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Anal Required

  • Release date:
    August 7, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 56m
  • Cast:
    Francesca Le|Mark Wood|Asphyxia|Jessie Volt|Sheena Shaw|Bonnie Rotten

Anal Required

Evil Angel/Buttman Magazine/LeWood Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Francesca Le and Mark Wood

Cast: Bonnie Rotten, Mark Wood, Jessie Volt, Sheena Shaw, Will Powers, Asphyxia Noir, Savannah Fox, Chris Strokes; Phoenix Marie (bonus scene only)

Length: 176:31 minutes

Date of Production: 2013

Extras: The best extra was clearly the 41:03 minute long bonus scene starring Phoenix Marie and Mark Wood. She oiled up and gave up all three of her holes in deliciously heated fashion, I believe this was previously unreleased so I described it below. The next best of the batch was the 34:53 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, most of the footage amounting to either interviews or photoshoots that showed both directors as active participants in the movie making process (Francesca interviewing the other ladies and Mark helping with one). I also really liked the 26:40 minute series of strip teases by the ladies, each showing a propensity for some booty bouncing fun either out by the pool or inside the living room. There was also a cum shot compilation from the scenes, trailers, filmographies, photogallery, and some websites, a company trailer included as well as a cast list of the ladies.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Required was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by co-directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel. This being the duo’s first double disc movie for the company, I was happy to say they packed it with solid extras and an increased bitrate. The lighting and editing helped enhance the end result this time, each of the ladies showcased to look their best in the situations they were placed. The framing of the scenes was solid and the fluid movement of the camera helped make this one work, a company watermark seen on the lower right hand corner of the screen. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital using a 192 Kbps aural bitrate, the vocals plainly heard throughout the show and no music or other distracting noises getting in the way.

Body of Review: Francesca Le and Mark Wood have been directing and performing in porn for years. Their latest collaboration is with Evil Angel on Anal Required, an anal themed movie where a great cast of ladies show just how much they like getting fucked in the ass. Each vignette offered strong strokability and replay value, the emphasis on a diverse set of ladies helped make this one stand out, though a specific theme outside of the usual ass fucking might have helped distinguish it from the crowded field too. Of note were performers such as Bonnie Rotten, Jessie Volt, Sheena Shaw, Asphyxia Noir, and Savannah Fox in her first DP and DV (double penetration and double vaginal), curvy babe Phoenix Marie starring in the great bonus scene, and some lengthy BTS and striptease material included as well.

The company website described the movie like this: “The newest batch of hard-core vignettes from LeWood Productions is loaded with lewd, rude sodomy and filthy face fucking. "Anal Required" is the name of this two-disc movie, and its also Rule Number One for the sultry starlets gathered by LeWood directors Mark Wood and Francesca Le. Exotic, young Bonnie Rotten is hooking up through a dating service. The taut, tattooed temptress grinds on Mark's lap, removing her business suit and gagging on his massive member before taking a serious backdoor reaming. Next, Mark convinces gorgeous, blonde girlfriend Jessie Volt to call in late to work. A rough anal pounding leaves Jessie's butthole gaping; she eagerly swallows a hot load of sperm. Slender, athletic, hard-bodied Sheena Shaw does her afternoon workout for Will Powers' benefit, and it isn't long before he's thrusting his tongue into her tender anal sphincter. Sheena receives a ferocious ass-fuck and a messy cum facial. When Goth beauty Asphyxia Noir finally agrees to try backdoor sex, she goes all the way. The luscious punk princess buzzes her clit with a vibrator while stretching her tight anus around Mark's meat. And fleshy, foxy redhead Savannah Fox seduces her male housemates with some slobbery blow job fun that graduates to her first-ever double-penetration and double-vaginal fuck! "Anal Required" contains 26 minutes of sensuous tease footage; 34 minutes of revealing behind-the-scenes interviews; and a raunchy, full-length bonus butt-fuck with Mark sodomizing plushly proportioned Phoenix Marie. You might ask, is all this nasty butt sex truly necessary? Yes - it's required!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Bonnie Rotten, the heavily tattooed brunette featured on the upper left corner of the front cover, was up first with Mark Wood, the couple meeting via an executive dating service. She wore somewhat conservative attire but her panties could be glimpsed when she sat down, the attractive young lady taking Mark to task for talking so much. Given how Bonnie’s star is rising these days, she was a natural choice to begin the trysts but once the slow start was over, she tore it up with some very aggressive riding, Mark pawing her thighs as she climbed into his lap and kissed him. She ditched her clothing quickly after that, the lean lady giving Mark access to her boobs before he choked her and lowered her to her knees to actively blow him. She kept great eye contact with him and teased his pecker orally, some hand to gland friction enhancing the moment for the man as he spit all over his turgid rod. Bonnie throated him and tossed his salad briefly, Mark taking her vaginally as she overdid the screaming and pushed back to meet his every thrust in her snatch. That soon led to him porking her perfect pucker, Bonnie liking the anal ride and giving nearly as good a ride once she warmed up. This included taste testing and an abundance of aural comments, this dynamic repeating until she knelt to take his large nut of genetic juice which glazed her face as she looked up adoringly at him.

