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Ten Little Piggies

  • Release date:
    May 27, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 17m
  • Cast:
    Claudio Meloni|Manuel Ferrara|Elizabeth|Brandon Iron|Michael Stefano|Monica Sweetheart|Lisa|Layla Rivera|Trinity|Luisa de Marco|Leony|Lana Cox|Peter Rain|Spring|Cynthia Cruz

Ten Little Piggies

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: Foot Fetish

Director/Producer/Writer/Editor: Brandon Iron

Cast: Monica Sweetheart, Layla Rivera, Michael Stefano, Manuel Ferrara, Luisa De Marco, Leony, Claudio Meloni, Peter Rain, Spring, Trinity, Lana Coxx, Brandon Iron, Cynthia Cruz, Lisa, Elizabeth

Length: 137 minutes

Date of Production: 12/7/02 through 4/10/03

Extra's: Behind the Scenes, Bonus footage, photo shoot, photogalleries, tease section, cumshot recap, Felicia Fox getting a pedicure short, Melissa vs. Bubble Wrap short, trailers

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. It looked much like some of Brandon's work for Red Light District, which is a compliment in the Gonzo field as they are the top of the heap right now in this area. There were a few moments where the lighting wasn't quite optimal and a few compression artifacts popped up but most of the time-very well done. The sound was presented in stereo with no noticeable separation between the channels. It was clear though and that's the important thing (except for scene two).

Body of Review: Brandon Iron is known far and wide for his hardcore approach to shooting, and performing, in sex scenes. He likes showing women pushing their limits, be it anally, orally, or whatever fetish action strikes his fancy of the moment. In Ten Little Piggies, Brandon shows what every foot fetish lover really wants to see, plenty of hardcore action mixed in with foot play. The women are generally good looking too so that's a big plus. There aren't a bunch of condoms being used and the action is pretty hot so here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Monica and Layla took on Michael and Manuel after warming each other up. The gals, Monica in particular, looked good enough to eat. Oral and footplay with straight and anal were the norm here. Monica's anal was hot and Layla taking some ATM was kind of nasty but no swallowing here. Very warm.

Scene Two: Luisa and Leony took on Claudio and Peter in their usual Eurobabe style. Not as hot as the first scene, the fake moaning distorted the sound a lot, but pretty decent action with some anal.

Scene Three: Spring and Trinity, both with awesome looking eyes and hot bodies, took on Manuel on a couch. Besides the anal, straight and oral, there seemed to be more than average ATM. As usual, there was a lot of foot fetish stuff going on. Very warm scene.

Scene Four: Lana, a blonde with a lean and tight body, walked down the street in full porno-babe clothing and Brandon picks her up. They then go back to his place for a scene on a couch. There was no anal this time but the action was at least as good as the other scenes without it and still included plenty of foot fetish material.

Scene Five: Cynthia, Lisa, and Elizabeth had a scene with Claudio on a large couch. Oral, straight, anal, and again, plenty of foot action. An okay scene with some good moments but the women didn't seem as intense in this scene. The women did more of the foot stuff here though.

Summary: Brandon releases a winner this time. Even if you aren't into the foot stuff, the action is good enough to rate highly. The rough edges may need some polishing but overall, for a foot play lover, this should be rated Highly Recommended. Brandon joins Jim Holliday (of VCA fame) in giving fans what they want in terms of foot fetish action and I can only wonder how he'll top this one.



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