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Performers Of The Year 2013

  • Release date:
    December 21, 2012
  • Runtime:
    3h 30m
  • Cast:
    Eva Angelina|Lexi Belle|William H.|William Nutsack|Asa Akira|Jada Stevens|Allie Haze|Brooklyn Lee|Lily Carter|Holly Michaels|Skin Diamond|Remy Lacroix


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Performers of the Year 2013

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: William H. Nutsack

Cast: Jada Stevens, Mick Blue, Asa Akira, Erik Everhard, Skin Diamond, Ramon Nomar, Brooklyn Lee, Manuel Ferrara, Lexi Belle, James Deen, Lily Carter, Toni Ribas, Bill Bailey, Jon Jon, Alex Gonz; Allie Haze, Mr. Pete, Eva Angelina, Holly Michaels, Remy LaCroix (bonus scenes only)

Length: 209:55 minutes

Date of Production: 11/18/2012


Extras: The best related extra for me was the 7:04 minute Behind the Scenes feature, the bulk of material amounting to some minor clips from the making of the show. This was followed by 14:54 minutes of interview material, starting off with Skin Diamond, moving through Jada Stevens, Lexi Belle, Brooklyn Lee, and Asa Akira, but leaving out Lily Carter. The best extras in terms of stroke value would be the four bonus scenes described below from Cuties 2 (26:59 minutes), Evalutionary 2 (33:11 minutes), Big Wet Asses 21 (25:55 minutes), and Remy (33:20 minutes). The other extras included some spam, six trailers, and a photogallery; all extras on the second disc.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Performers of the Year 2013 was presented in a crisp 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as released by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel. The camera work by Nutsack was extremely well done, the ladies showcased near perfectly under plentiful lighting and editing by talented Robert Laplanc, and all of the technical aspects showed the kind of polish that is becoming increasingly rare these days. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English track was pretty basic with little separation or dynamic range yet I could hear the cast well enough in most cases. The music was handled by the company via Production Trax again, a wider variety of music provided during the tease sequences.

Body of Review: Elegant Angel is one of the best gonzo companies porn has ever seen, directors like William H. Nutsack helping make it stand out from a crowded pack. His latest work coming in for review is their yearly big budget gonzo release (as opposed to their feature), a title called Performers of the Year 2013. For those that have seen previous volumes in the flagship series, you will already know that Elegant serves a kingmaker role in the industry, virtually always selecting the best of the best to feature in their showcase efforts and high end series like this one and the ever popular “Big Wet Asses”. This time, the featured ladies included Brooklyn Lee, Asa Akira, Jada Stevens, Skin Diamond, Lexi Belle, and Lily Carter; a full second disc full of extras including four fine scenes fans have already shown great appreciation for. Say what you will but I knew this would be a seriously strokable fuck flick. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Jada Stevens, a curvy young brunette well known to Xcritic readers given her recent win in the fan choices, was up first to establish the formula for the other five scenes. She gave a brief interview before a splendid tease montage in her blue bikini, her trimmed snatch and bodacious butt as perfect as ever. The montage included some tease in front of an urban graffiti wall and the usual bank of windows, ending by the fireplace until it was over for her to pair off with Mick Blue in the white room. He fingered her and gobbled her gash, spending some time on her ass before she slobbed his knob with tremendous enthusiasm, the sloppy blowjob ending so they could vaginally bump uglies. As an admitted fan of Jada’s, I have to say that she seemed dead on here too, her vocals a bit overboard but otherwise looking like a million bucks as they pounded together with anal as the next act. Jada rubbed one out as Mick planked her, some limited oral leading to the eventual facial of genetic juice, Jada’s eye contact and energy levels making this a very strokable scene full of replay value. The company described the scene like this: “Jada Stevens... call her Buttwoman, call her the hottest brunette of the year, or just call her for a wet ride in the sack... whatever you call her, she's probably going to answer with a stare that hypnotizes you and gets a major response out of your cock! For this 30 minute scene, we call her one of our Performers of the Year 2013, and set her loose to have hardcore fun her way!”


