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Boffing The Babysitter 14

  • Release date:
    November 19, 2012
  • Runtime:
    1h 50m
  • Cast:
    Dillion Harper|Kimmy Olsen|Tegan Riley|Gigi Loren

Genre: All Sex, Teens

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Dillion Harper, Kimmy Olsen, Tegan Riley, Gigi Loren

Length: 1 hr. 51 mins.

Release Year: 2012

Extras: Photo Gallery, Trailers, Cumshot Recap

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD: $21.99

Overview: Boffing the Babysitter 14 features the handiwork of four young starlets who are hard up for getting their employers off. This feature is just under two hours long, and while the “babysitting sluts gone bad” setup is simple enough, just how good is the payoff?

Scene 1 – Kimmy Olsen: (3/5) Kimmy Olsen is a halfway decent blonde who facetimes her privates to her employer on her iPhone instead of watching his kid. She suspects that he’s away at his office, but it turns out that he’s just hiding somewhere in the house. Following his advances, Kimmy makes a remark about her partner’s wife getting mad, or something to that effect, but that notion is quickly forgotten as her panties come off and her boss buries his face in her snatch. We start off with some cunnilngus and moments where the starlet’s pussy lips are spread wide to reveal the pink inside. Next is a blowjob sequence that was pretty good and while not the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in porn, her partner is definitely well hung. Kimmy deep throats the holy hell out of his man meat, chokes, drools, the whole nine. The eventual pussy pounding is decent enough with the starlet being thrust into a few different sexual positions. As she lies on her back, legs spread with her pussy positioned high at the edge of the couch, her partner looms over her and drives his dick deep. Finally, after riding the stud for a while, he busts a load in her mouth and that’s that. While not a terrible scene by any stretch, it was definitely a weak start to the film.

Scene 2 – Tegan Riley: (3/5) Tegan is leggy and pale-skinned with platinum blonde hair. She’s okay. While on the phone talking to one of her girlfriends, she’s simultaneously changing into a set of new clothes when the dad strolls in. She cuts her convo short and as she hikes up her black skirt her boss inspects the white writing on her pink panties with interest. He asks her if the kids are gone, she tells him ‘yes’ and then he pulls her skirt down to get a better look at the writing. The front of her panties read: It Ain’t Gonna Lick Itself. Which is all the invitation this guy needs to give Tegan’s pussy a shellacking with his tongue. We get to see a rather enthusiastic blowjob, followed by some cowgirl fucking and a little doggie, which was just great. While positioned on the couch and keeled over, Tegan buries her face in the pillows and we get to see her milky jugs jiggle while her pussy gets one hard thrust after another. The scene closes with the blonde on her knees, where she receives a little nut custard before the scene ends. Suddenly it appears that this movie is starting to spring to life.


Scene 3 – Gigi Loren: (4/5) Gigi Loren is a hot little brunette wearing a tight cotton top, colorful knee-high socks and panties. Her boss catches her stealing money from his daughter’s room and for fear of losing her job Gigi decides to fuck him. Simple enough. What we get here is a top-notch scene. Gigi is very hot, with beautiful breasts and a lightly tattooed midsection. While the two are on the bed, Gigi removes her partner’s jeans revealing an erect cock that she quickly jams down her throat. Her fingers move carefully along the stud’s cock and create a blur of bright colors as she jerks him off in quick bursts. After she gets her pussy eaten, Gigi and her partner spoon and fuck before she rides his cock. The scene goes on to include a variety of sexual positions along with some more cunnilingus before Gigi is slammed hard and receives a dollop of cum syrup on her gaping maw.

Scene 4 – Dillion Harper: (4/5) Dillion graces the DVD box cover and is ever bit as cute as it makes her out to be. She’s seen rummaging through the bedroom of her boss’s daughter before stumbling across a dildo. The dad comes in to find Dillion snooping around and after some time she’s confronted and the two eventually get to fucking. Dillion gets her pussy spit shined and thoroughly played with. Throughout the course of her scene she’s put through the paces but interrupts the screwing by administering some excellent and equally impressive blowjobs. Her ass is smacked repeatedly as she rides her partner and with the camera positioned behind Dillion viewers are able to get a good look at her ass. She even gives foot fetishists something more to enjoy by resting her ankles on her partner’s thighs as she rides him, showing off her soles. Granted she’s wearing socks, but you get the point. After a bit more fucking, the stud drops his goo on Dillion’s face and the scene comes to its end.

Final Summation: Boffing the Babysitter 14 isn’t that bad. The first two scenes are about average, but the last two are infinitely better with more impressive female talent and steamier sex. Gigi and Dillion get equal praise for elevating this film to one that is worth revisiting if only to see their scenes again. The only real downfall here is that the flick is on the short side as it features just four scenes with very little in the way of bonus features. And for a little over twenty bucks you’ll need to weigh your options with this one. The girls are young and give good performances and despite that the first two vignettes were a little lacking they were still good and every bit as watchable as the last two. The closing scenes were just better. Having said that, I firmly believe that this flick is worth the time. So, I do recommend it.



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