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Campus Confessions 5

  • Release date:
    August 20, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 37m
  • Cast:
    Mandy Bright|Nautica Thorn|Nikki Sun|Judy Star|Frank Gunn|Robert Rosenberg|Tera Bond|Ander Page|Alex Rox|Petra Select|James Lee

Campus Confessions 5


Genre: Vignette

Directors: Matti Klatt, Frank Thring, Paul Arbitor

Cast: Judy Star, Nautica, Mandy Bright, Alex Rox, Tera Bond, Frank Gun, Petra Select, James Lee, Maria, Robert Rosenberg
Non sex by: Ander Page

Length: 97.5 minutes

Date of Production: 4/26/03

Extra's: slide show, trailers, partial cast list

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full
frame and was very clear and crisp although the audio varied a bit.
Hustler's improvements are taking awhile but it's good they are starting
with the picture and sound. My only complaint is that the narration was too low.

Body of Review: Hustler makes a lot of porn these days after taking over so many companies. One of their newer series is Campus Confessions and it focuses on youthful gals having sex in situations that are designed around the life of a coed. In Volume 4, I didn't find all that much to really like, although it was worth a rental. In their latest release, Campus Confessions 5, the gals are looking better, the sex is warmer, and the production values as high as the previous edition. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast, noting that only one scene had a condom and most of the scenes ended in a gooey facial:

Scene One: Liquid Love: Judy and Nautica, a couple of young, lean cuties, did each other on a white couch. I liked how they oiled each other up first and took their time massaging each other before diving into each other's muff. There was some foot play and rimming along with vibrator action. Warm.

Scene Two: Dreaming Of Cock: Mandy, the European starlet that likes anal, finished a hard day of studying her sex education book and needed a break. She took one with Alex on her bed. There was oral, straight and anal this time. The scene wasn't bad, with some chemistry and warmth. Surprisingly, a condom was used here (I thought Hustler was a no-condom company).

Scene Three: Sea Lions, Then Sex: Tera, a cute little coed with nice sized breasts, started off Frank on the balcony before moving it inside. A lengthy blowjob before the two went at each other in a fairly warm screwing. There was no condom, as expected, and she seemed well suited for the industry with her loud moans and groans.

Scene Four: Tricks Of Trades: Petra, a blonde wearing a tiny sun dress and white panties, had sex with James on a couch after letting him feel her up outdoors. The hand-assisted blowjob looked really good to me and the straight sex afterwards was warm. Again, there was no condom for those who care.

Scene Five: Kitchen Repair: Maria, a very cute little blonde with great legs and a hot little ass, did Robert in her little apt. The sex included anal after she was warmed up orally and vaginally, and her large breasts were put to good use too. This was a very warm scene this time.

Summary: I would've liked to see another scene, preferably one with Ander in it (I'd have settled for a long solo scene too) but this volume was good enough to upgrade my rating to a Recommended. If Hustler would add a bit more fuck for the buck, as other companies have done, I'd be more willing to increase the rating but they'll have to earn it. To do that, add more sex footage, better extras, and continue improving the production values.



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