Scene Two: Jessie Volt, the sexy blond seen on the lower left corner of the front cover with the awesome ass, was up next as Mark Wood tried to convince her to call in late to work so they could play a little. Her cute accent was bone inducing and her initial hesitation was amusing as he overcame her issues, the gal stripping down to her animal print bikini undies out by the pool with him. She smiled in a knowing fashion as she began teasing him with a short dance, bending over and shaking her ass before he oiled it up and massaged those tremendous cheeks. He was already poking through his shorts when he whipped it out for her to suck, Jessie going all out to aggressively inhale his meat pipe as though she was starving for some love. The messy hummer left streamers flying all over Jessie and Mark decided it was time to bone her like he owned her, tapping into her juicy trimmed slit as she commented in her native tongue in delightful fashion. Mark drilled her like a maniac too, Jessie bringing him into the house where she cleaned his cock using another blowjob, winking at the camera in a knowing fashion as if letting the audience in on the action. From there they did anal, slowly at first but soon showing her even more at home with a pecker porking her pucker, the couple anally fucking in a variety of positions until he tossed out a wad of population pudding to her open mouth for swallowing, her smiling and eye contact again enhancing the moment.

Scene Three: Sheena Shaw, the tight hard body seen bending over on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next in her tight pink booty shorts and black crop top, stretching and bending over to get in shape before she was interrupted by Will Powers. I’m not sure why a stand in mope was used instead of Mark but he managed to service her fairly well, Sheena a strong enough performer to make the most of almost any situation. I liked the stretching on the floor and her physique might not be the fleshy kind I prefer but she really showed it off to full effect, her cameltoe and ass looking especially good as she contorted herself in a number of positions. Once she began to strip off her attire, Will joined her to rim her and gobble her gash as she sat on his face, the lucky mope gaining full access as her bountiful cheeks dropped solidly on his mouth. He gave lots of oral from there and she reciprocated nicely, some vaginal fucking and toy use to stretch her ass in preparation of their anal acts taking place just before her oral. Sheena has long been established as a good performer and she turned it on here too, using dirty talk and lots of hands to excite the mope as all three of her holes became full service for his dedicated use. Sheena was an active rider and used good eye contact, having fun milking his balls of spunk by the ending gape shot, Will thoroughly glazing her mug with his baby batter.

Scene Four: Asphyxia Noir, the alt-porn princess seen featured on the center of the front cover, was up next in a scenario where she confronted Mark Wood about his leaving some porn and sex toys in a shiny bag to draw her attention. As he countered her complaints with logic and reason, she slowly came around, the idea being that she was anal adverse but he wanted her ass really badly. When she came back in a really tiny string outfit, the sluttiest outfit she could find apparently, he loved it and started pawing her. She then noticed the impact her attire had on his growing bulge so she helped him out of his pants to seductively savor his cock orally, using her hands sparingly as her mouth became her primary tool of pleasure at first. He then rewarded her efforts by going straight into her pussy, no cunnilingus for him as he banged her neatly trimmed snatch. That led to some really anxious anal, going slowly at first as though she was inexperienced in back door antics but speeding up as she overcame her fears of pain to focus on the pleasure portion of the act. To enhance matters, she pulled out a yellow vibrator to hold against her clitoris as he drilled her ass, her moans adding to the effect though she did provide some active anal riding all the same. The scene ended when she knelt down and he tossed his splooge onto her face and upper torso, Asphyxia massaging some of the spew into her skin as the camera faded out.

Scene Five: Savannah Fox, the foxy redhead with the sweet ass seen squatting on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up last as she tried to convince Chris Strokes and Mark Wood that they should both hang out with her. She was their friend and not fuck buddy but they scanned her juicy ass as she walked by in tight pants, the discussion turning to how she could handle both of them rather than just cock block them at the local watering hole. She unzipped her pants and bent over on the couch as they felt her fleshy cheeks up, peeling off the pants to reveal a neon pink thong riding deep inside her delectable crack as they smacked it around a little. Savannah rubbed their bulges and the men pulled them out for better play, the gal dropping down to suck them off alternating between them as she savored the idea of doing her first double penetration and double vaginal, the lady seemingly experienced in both. She was all smiles and gave good eye contact, the messy head showing her in her element before she started actively riding their meat in her pussy and ass, some taste testing punctuating the specific positions but the aforementioned double penetration of pussy and her two lower holes showing she was zoning as she got off. Mark glazed her face while Chris deposited his load of ball batter mainly on her tongue once he stopped wasting it on the floor, Savannah clearly pleased at the effect she had on their libidos as the men wondered why she hadn’t stepped up to offer them sex before.

Bonus Scene: Phoenix Marie, my favorite performer of the cast, was outside lounging on a towel in the shade before being interviewed, leading her over to the pool where she was given an opportunity to oil up. I adore Phoenix and love curvy ladies applying lots of oil to their ample bodies so this was a winner right from the tease itself, Mark coming into to play with her at length both by the pool and inside the house. The scene lasted 41:03 minutes and showed just how active a rider Phoenix is, her oral, vaginal, and anal so off the charts that as good as some of the scenes in the movie itself might have been, this lengthy tryst was just better. The fun factor she provided and sheer enthusiasm made it a winner, the delivery of the ending round of baby batter the icing on the proverbial cake for fans that make it that far.

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Summary: Anal Required by directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel was easily worth a rating of Highly Recommended or better given the strength of ladies cast (providing some variety) and the adherence to the actions advertised. Phoenix Marie’s bonus scene on the extras disc was amazing and all of the ladies brought their “A” game to the production, even those of you that aren’t into anal should find their passion, energy, and devotion to booty duty well worth picking this one up. Also of note was just how active Bonnie Rotten was, how superiorly slutty Savannah Fox was in her first DP and DV, and Jessie Volt pouring on the charm like only she can do, Sheena as sexually aggressive as ever and Asphyxia Noir turning in one of her best performances to date. In short, Anal Required provided a double disc treat with the movie on one disc and the extras on the other disc, each of the scenes offering the kind of energetic anal that most in the industry rarely offer these days, my only disappointment being that Francesca Le stayed behind the camera this time instead of joining in herself as well.


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