Scene Two: Asa Akira, the sleek Asian bombshell up for all sorts of awards herself of late (eventually winning the AVN performer of the year among others), was up next with Erik Everhard. After her interview, she was teasing by the pool in her black lingerie, then by a white wall and in the house until it was over and Erik was stuffing his face between her awesome ass cheeks to eat her out. He serviced her front and back too, Asa appreciating just how skilled the top level male was at his job, Asa giving him a short hummer before they fucked like horny teenagers at prom. He had her against a wall and she got so turned on that she started screaming as she jumped up and down to ride his cock vaginally, the couple kissing and going full tilt as they explored various positions. Her eye contact was superb and this was one of her most active rides of a very large selection of fine performances, her anal acts just as skilled and heated as he pushed her over the edge into having yet another orgasm. When they finished fucking, he barely made it pulling out for Asa to grab hold of his pecker to drain his balls of population pudding, the sexy babe jerking him off all over her face and upper chest (Erik then going back down on her). The company described the scene like this: “Asa Akira has this way of acting like you're going to split her in half with the next stroke... possibly because she loves acrobatic sex, and a tiny bit of pain! Ask Erik... or just watch, as this flawless Asian nympho takes his cock in today's 29 minute release from Performers of the Year 2013. One tight, wet, hairless snatch gets exactly what it's been craving, and then Asa opens her ass for her real favorite: anal sex!”


Scene Three: Skin Diamond, an exotic and lean cutie with a slightly shaven head, was up next in red & black lingerie as she extolled the virtues of enjoying one’s career. While I prefer thicker ladies, she had proven to have the kind of passion in her scenes that puts her in the top tier of current performers too, the seductively slow tease giving her ample opportunity to make all new converts for those unfortunate enough to have missed out on seeing her to date. Skin’s all natural body was enticing and she had a sexual confidence that some of her peers lack, the beauty masturbating in front of a fireplace before the tease ended and she was getting orally molested by Ramon Nomar in the white room. He focused much of his initial foreplay on rimming her and fingering her perfect pucker, moving to to gobble her gash before she throated him with relative ease as she squatted in front of him. Her eye contact was in excellent form and the lady proved to be an oral powerhouse, her meaty labia soon wrapping around his cock to bounce hard in a standing vaginal fuck. Her ass cheeks rippled sweetly as they continued, the moans and screams enhancing her active nature as she continued to look at his eyes, some edited portions showing just how deep he was tapping into her. Before too long they started ass fucking too, slowing down at first to stretch her out but she kept the contact I admire and rode him just as hard with both taking short breaks for more oral on each other. They did go back to vaginal at times but it was clear that her sweet ass was a highlight of his month and she loved his cock burrowing deep inside her rectum, the doggy position finally draining his balls dry of spunk that was tossed off all over her face and into her open mouth (the edit cutting away before she could swallow). The company described the scene like this: “Skin Diamond never had any doubt she'd be one of our in-house picks for Performers of the Year for 2013... and Skin is one of those women who loves all the hardcore attention her sexy ways can bring her! We lined up a lot of cocks to woo and wow Skin's flawless ebony body in the past year, and she kept cumming back for more... and then topped it all off with this erotic and playful anal sex scene!”


Scene Four: Brooklyn Lee, the foxy redhead sported on the right side of the front cover, was up next in a camouflage bikini, her sexual comfort zone of interest during the interview but her opinion of what constitutes a “performance” of interest too. She looked leaner than ever here but her lips had that enhanced DSL look to them just as her thong crept up her all natural ass, the tease including some silhouetting and air machines blowing her hair in the shower to give her that allure so many fans like myself have adored about her. Of interest to some will be the flaming bush of pubic hair she had here, the gal pulling her bikini bottom up through her pussy to make my mouth water, the tease ending to find her on the black leather couch with Manuel Ferrara. Manuel used his hand to get her off early, Brooklyn rocking as her juicy pussy became sopping wet with her own juices, the hotty tasting his fingers as he fed her some of those juices but both of them kissing to establish even more chemistry between them. Manuel wanted her orally and took her as such, exciting her with his tongue on twat action as much as when he rimmed her. She then maneuvered to sit on his face so she could blow him, the gal then sliding over to toss his salad as a break from power sucking his turgid cock. The two of them were perfect for one another and I loved their interaction, both seeking to pleasure the other as much as possible which led to various positions of very active vaginal and then anal penetration positions. Their energy and enthusiasm to work together sealed the deal for me, making this one of the best scenes of the entire fuck flick as a result. Of special appeal was when her head went down and her ass was in the air, that sweet ass of hers begging for a pegging, Manuel just the guy to give it to her. By the time he launched his splooge all over her face, I felt as drained as they looked, her superior eye contact continuing as she slowly cleaned him off orally while she was on her knees. The company described the scene like this: “Brooklyn Lee is the kind of sex kitten who gives ''true redheads'' their irresistible reputations. In today's 35 minute scene, watch this nympho melt all over Manuel as he manhandles her into orgasmic submission. It's all part of Performers of the Year 2013, where we celebrate a few of the hardest working, wettest playing starlets on the Elegant Angel roster... and make sure they cum long and hard for their fans!”


