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Ultimate Briana Banks

  • Release date:
    November 19, 2002
  • Cast:
    Jenna Jameson|Chandler|Taylor Hayes|Briana Banks|Kira Kener|Dasha|Raylene|Chelsea Sinclaire|Cassandra|Cheyenne Silver

The DVD:

The Ultimate Briana Banks, presented by Vivid DVD doesn't purport
to be something that it isn't.  What it is: a compilation disc featuring
eleven different scenes from Briana Banks' career.  What it isn't: a DVD
featuring a plot, acting, or impressive camera work.  For an in-depth look
at the scenes, read on.


Scene Selection:  A nice animated menu featuring the eleven scenes of
the main feature split into two different screens.

Main Feature:  It's no secret that this DVD is just a compilation of
various Briana Banks scenes from various movies throughout her career.  It
starts out with Chapter 1 which features multiple scenes of Briana sucking and
and receiving anal sex on the stairs while two other couples go at it on the
first floor.  At 17 minutes long, this scene pretty much features all the
guy-girl action you would want.  Chapter 2 is 10 minutes long and features
another guy-girl scene with just Briana and some guy on a couch.  Chapter 3
(13 minutes) features a beautiful Briana with two guys on a kitchen
counter.  What's nice about this chapter, is that it features Briana in her
pre-boob job days looking gorgeous.  I for the life of me cannot figure out
why she decided to get a breast enhancement as she already had an ample figure
and looked damn good.

Chapter 4 appears to be another scene from the same
movie as Chapter 1 (a shame that they are basically just recycling
movies).  It features Briana working on the two guys who were previously
occupied with two girls who now pleasure each other.  The scene is 16
minutes long.  At 11 minutes long, Chapter 5 features another single guy,
single girl scene with all the various positions being utilized.  Chapter 6
then switches gears into an all-girl orgy.  The scene is 14 minutes long
and most likely from one of Vivid's Where the Boys Aren't DVDs. 
Using quite a few dildoes, the scene seems to drag on and on, but is a nice
switch from the girl-guy scenes.  Chapter 7 (8 minutes) features Briana
with another girl and a guy.  The two girls just switch off with the guy
and also work on each other.

Probably the best chapter on the disc (in my
opinion), Chapter 8 has Briana with another girl - for 12 minutes.  Briana
starts the pleasurement and they then switch positions halfway through.  A
very nice scene.  Chapter 9 continues on the girl-guy theme with 8 minutes
of solo sex.  Again, we get some anal sex (which almost all the other
scenes include), as we are made well aware of the fact that Briana must really
enjoy it.  Chapter 10 (7 minutes) - see description for Chapter 9 - guy,
girl, different location.  Chapter 11 concludes the disc with a scene from
one of the many Where the Boys Aren't (I've seen this one, whereas the
first one was a guess).  This long, 24 minute scene, features Briana in
there somewhere amongst quite a few other girls.  Nice lesbian action, but
not very much of Briana Banks.

Multi Angle Mania:  This feature appears to just be an extra feature
they throw on the "Ultimate" discs to showcase some other sort of
discs by DVD.  It features a single girl giving a blowjob to a guy with
four different angles.  Quite surprisingly, it's not Briana here, but just
some random girl.  Nothing too special really.

Amazing Anal:  This feature just has two different scenes with anal
action - one from John Friendly's Big and Small 3 and one from In Cold
.  Nothing special - as you can see the "star" in quite
a few of her own anal scenes in the main feature.

Photo Gallery:  Features 12 different pictures that are panned across
over 2 minutes.  A lame feature of any disc in my opinion.

Previews:  Here you get previews for 4 other Vivid DVDs: Free Janine,
If You Only Knew, Young Celeste,
and Chatter Box.  It's a bit of
free porn, but advertisements nonetheless.

One the Set: A behind the scenes look at Perfect Couple - one of
Vivid's other DVDs.  This 17 minute look at the making of a porn DVD is
interesting, but nothing too special.  You basically just have a guy with a
camera between you and the action now, rather than an unobstructed view. 
It's interesting to see them telling the "actors" what to do, but
that's about the only upside of this feature.

Sexy Talk: Advertisements for phone sex lines.  How thoughtful - in case
you needed to talk to someone after viewing the DVD.

The Web:  Another quick little ad - but this time instead of phone sex,
they're trying to get you to sign up for their website.


Presented in the porn-standard of 1.33:1, the video is anything but
spectacular.  Since the whole DVD is a rehashing of old Briana Banks clips,
these clips show grain and some imperfections, but overall, they're generally
watchable.  Also, note that "Multi Angle Mania" is the only part
of this DVD that features multiple angles.  Most Vivid DVDs feature
multiple angles at various points throughout the DVD, but this one does
not.  None of the scenes from the Main Feature are multi-angle.


The sound here is in 2.0 stereo and nothing special.  The Briana Banks
scenes are all dated and have no surround (even if they did, it seems as if all
special fetures were left off of the main part of this disc).


 If you're a fan of Briana Banks and don't already have these scenes at
your disposal, this DVD is for you.  It features a nice mix of various
Briana Banks looks (both pre and post boob job) and positions (male/female,
male/female/female, all female).  There's no plot - just hardcore action
starring Briana Banks.  It shouldn't be a hard decision whether or not you
should buy this DVD.  If you like Briana, get it.  If not, don't.



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