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Boundaries 8

  • Release date:
    August 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 45m
  • Cast:
    Julia Ann|Dana DeArmond|Penny Pax|Charlotte Stokely|Kimberly Kane|Aiden Starr|Asphyxia Noir|Mandy Morbid

Genre: Lesbian Vignettes

Director: Kimberly Kane

Cast: Julia Ann, Kimberly Kane, Dana Dearmond, Charlotte Stokely, Penny Pax, Aiden Starr, Asphyxia Noir, Mandy Morbid

Length: 106 minutes

Date of Production: 5/24/2013

Extras: There is a Behind the Scenes segment, a nice looking photo gallery, and trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very  good. This film is shot in High Definition.

Overview: Boundaries 8 is a film by director/performer Kimberly Kane and the studio Triangle Films. In this eight installment, Kimberly takes us into an imaginary experience where Charlotte Stokely gets to fuck and suck her own self as portrayed by Julia Ann. A nurse-patient relationship is taken to a more fulfilled and intimate level by Aspyxia Noir and Mandy Morbid.

Julia Ann, Charlotte Stokely (courtesy of Triangle Films)

Julia Ann, Charlotte Stokely

Scene One: Charlotte Stokely is writing down her thoughts about how she would want her body to look like and also her sexual demeanor for the future. When a future form of her appears in the body of Julia Ann, Charlotte gets very turned on. She really loves her big tits. It is pretty cool imaging someone making love to herself. The heat level rises when Julia Ann starts to focus on Charlotte's ass, snatch, and the, her pussy. The blonde beauty spits on her younger form's pussy and manually and orally pleasures it. It is quite exciting watching Charlotte's reactions to her oral massage. She shakes and gets off a lot. The fingerfucking and clit rubbing activities create another round of orgasmic thrill for Charlotte. Next, Charlotte is very driven in eating pussy. Her horniness really shows when she sucks Julia Ann's toes. The sex intensifies after Julia Ann applies some rough stuff on the woman. She grabs her hair and moves her around on the floor while Charlotte is on her hands and knees. Then, Julia Ann fingers and squeezes the woman's pussy pretty hard. later, Charlotte is shaking like crazy while the woman sucks her pussy from underneath and then, behind her. Charlotte continues to moan like crazy while Julia Ann rubs her womanhood.

Aiden Starr, Penny Pax (courtesy of Triangle Films) 

Penny Pax, Aiden Starr

Scene Two: Aiden Starr is recording Penny Pax who is on the bed. Later, she whips the young girl with a green flogger as Penny lays on her stomach. Meanwhile, Penny has a butt plug in her asshole. The scene becomes exciting and appealing when Aiden applies a vibrator on the woman's pussy. Penny grabs onto the bed spread tightly as she moans. Later, Aiden's pussy is on top of her girl's mouth so that Penny can taste her delicious sweetness. Moments later, Aiden uses the electronic vibrator to stimulate Penny's pussy. Then, Aiden is wearing a strap-on and Penny sucks it. Later, Penny's mouth is gagged as Aiden doggies her. She fucks that pussy with a steady rhythm and later, stretches it widely with her fingers. This intense and exciting scene is super hot. It ends with Penny applying the vibrator on her own clit while Aiden fucks her missionary style.

Mandy Morbid, Asphyxia Noir (courtesy of Triangle Films)

Mandy Morbid, Asphyxia Noir

Scene Three: Asphyxia Noir pushes Mandy Morbid in a wheelchair. Moments later, they are kissing in a sweet manner. The tone feels personal. Both ladies have very good chemistry. I really enjoyed the tender pussy licking and sucking by Asphyxia. The atmosphere heats up a bit when the nurse rubs Mandy's pussy. Asphyxia positions her head underneath her pretty patient's crotch so that she can suck on her passion fruit. Afterwards, Mandy fingerfucks and sucks the woman's juicebox a while as Asphyxia gets turned on by it. Later on, we see some tribbing activity as their tender performance comes to a close.

Dana Dearmond, Kimberly Kane (courtesy of Triangle Films)

Kimberly Kane, Dana Dearmond

Scene Four: Kimberly Kane is recording Dana Dearmond while both of them are on the bed. They use their feet for some foreplay action. First, Kimberly sticks her feet into Dana's bra type top and fondles her tits. Then, Dana places her feet on the woman's panty-covered pussy and rubs it. A personal mood permeates as Dana sucks the photog's toes. Dana really gets turned on when Kimberly rubs her feet on Dana's boobs and nipples. Later, Kimberly focuses on licking the woman's pussy. Soon, Dana applies a boobie and nipple rub on Kimberly with her feet. I enjoyed the close-up shots of Dana sucking on the lady's appealing sexual mound. She really gets it wet. This scene has a lot of foot fetish moments. We gets some tribbing activity by them. Later on, some very hot dildo fucking activity occurs between the ladies. Dana does a good job in sucking that piece of sexual pleasure and Kimberly's very suckable toes. Throughout this scene, I enjoyed Dana's look.

Final Thoughts: This all-girl flick provides a very good mixture of eroticism, fem-dom activity, heated passion, and intense fun. The most intensive performance is the no holds barred performance by Kimberly Kane and Dana Dearmond. I really enjoyed the unusual circumstance and exciting treat of seeing Julia Ann and Charlotte Stokely together. Asphyxia Noir and Mandy Morbid are very erotically cute together while Aiden Starr is kind of rough with Penny Pax. When you bring all of these different types of sexual pleasure in one film, you end up with a highly recommended treat.


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