Scene Five: Lexi Belle, another major award winning babe, was up next sporting some pink highlights in her hair as she provided a sense of girlish energy in her interview. She had a dark purple mesh top on and she spoke highly of her showcase movie for the company, the gal still showing her star is rising after all these years, her youth appeal and strength of sexual stamina alone making her a top tier performer. Once the interview was finished, she was out by the pool in her dark mesh outfit and matching panties, dropping her thong to reveal that incredible pussy and ass of hers just as her top came up to show off her pretty titties. The tease then moved to the house where she bounced around the stairs and such, ending up with one of her favorite guys to work with, James Deen. They kissed and pawed each other, his hand skillfully warming her up as she grasped for his cock, their mutual connection well established by this point in time given the strength of their previous scenes together for a variety of companies. Lexi dropped down to slowly suck him off with a lot of fun factor tease, the hummer leading to a burst of passion as they started vaginally plowing in a standing position as she held onto the staircase banister. While James might not have the longest or thickest cock in porn, heck, even in this movie he was on the small side, they looked compelled to bone with a lot of chemistry. She pushed back to meet his thrusts and the resulting strokability and replay value were as high as any of the other trysts, James rimming her and eating her pussy from behind to show his own degree of enthusiasm. The athletic and active riding was vaginal but certainly the perfect showcase for the couple to enjoy each other, the multitude of positions leading to her kneeling before him with her mouth open to take his baby batter with a fine ending. The company described the scene like this: “Lexi Belle remains one of our in-house picks for Performers of the Year in 2013, and scenes like this show you exactly why! Have you ever seen a more versatile nympho, with such a perfect face and body? There's no silly-cute stuff in this hardcore scene, however... get ready for 27 minutes of Lexi at her wettest, with position after position of her sweet cunt being railed by our guy!”


Scene Six: Lily Carter, the attractive young lady featured on the center of the front cover in a red dress, was up last but not least. My fellow reviewers at Xcritic, especially Sean, fell head over heels for her this past year and for good reason given her work including a solid showcase title and a leading role in what most seem to agree is the movie of the year. Unlike the other scenes here, this was a specially scene perhaps better suited for her showcase work in that it was a gangbang, reportedly her first on camera at this writing. The short interview led to her teasing in the modern living room, her perky little ass and gorgeous eyes complimenting all her wonderful physical features as she shook her moneymaker and other body parts in such a sexy fashion. Lily then masturbated briefly before ending up surrounded by guys such as Toni Ribas, Bill Bailey, Jon Jon, Alex Gonz, Erik Everhard, James Deen, and Ramon Nomar, the dudes assisting her with the removal of her attire before pawing her and otherwise warming her up. Erik gobbled her gash and she took turns blowing some of the others, jerking still others off as the guys positioned themselves to get some of her attentions. This led to her getting fucked by the men, vaginally at first though the anal and double variations did not take too long to be included either. Lily always provided a lot of oral love to the men too, savoring the taste of penis regardless of size, color, or state of readiness, but to me it seemed that she always preferred a good stiff cock in her pussy or ass, even when she was airtight. The double anal and double pussy were the most limiting of acts from what I could tell though since she lacked the range to be nearly as active; the flip side being just how surprising it was to see her stretched out so far given the bulk of her career being so relatively tame by comparison. In the end, she knelt before them so they could unleash their seed all over her face, open mouth, and upper torso, the circus act sex nature of the tryst holding it back for me compared to the sheer chemistry and energy of the other scenes but showing she could push her limits quite a bit when called upon to work for ball batter glazing. The company described the scene like this: “Lily Carter has done a lot of scenes for us, and we've learned that if there's one thing she loves most, it's getting covered in cumshots. Well, Jon Jon and Erik Everhard might only be two guys, but they've got enough sperm to blast this brunette beauty and call it a Bukkake moment... just watch and see! This is a 37 minute scene from Performers of the Year 2013, and Lily's here to do everything their cocks want from her...”


Bonus Scene: Cuties 2: Allie Haze, Mr. Pete: Allie Haze, one of the absolute cutest young ladies to grace porn in years, was up next with Mr. Pete, her coy way of showing her sexual desires such that it disproved the adage that newcomers are typically poor performers. She described her beliefs and then set out to prove herself, almost providing a dynamic of a college coed going through her experimental phase in the scene. He warmed her up orally and she went to town blowing him, smothering her face in his testicles and allowing streamers to tie them together with Pete getting rough (choking) as the heat between them grew. It looked like she got off at least once here, Pete pulling his pud to unload a wad of spunk all over her torso. The company website described the scene like this: “Allie Haze is gorgeous and horny for this fast-paced 16 minute hardcore scene. After the oral sex she and Mr. Pete exchange to warm each other up, this petite brunette beauty milks Pete's dick with her sexy pussy for the remainder of the runtime. The gorgeous little sex kitten gets sweatier and glows more the longer she gets fucked, until Pete can't stand it anymore and has to cum in Allie's pussy!” 26:59 minutes


