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My Slutty Friends

  • Release date:
    January 14, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 0m
  • Cast:
    B. Skow|Capri Anderson|Katie St. Ives|Jessie Andrews|Ash Hollywood|Rylie Richman


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My Slutty Friends

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: All Sex

Director: B. Skow

Cast: Capri Anderson, Mr. Pete, Katie St. Ives, Tommy Pistol, Jessie Andrews, Toni Ribas, Rylie Richman, Mr. Marcus, Ash Hollywood, Anthony Rosano

Length: 119:40 minutes

Dates of Production: 2012


Extras: I liked the 8:39 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Ralph Long since it was dedicated to this production. There were interviews, clips of the cast at work, and was appreciated. The best extra for most people will be the 20:12 minute long bonus scene from My Little Black Book, described below. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, spam, cumshot recap, and a “special offer” for those with a smart phone but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: My Slutty Friends was presented in a 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment. The flick was shot in high definition and looked decent most of the time, some rough edges observed nonetheless. The lighting was well handled and as a showcase for Capri Anderson and friends, the technical elements were not as crisp as most previous titles by the director. There was a company watermark in the lower right hand corner for those that care. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English offering with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent. The aural qualities of the movie appeared to offer very limited separation and dynamic range, the vocals easily heard in most cases and mixed in with the ambient noises fairly well.


Body of Review: B. Skow and Vivid Entertainment were quite a team until he left for other opportunities last year. As the company continues to release what he shot under their banner, My Slutty Friendsbeing the latest such effort, I find myself wishing he stuck with them. This was a collection of five all new scenes loosely tied together, starring such attractive ladies as Katie St. Ives, Jessie Andrews, Ash Hollywood, Capri Anderson, and Rylie Richman; a plethora of pussy few could pass up as far as I’m concerned. The back cover described the movie like this: “Capri and he friends love to talk about sex. And all that hot talk makes them so horny that they have to act out. So the bras unsnap and the panties peel off and the pink hits the screen in some of the hottest tease and please scenes ever. Watch five of the nastiest cuties in porn...Capri, Ash, Rylie, Katie and Jessie get down and slutty in My Slutty Friends. They give a whole new meaning to "friends with benefits."” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Capri Anderson, the fetching young starlet featured on the right side of the front cover, was up first to establish the parameters of show by masturbating during an all too brief tease session before being thrust into the arms of Mr. Pete. One of my favorite aspects of Skow’s titles has long been his lengthy tease sequences, this disappointing turn of events noticed throughout the show. Still, as Pete fed her some of her own juices straight from her own box, I had to consider just how appealing her shaven snatch was, the gal no stranger at sucking an erection given her oral skills on display afterward. She used her hand to limit the amount going into her mouth but she did provide some fair eye contact, a bit of POV camera angle helping to give the impression of a connection between them though little other evidence of such nature was observed. Rather than gobble her gash, Pete just started tapping her pussy in a number of positions on the nearby white couch, Capri extremely passive until she was on top of him; her thrusting pelvis impaling her pussy on his cock until she began taste testing it. The rhythm continued as she masturbated when not on top of him, her passive nature weakening the scene for me despite her physical attractiveness, the ending facial of genetic juice tossed off in the area of her face before she sucked him clean.


Scene Two: Katie St. Ives, the sexy brunette seen on the middle of the left hand side of the cover, her girlish demeanor and fleshy ass always a pleasure to behold. Her tease montage led to her already slobbing the knob of Tommy Pistol, the cock craving coochie having some fun with him as she gave a hand assisted hummer. I liked that she went hands free for a deeper blowjob too, Tommy rewarding her efforts with some fingering and gash gobbling as though he truly enjoyed her juices in his mouth. Katie had a tiny little pubic patch to look at too, Tommy drilling her hard as she aurally encouraged him to pound her ever harder. He then rimmed her in a pile driver position and she bounced on his pecker in some cowgirl variations until repeating the taste testing she was so talented at providing, a bit of handjob fun punctuating her oral until some abrupt edits led to more active riding by the gal. The ending wealth of population pudding glazed her face soundly too, Katie’s superior eye contact helping the scene stand out from the pack.


