the opening on each scene as they really add nothing to the scene, and the language barriers in some scenes just drag on, plus you’ll shorten the film’s length an hour by skipping the first ten minutes of each scene. I have rarely seen a cast of high quality porn girls that not only look good but came to fuck. Good chemistry and of course plenty of attraction, plus I can’t forget these babes did it all, I’m definitely Recommending this one.


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