Bonus Scene: Evalutionary 2: Eva Angelina, Ramon Nomar: Eva Angelina, next up in her cover mesh outfit, then provided some tease in the shadows, her look of defiance as she teased in a variety of settings (during the montage) making it clear she was out to turn folks on. The tease over, she was in a contemporary living room where Ramon Nomar ate her shaven snatch and ass, some active standing vaginal penetration leading to Eva giving a wonderful blowjob as she diddled herself silly. The messy hummer led to more penetration that included both vaginal and anal, the grudge fuck elements obvious as the pair went at it with perhaps a bit less chemistry than other scenes but a solid performance all the same. Eva seemed to appreciate his cock in her ass pounding away, her vocalization such that it left little doubt she got off, the rougher aspects of choking keeping things interesting the ending round of genetic juice plastering her eye and face before she slobbed his knob clean. 33:11 minutes


Bonus Scene: Big Wet Asses 21: Holly Michaels, Manuel Ferrara: Yeah!! It's Holly time, it's always nice to see her in action, and this girl knows how to move and shake her body for the camera. Soon enough we have a big wet ass front and center of the camera. Manuel is up again, and he goes right to her pussy, fingering and then lets his mouth get a tatse of it. But he makes sure and gives her ass a little taste of what is it come. His magic fingers get her all nice and wet inside, and perhaps even cause a little squirting action. She is also another lady who has some energy in her work, and just take a look at her oral work, jerking him off, while also gagging and spitting on it, see that and try not to tell me she doesn’t enjoy her work. And she is also knows what he likes, so the balls and his ass, get some love from Holly too. She slides forward and ends up on his cock, as she shakes and grinds her hips on his cock, and then flips around and slides him inside her ass, while she goes wild on her pussy with her fingers. She bends over for the camera, as more oil is applied, and then jiggles it even more for the camera and him to enjoy. He shoves the bottle in her ass, and she gives out a few giggles as she squirts it out her ass. Now that she is plenty wet inside, he slides back in her ass and stays there until he cums on her face and mouth. (review by Sean DPS) 25:55 minutes


Bonus Scene: Remy: Remy LaCroix, Manuel Ferrara: Another interview, as she talks about her past, and her sexual turn-ons. Remy dressed up in a corset, boots, black g-string, which is soon off, as she is showing off her butt to the camera. As the camera zooms in and we get a look of those eyes, which you can easily get lost in. Elegant and Mason, know how to shoot tease footage, may I present the next few moments as she is on all fours crawling around the room. Manuel pops into frame, and you immediately know this is going to be a great scene. I almost feel like I don't need to say more about this scene. Ladies love him, and he loves them, always equals a great scene. It's not too long until she is short of breath and very wet from him just fingering her pussy. He leans her up against the pole, slaps her ass, as she grinds up against his crotch. He falls to the ground and she sits on his face, trying her best to smother him with her ass. He flips her over and gets a face full of her pussy, as she begs for his cock, and she gets what she wants pretty quickly. She swallows him and even though he tells her not to stop, she has to come up for air every once in awhile. They make their way back to the pole, as he slides inside her, and then they head over the couch for some spoon action, slow at first, but speeds up quickly. After making a slight adjustment, he slides inside her ass, as she slowly takes him inside, the look on her face says it all. She teases him as she ends up on top and slowly slides his cock in and out of her pussy, and I agree with Manuel as he really seems to like it. And the tease doesn't stop there, she jerks him off just until he is about to cum, then bends over and tells him to stick it back in her ass, which seems to be more open and ready for it this time. He pulls out and cums on her face, but before the scene ends, he shoves back inside her and makes sure she cums again before the scene ends. And that is just one of the reason, the ladies love him. (review by Sean DPS) 33:20 minutes

Summary: Performers of the Year 2013 by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel may have come out right around the recent holidays but for many it will be the first salvo for next year’s awards, the sheer chemistry and energy of most scenes enhancing the production to new heights, the wealth of superb extras adding a ton of fuck for the buck, and the casting on both sides of the gender coin earning this one a rating of Xcritic Pick. Brooklyn Lee was on fire, Lexi Belle was amazing, Jada Stevens gave a tremendous performance, and the others were right up there playing to their relative strengths so with the solid production values, this was sure to be a collector’s dream set of scenes. In short, Performers of the Year 2013 had everything a double disc offering should have to silence the competition and raise the bar, a wealth of beautiful ladies that are all recognized as the best in the jizz biz, fine production values, great extras, and the smoking hot action I have come to expect from Elegant when Nutsack is in charge so pick up a copy if you haven’t already, you won’t be sorry.


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