Scene Three: Jessie Andrews, the award winning babe seen on the upper middle of the front cover (just left of center), was up next in a generic bedroom as she gave a tease montage and proved her physical appeal by stripping. Jessie is one of the most high profile babes in the industry due to some great works over the past few years, her all natural body and girlish smile adding to her though fans might find her hairy pussy here more attractive than I did this time. The cutie was set to work with Toni Ribas this time, the montage leading to him already eating her out and fingering her as she tried to get some of his meat into her mouth. They engaged each other orally before he positioned her in doggy to begin hammering away at her, Jessie losing her breath as he banged her so hard. She was passive until on top here as well, a mechanical set of fucking positions not her best work to date to be sure, the look in her eyes as he beat him peter into dropping a nut of spunk into her mouth for swallowing kind of scary.


Scene Four: Rylie Richman, the blond booty hotty seen on the upper left hand corner of the cover, was up next in an interracial tryst with Mr. Marcus. Clearly this was shot before he infected so many with syphilis (the talk of the town last year), the North Carolina gal sporting nipple erections at the mere though of sucking his big black dick. She trimmed her pussy and wore sheer pink panties under her blue jean skirt, her wonderfully shaped ass providing enough of a gap to see everything she had to offer. Her interview took up most of the montage but she came across as a fun filled fuck bunny all the same, Marcus digging for gold in her pussy as she reclined to enjoy his ministrations. She then knelt down to power suck him as she rubbed her clitoris, Marcus throating her to a degree until bending her over to fuck her hard. Her tits swayed nicely as they went at it, her eye contact good when she was aptly positioned, the gal pushing back to meet his thrusts but always most active when on top of his lap. She loved his taste and her juices mingled during the taste testing too, her overacting weakening it for me a bit. The scene finished when he tossed his splooge into her mouth for swallowing, Rylie throating him while looking at the camera to close strong.


Scene Five: Ash Hollywood, the foxy blond cutie seen on the center of the front cover, was up last in bed with gorgeous Capri Anderson (next to her on the cover), in a scene with Anthony Rosano. The tease montage bounced between the ladies and they ended up in bed together, unable to give much lesbian loving since Anthony jumped in far too quickly. The gals kissed and gave some head, Anthony shoving his dick in front of them to divert their attention toward him all too soon. They shared his pecker and sat on his face in turns, the ladies jerking him off slowly as they kissed and soon taking turns riding him. Much of the vaginal penetrative positions were passive so if you want ladies looking like they were into the boning, this might not be your strongest choice to pick from, but in terms of eye candy, it was hard to beat this scene in some ways. There was a lot of intermittent oral by all three of them and Anthony launched his ball batter all over Capri’s stomach, the ladies sharing some of it as the camera faded away.


Bonus Scene: My Little Black Book: Capri Anderson and Dane Cross make love. The kissing moments are sweet and his pussy rubbing actions are enticing as the viewer sees her lovely love spot. They have good chemistry together. Dane does a fine job in pleasuring her beauty spot with both his hands and mouth. Meanwhile, Capri's legs look sexy in her black pantyhose. Later, her hot cocksucking skills are applied on the lucky man. Her hand stroking methods are just as hot as her oral ones. I love her two-handed actions. Then, the attractive woman straddles Dane's sexual tool well. He also pumps her with a lot of energy as they move from one exciting position to another. The spoonful of pleasure moments allow the viewer good access in seeing her beautiful body and pussy. Her ass looks very sweet during her cowgirl ride. Then, more of her hot blow job skills are shown momentarily before a good doggie and missionary fuck complete their memorable vaginal screwing session. Finally, he strokes off on her breast and chest. (review by Apache George)

Summary: My Slutty Friends by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment was a fairly heated stroke flick though it lacked some of the trademark signature aspects I appreciated so much back in Skow’s prime so I gave it a rating of Recommended. Each of the ladies provided some sexual appeal and physical attractiveness, the straightforward nature of the trysts allowing all the ladies to be showcased well enough compared to many of their scenes elsewhere. My favorites were Capri Anderson and Katie St. Ives but Ash Hollywood and the others sparked some interest too. In short, My Slutty Friends had some appeal in terms of the casting, the technical prowess used to capture them during tease and sex, and some replay value if you appreciate attractive ladies so give this title a look if it sounds good to you.