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Facial Overload 3

  • Release date:
    September 12, 2013
  • Runtime:
    5h 0m
  • Cast:
    Jonni Darkko|Capri Cavalli|Pressley Hart|Veruca James|Bonnie Rotten

Category: Gonzo/Cumshots/Blowjob


Cast: Bonnie Rotten/Remy Lacroix/Gigi Loren/Presley Hart/Kleio/Dillon Harper/Gabriella Paltrova/Evi Fox/Capri Cavanni/Veruca James/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko

Director: Jonni Darkko

Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 9/12/2013

Runtime: 300 Mins

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Scene 1:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Bonnie Rotten/Winston Burbank/Jonni Darkko
*Scene To Remember*

Tease/Hitachi Play/Squirting/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Facefucking/69

*Facial #1 (Massive Volume)    *Facial #2 (High Volume)
The premiere scene in Jonni Darkko's 'Facial Overload 3' begins with a spit-filled, hand gagging masturbation sesh from the one and only Bonnie Rotten. After some brief hitachi play from Bonnie, she releases a massive squirt, and looks into the camera saying, "I want my sloppy whore mouth fucked." If that isn't a fantastic introducton into this movie, I really don't know what is. The bj eventually begins in a POV format to kick things off, with Bonnie being her unbelievably gorgeous self, hypnotizing the home viewers as she gives some massive cock chokes and sloppy deepthroats. Dirty talk is also extremely prevalent throughout this introductory dicksuck, making for an even better viewing than it already is. The facefucking is awesome in this scene and in the middle stages Bonnie even launches off a massive squirt that fires directly back into her own face, unbelievable. Bonnie is mezmerizing. The scene consists of two slop-emphasised blowjobs and two massive jizzsquirts over Bonnie's beautiful face, but there is so much more. Bonnie does her thing in this scene; if you already love her, you'll love her more and if you don't love her yet, you will after this. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Bonnie Rotten is fucking amazing in every sense of the word. Great scene.
Scene 2:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Evi Fox/Winston Burbank
Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Facial (High Volume)
Next up for a facial overload is super hottie Evi Fox, who has a very genuine excitement for the scene in the early stages and carries that energy into the scene for another awesome bj effort. The sloppiness and intensity is positively tamed down from the last scene, but Evi is still quite appeasing to a perverts eye. Most of the scene is a very tease-inspired blow/hand/tit job that will have the viewers riled up into a blue-ball frenzy, I can only imagine what Winston Burbank is feeling throughout. The scene ultimately has some longer moments than the last one, but it definitely serves the purpose it set out for, which is a pretty sizable facial painted onto gorgeous Evi's face in the closing moments. Pretty good scene, dragged toward the middle stages for me though.
Scene 3:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gabriella Paltrova/Winston Burbank
Tease/Blowjob/Female Masturbation/Tit Fucking/Facial (Massive Volume)
Fun sized Gabi Paltrova enters view for the next scene, teasing the camera quite well, while even giving some jerk encouragement to keep the viewers honest. Gabriella looks so fucking good here, drooling and slobbering before Winston's dick even goes in her mouth, and ultimately gives a solid blowjob that lends us more facefucking than most scenes in the film. By the end of it all, we even see Gabi getting rough with Winston by giving him some cock-swats, and ultimately being the prime recipient of a streaming jizz slathering facial. Nice scene here, the cumshot was humongous even by Winston Burbank standards.
Scene 4:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kleio/Winston Burbank
Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Facial (Massive Volume)
We welcome porn beauty Kleio to the film in the next scene, kicking things of with a super sensual blowie that stays in that vane for the entire scene, and has some pretty decent tease stuff laced throughout as well. I wouldn't say that the slowness takes away from the scene in any way, but it does deviate from most of the other scenes I've watched so far; but I think that could be viewed as a positive since it does provide some versatility into a very generalized film. Eventually, another ball-draining facial serves as the scene's finale as we get a couple final looks at Kleio before the screen fades. Pretty good, but nothing that's knocking me out of my beat-off chair like I've seen from Darkko in the recent past, but it's too early in this double disc feature to judge just yet.

