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Big Girls Are Sexy 2

  • Release date:
    February 5, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 55m
  • Cast:
    Siri|Julie Cash|Alex Taylor|Felicia Clover|Mr. Pete|Ramon Nomar|Xander Corvus|Bruce Venture

Genre: Big Boobs, Big Butt, Gonzo

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Siri, Julie Cash, Alex Taylor, Felicia Clover, Mr. Pete, Ramon Nomar, Xander Corvus, Bruce Venture

Length: 1 hr. 55 mins.

Release Year: 2013

Extras: Behind The Scenes, Bonus Scenes, Pick Your Pleasure Feature, Photo Gallery, Fantasy Lingerie, Trailers, Website Information

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD: $21.99

Overview: Breaking away from the slender and short body types that have since become the porn industry standard, New Sensations offers us Big Girls Are Sexy 2—where thick and voluptuous women take center stage.

The Movie: Siri’s red and black bra can barely contain her large supple breasts and is quickly discarded in the film’s opening moments. The stunning blonde lies down on a pillowy mattress and with the execution of some beautiful camerawork, we get to see every angle of Siri. She touches herself early on and then rests on her stomach so viewers can get a look at her curvy buns. Eventually, Bruce Venture shows up to play with the starlet’s backside before the two get to it.

Things kick off with a jaw-dropping blowjob and move to the two getting physical with Siri on top. Words cannot express how amazing this girl’s rack is and with the starlet grinding and pounding away at her partner’s cock, this scene is nothing short of explosive. With the blonde bombshell on her back, Venture parts her legs and has at it while all the while Siri’s boobs bounce and jiggle.

Following a titty fuck and some additional naughtiness involving Siri being thrust into one position after another, the stud dumps his 11 herbs and spices allover Siri’s open mouth and massive cans. Not a bad way to start things off, eh?

Julie Cash stars opposite Ramon Nomar in scene two. From the look of things it’s chilly on the set, as close lens shots show goose bumps on the soft skin of the starlet. The blonde has some killer jugs and is wearing black heels, and a striped bra with matching panties. When Nomar shows up to the party, Julie sits on his face and sets her buns to suffocate.

All kidding aside, this scene was a pretty good one. Julie spent a good while on her knees and gags on her partner’s cock as she struggles to fit the length of it down her throat. And in terms of the sex, it’s what you can expect from Julie. She moans a lot, which adds to the excitement and being quite the submissive type, her partner is quick to dominate and roughhouse her a bit. I’m not a huge fan of Julie’s, but I found myself enjoying this scene quite a bit. If only for the excellent pairing between stars and the dynamite sex they have with each other. The action stops when Mr. Nomar drops loads on the starlet’s slamming ass.


Alex Taylor has the girl-next-door look pegged. Her chest might not be as large as the other featured starlet’s, but she’s well put together and pretty cute to boot. Her scene starts with a tease. The starlet lies down on a bed, removes her bra, slides down her panties and plays with herself. She definitely knows how to set the mood and before long Xander Corvus shows up to take his skin boat to tuna town.

The stud starts by licking at the starlet’s nipples before moving things down south where he carefully explores Alex’s love tunnel with his tongue. Things get good when Xander and Alex spoon and Xander pounds away as the starlet beams, “Fuck my pussy!” He does, and following a rather sloppy blowjob Alex is put to the test. I should mention that this girl has an amazing ass and as she rides Xander cowgirl, we get to see it bounce and shake as her overzealous partner smacks it from time to time.

What can I say? This scene is pretty great. And after some additional fucking, Xander squirts some dick boogers allover Alex’s sweet rump.

If there’s one girl who can stand to compete with Siri in the huge rack department, it’s Felicia Clover.

This girl is pale, thick and redheaded, and she’s just great. After a quick tease Mr. Pete shows up to eat the starlet out while she sucks on her own tits—it’s quite a sight. Following an excellent blowjob, Mr. Pete spears Felecia’s bacon hole and gives it to her long and hard.

Overall, the sex here was topnotch. You get the impression that both Felicia and Mr. Pete liked the sex best with the redhead on top, as a good portion of their scene showed the two in this position—where Felicia moans and Mr. Pete hammer his bologna roll deep inside the starlet’s goop chute.

The vignette ends with Mr. Pete making sweet love to Felicia’s massive mammaries before eventually glazing those hams with his signature special sauce. This scene was a good one and proved to be a fitting conclusion to an excellent film.

In addition to the four featured scenes the studio went on to include two exceptional bonus vignettes. The first stars Alex Chance and Michael Vegas and the second features the pairing of Cali and Danny Mountain. The vignettes were taken from Big Girls Are Sexy and She’s Got Big Boobs 3, respectively, and they were both very enjoyable.

Final Summation: Big Girls Are Sexy 2 tackles the big butt and big boob genres hard and the result is one of the finer films released by the New Sensations studio in recent memory. The girls are nice and thick; the camera work is amazing with upped production value that screams quality porn. Siri, as always, puts on an amazing performance, Julie Cash killed it, Alex was dynamite and Felicia helped to bring a great production to it’s energetic and sinfully sexy finish. Let’s not forget that this DVD comes with an array of bonus material, including a behind the scenes featurette as well as two bonus vignettes featuring some very lovely and vivacious starlets. I can see myself revisiting this DVD quite a bit, the replay value is definitely there, and overall I have to say that the film’s production is incredibly clean and sharp. It’s for all of these reasons that I award Big Girls Are Sexy 2 the coveted XCritic Pick rating; the cast, director and production team behind this one undoubtedly deserve it.



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