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Hollywood Orgies: Briana Banks

  • Release date:
    May 13, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 15m
  • Cast:
    Kaitlyn Ashley|Jenna Jameson|Taylor Hayes|Dee|Chloe Dior|Briana Banks|Mary Carey|Kira Kener|Dasha|Dayton Rains|Michele Raven|Raylene|Chelsea Sinclaire|Kelsey|Vixxen|Kody|Cherie|Cheyenne Silver|Darla Crane|Rasha Romana|Mia Dumore

Hollywood Orgies: Briana Banks


Genre: Orgies, Compilation, Briana Banks

Director: Varied by scene

Cast: Briana Banks, Darla Crane, Rafe, Jenna Jameson, Taylor Hayes, Raylene, Cherie, Tony Tedeschi, Kelsey, Michael J. Cox, Cheyenne Silver, Dee, Anton Michael, Michele Raven, Dillion Day, Pat Myne, Chloe Dior, Chelsea Sinclaire, Dayton, Dascha, Kira Kener, Rasha Romano, Kaitlyn Ashley, Vixxxen, Jay Ashley, Max Steiner

Length: 131.5 minutes

Date of Production: 4/03 (the compilation itself)

Extra's: trailers, photogallery, 3 unrelated bonus scenes, behind the scenes feature for Chatterbox, spam, double sided dvd cover

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame, as expected. The color was generally accurate although in many of the scenes there was too much grain and some weaker moments due to lighting issues. Otherwise, the picture wasn't all that bad. The audio was about average with stereo English with minimal channel separation the norm here. In all, you could hear what was said and the music wasn't as loud as some recent Vivid features have had.

Review: Compilations can be very tricky to get right and Vivid has done a number of good ones over the years. Another adult genre that is difficult to get right is the orgy scene. More often than not, directors stumble either at the helm of the production or in the editing bay as they usually feel the need to show tidbits of lots of pairings at the expense of the overall mood. In the latest compilation by Vivid, Hollywood Orgies: Briana Banks, I was expecting to see large scale orgies with Briana as the centerpiece and some super hot action. In setting myself up for such a feature, I should've known I'd be smacked down pretty quick.

When I think of an orgy, I think a minimum of 5 people per scene, anything less is either a ménage a tois or couple swapping in my book. When I took a look at the compilation, I noticed that most of the scenes were actually just three people which bummed me out a lot. It got worse when I noticed that the last scene didn't even have Briana in it (nor did the bonus scenes). Even worse, I had just reviewed a number of the movies the scenes came from so there was very little new to me here. Several of the movies the scenes came from were: Bankable, Where The Boys Aren't 15, Heartbreaker, Shape Of Sin, and Vixen, all of which had some hot moments. There was some anal but most of the sex was oral and straight with few kinks aside from a couple of lesbian scenes. The scenes with men all used condoms but most people that like Vivid or their contract performers know that already. Rather than give you a splooge by splooge accounting of the scenes, keep in mind that if you've seen one Briana scene with Vivid and like it, you'll probably like the rest of them (she's quite a hotty).

If you own a few of them, you'll want to pass this compilation up and get the rest of the titles but those who haven't seen the movies, and only really liked Briana in the first place, will find this compilation a pretty good value. I suppose the best way to rate this is to go middle of the road as I liked a number of the scenes and you do get over 2 hours of them for the price of a compilation. As such, I give this one a Recommended, even though by my definition this one lacked many true orgies.



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