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Digital Pleasure with Brooke Hunter

  • Release date:
    August 20, 2003
  • Cast:
    Brooke Hunter

Digital Pleasure With…Brooke Hunter

Don Goo Enterprises

Genre: Virtual Sex

Director: Andrew Drake

Cast: Brooke Hunter, Don Hollywood

Length: ??? minutes

Date of Production: 8/1/03

Extra's: photogallery, credits

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The camera work was done to minimize the male in the shots and had a black background to enhance the fantasy. It wasn't bad with decent lighting, accurate fleshtones, and only a few moments where the focus was a bit softer than usual. I thought there were a couple of moments of motion artifacts but as I checked each angle, I didn't think it was too bothersome. The audio was presented in stereo English with minimal, if any, separation between the channels. Once the music stopped, the audio was a bit mixed in my opinion since some scenes were way too low on the vocals. Otherwise, the vocals were clear though with no distortion noticed during repeated viewings.

Review: Those of you who've watched a virtual sex simulator know that they generally follow certain guidelines and are sort of like a videogame where you get to control the actions of a nude gal. In the case of Digital Pleasure With Brooke Hunter, I got to see the curvy blonde in action like never before as she performed a host of different sexual activities. For those who are unfamiliar with the gal, she is married to a gentleman known in the porn world as Don Hollywood (although a lawyer, he seems genuinely pleasant), and has made a number of porno's over the years. She seems to like having sex on camera and while she's not exactly a kid any more, she is yet another gal that proves the adage about experience being better than youth. I can tell you straight up that she has never let me down in a scene although some directors have seemingly done their best to do so for reasons unknown.

In any case, Brooke and her husband made this virtual sex simulator with novice director Andrew Drake (a take off on the popular Andrew Blake, no doubt) at the helm. While the recognized expert in providing virtual sex simulators is New Sensation/Digital Sin, makers of the wonderfully cool My Plaything Jenna Jameson 2, other companies have started up similar lines and should not be overlooked when planning a purchase. For the most part, they all rely on various short loops that are all connected and the major difference is with the performer starring in them. Don Goo Enterprises is not exactly going to set the world afire with this particular dvd but fans of Brooke Hunter would probably not get another chance like this if not for the company so for that alone, fans should be thankful. Perhaps in future volumes, the company will improve its technology to the point where they can compete on a toe-to-toe basis. In their favor, Don Goo Enterprises have a simplified enough menu system that access times, long a problem with similar series elsewhere, are minimal, with virtually no hang time between choices you select.

Okay, here's how it works; you play the DVD and choose what type of action you want to see (see list below). You'll get to pick between Brooke acting nice, where she uses pleasant talk or naughty, where she talks slutty and dominating, while you watch the loops. During the Foreplay and Sex options, you can even pick from when the couple will have an orgasm. The down side, like in virtually all such series (sorry for the pun), is that the male orgasm is a computer generated popshot, not a real ejaculation. Personally, I'd rather forego the male orgasm than see the fake one and have said so in the past.. As with other releases, if you don't select another type of action, the loop will play over and over again until you do. For those who like seeing close-ups, the second angle on each shot appears to be a close-up of the action, filmed at the same time. Here's a quick breakdown of the types of action you can control:

Breasts, Ass, Pussy

Dildo, Vibrator, Finger

Vibrator, Finger, Tongue

Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Blowjob

Summary: I have mixed reactions to these virtual sex simulators since they are all too limited in what they include. I know some fans really want anal sex in them, many fans want only real orgasms, and still others want to see only their own favorite stars in them. I'd like to see some variety in the sex actions myself since they are so boilerplate these days; perhaps showing other positions and then using camera tricks to "erase" the guy if need be. In any case, I've seen this series from Don Goo at reasonable prices, especially compared to those from other companies, so if you aren't sure whether you'd like it or not, Rent It first before deciding if it's for you. Fans of Brooke will likely want to buy a copy but keep in mind that the cover picture of her was certainly not the best I've seen this attractive blonde look.

Note to Don Goo Enterprises: In the future, keep in mind that a good cover moves product, unique features reaffirm a good buy and long-term porn consumers trust people like Jeff Krull, the listed Executive Producer, to provide all of this at a good price.


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