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Prague by Night

  • Release date:
    November 13, 2003
  • Cast:
    Kathy Anderson|Ellen|Jessica Fiorentino|Boby|Karmen|Zuzana|Freddy Dalton|Luna|Mona|Robert Rosenberg|Reinhard|Patricia (II)|Richard Mailer|Pett|Zuzka

Prague By Night

Director: Richard Mailer

Date of Production: 3/24/01

Length: 1 hour 24 minutes

Genre: All Sex, Vignette

Cast: Listed on Cover: Kathy
Anderson, Jessica Florentino, Pett, Slavomira Boskova, Elen, Karmen, Mary,
Honey, Mona, Sarah, Zuzana, Luna,
Natasha, Robert Rosenberg,
Zenza Raggi, Reinhard, John, Boby, Freddy, Dalton
Actually in the DVD: Kathy
Anderson, Pett, Elen, Karmen, Mary,
Mona, Sarah, Zuzana, Luna,
Natasha, Robert Rosenberg,
Reinhard, John, Boby, Freddy

Video/Audio: The video is presented in 1.33:1 color. 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround
audio. Both aspects are decent but nothing to crow about.

Extras: Wicked Promo Reels, Photo Gallery, Trailers, DVD-Rom Materials

Scene 1: Jacuzzi Birthday: Pett, Luna, Boby
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Condom Use
Luna gives Boby his birthday present, Pett. Pett and Boby join Luna in a large
bubble bath and Luna starts sucking off her boyfriend then lets Pett try him
out. As Pett sucks on Boby's cock, Luna fingers her pussy. Pett leans over
the edge of the tub as Boby enters her pussy from behind and starts to fuck
her. Boby moves out of the tub and sits down on the edge so Pett can ride him.
Luna stands behind them and watches while she fingers herself. Luna's ass
is next on the menu and Boby takes it hard from behind while Luna is buried
face first in Pett's pussy. They move over to mish for more anal before both
girls get nose to nose as Pett jerks Boby off. Not that bad of a scene. Nice
laid back feel to it.

Scene 2: Waiting for the Train: Zuzka, Mona, John
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Condom Use
A trio leaves the train station and goes to one the ladies apartment. When
they get the apartment, the visiting couple finds the owner's dildo on the
coffee table. The owner acts embarrassed for a moment and the guy eggs her
on. This of course leads to both girls taking off their shirts and giving the
head. John gets to fuck both girls doggy style with the apartment owner getting
it first. John's girlfriend moves from doggy into reverse cowgirl then spoon.
The hostess plants her pussy on John's girlfriend's face as they fuck in spoon.
John bangs the apartment owner's ass before cumming on both women's tits. Not
a bad scene. The sex seemed too short though.

Scene 3: No Sex, No Service: Mary, Karmen, Freddy Dalton
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial, PTM, Condom Use
Freddy takes mary and Karmen to a bar telling them it's a great place. Once
they get there, no one is inside and no one waits on them. They decide to make
their own fun and the girls begin undressing. Freddy has the pleasure of receiving
a double blow job from the girls before his sticks his dick inside Karmen.
Karmen does a little double duty and licks on Mary's pussy as Freddy fucks
her from behind. Freddy pick Karmen up and puts her on the counter to eat her
out while Mary sucks on his dick. Mary then mounts him to ride before moving
to standing doggy so she can lick her friend too. Some missionary for Karmen
is next and Mary helps out by holding Freddy's dick as he fucks Karmen. Mary
takes his load on her face to end the scene. Pretty good scene.

Scene 4: My Bedridden Friend: Patricia, Elen, Boby
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Condom Use
Elen tells Boby about a sick friend and wants to take him by to meet her. Patricia
is in bed, but she doesn't look sick while she uses a vibrator on herself as
the couple walks in on her. Boby had a present of a girl given to him in the
first scene, now he is the present...lucky bastard. The girls undress him and
Patricia sucks his dick while Elen feeds her tits to him. Boby buries his dick
into Patricia from behind as she dives into her friends pussy face first. Elen
tries out Boby's cock in spoon and uses her tongue on Patricia before moving
to reverse cowgirl to continue screwing. With no dick for herself, Patricia
gets out the trusty vibrator again. Elen hops off and Boby rolls over to fill
up again. Elen moves around to get more head from her friend before jerking
Boby off on Patricia's pussy. Another decent scene, but again, it's too short.

Scene 5: Slot Luck: Kathy Anderson, Zuzana, Reinhard
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, Facial, Condom Use
Reinhard takes Zuzana to gamble a little bit and meets Kathy. From out of nowhere,
both girls start to strip and tease Reinhard before sucking his dick. He fucks
both girls mouths as they face each other and then starts banging Zuzana as
she eats out Kathy. Zuzana moves out of the way and Reinhard goes right into
screwing Kathy's pussy with frequent stops to allow Zuzana to perform more
fellatio. Kathy moves out of reverse cowgirl and Reinhard rolls over to drill
Zuzana's ass and pulls out every once in while so Kathy can stroke his cock.
Zuzana does some reverse cowgirl anal before the facial cumshot for both girls.
Good scene, but the music killed the heat by drowning out the performers.

Scene 6: Over the Table: Sarah (Stacy Silver), Natasha, Robert
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, Facial, Condom Use
It worked in the third, scene so why ont use it again...no service in a restaurant
leads to sex. Both girls give a bj to Robert before he grabs a condom from
the counter and fucks Natasha. What kind of restaurant has condoms on the counter?
Robert sits down in a chair and Sarah hops on and bounces on his dick quickly.
Natasha pulls Robert out of Sarah repeatedly, sucking and then putting him
back into her. Sarah and Robert try standing doggy for a little while before
Robert moves over to Natasha and back to Sarah for some butt fucking. Both
girls suck his dick again causing him to cum on their faces. Good scene, but
it was already done once in this dvd.

Overall Thoughts: I'm missing something here. Maybe it's
not me, it's the dvd. There is no Jessica Florentino at all in this dvd. As
a matter of fact,
four of the cast members listed on the cover, aren't in it. Jessica is
on the front and back covers and even on the menus, so I find it odd she's
nowhere to be seen in the movie itself. The dvd was nothing spectacular with
OK sex scenes that were too short for the
As a
fan of Ms. Florentino's
and getting it because she was on the cover, I can only rate this as a Skip
title since she was not found in the movie itself. Wicked may want
to check out the product a little better before creating more terribly wrong
covers and
their next


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