Scene 5:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Capri Cavanni/Winston Burbank
Tease/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Facial (High Volume)
The fifth scene in the film starts as we get a tiny tease sequence from porno superstar Capri Cavanni that leads into a pretty energetic blow-j given again to Cardi B. Capri has a nice intensity through the scene, even giving some decent deepthroats by scene's end, but in the finishing moments Capri looks to be a little angered with having Winston's jizzload slathered over her face. It kind of took away from anything the scene had that was really great, but I suppose it may cause a chuckle in some. Overall this scene wasn't bad, the facial was probably the worst yet, but still pretty good.
Insert Disc two
Insert Disc 2
Scene 6:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Veruca James/Winston Burbank
Tease/Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Deepthroating/Female Masturbation/Facial (High Volume)
The beautiful Veruca James encapsulates our view for the next scene, and after a tiny tease sequence the blowing begins. Veruca gives some great dirty talk through the scene, along with some pretty nice deepthroats while staring up into the camera. Next to Bonnie and Remy, this was probably my third favorite scene of the film. Veruca gives an all-star dick chugging effort before getting lazered with jizz in the final moments. Sweet!
Scene 7:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gigi Loren/Winston Burbank
Tease/Blowjob/Light Facefucking/Female Masturbation/Facial (Massive Volume)
Gigi Loren is next up for a facial overload, and kicks the scene off with another short tease, while giving some over the shoulder cocksucks to an already groaning Winston Burbank. Some nice sensual action from Gigi through this scene, progressing into a mildly dirtier version of itself as it moves forward. Another spunk-splattering serves as the conclusion, with a "spunky" Gigi saying her goodbyes in the final moments. Nice scene here, had a lot of strong characteristics and Gigi is a doll.
Scene 8:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Presley Hart/Winston Burbank
Tease/Blowjob/Facial (High Volume)
Next up is Presley Hart; Presley opens the scene looking outstanding as always, giving a tease that leads into a nice cock-teasing blowie. A variety of positions are used throughout, as Presley constantly teases Winston's meat sword while taking short breaks to give some hard sucks to our struggling pal. Presley's demeanor through the scene is what really makes this scene a great one, seeming to find great enjoyment out of teasing the hell out of her stunt cock. Presley receives her reward well in the closing stages, and the scene closes out after we see her covered in Winston's boy sauce. Nice scene here.
Scene 9:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Remy Lacroix/Winston Burbank
Tease/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Facial (Massive Volume)
For the ninth scene in this cum-glazing collection of blowjobs we see Remy Lacroix preparing us for the scene that awaits. This scene definitely has the best tease elements, as things take a little longer develop while Remy "inspires" the home viewers before takings her stunt cock balls-deep down her gorgeous throat. Fantastic efforts from Remy throughout this outstanding scene, definitely one of the best scenes in the film, ultimately capping off with what might be the largest facial of the movie before Remy gives a couple extra cum-covered, eye-watering deepthroats to cap it off. Perfect. This scene was epic. Remy is the bomb.
Scene 10:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dillon Harper/Winston Burbank
Tease/Female Masturbation/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Facial (High Volume)
Last, but certainly not least is super-cutie Dillon Harper who gives a good tease to open the scene that continues into a playful throatjob that has me worked up into a frenzy just watching. Fantastic action throughout the scene, as it has qualities that range on the sloppier side of the other girls showcased in the film. Another jizz throwing facial serves as the movie's ending, and it was a great one to end this out. Dillon was great.
Another fantastically shot blowjob film from the king of the genre Jonni Darkko, with his trusty sidekick Winston doing most of the grunt work. Winston Burbank is a name that is synonymous with monster cumshots at this point and this film is a testament as to why. Where did this guy come from? Well he's been around for a while now, but his recent performances definitely make a case for him being one of the most legendary jizz lobbers in recent memory. The girls in this film were great as well for the most part, with Bonnie Rotten again stealing the show as it seems that she does in every film nowadays, and Remy Lacroix giving an extremely intense blowie and handling what looked to be the most colossal cumload of the film. Blowjob fans are probably well aware of Darkko being the main provider of this type of content, so my high recommendation of this film is pretty obvious, but if you're living under a rock somewhere and haven't already learned that, buy this movie and you'll figure it out quickly. Sweet!


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