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Game, The

  • Release date:
    March 11, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 23m
  • Cast:
    Tony Tedeschi|Taylor Hayes|Shelbee Myne|Cheyne Collins|Dayton Rains|Renee LaRue|Bobby Vitale|Nina (II)|Toni English

The Game


Genre: Feature

Director: Toni English

Cast: Renee LaRue, Bobby Vitale, Dayton Rains, Tony Tedeschi, Taylor Hayes, Nina, Cheyne Collins, Shelbee Myne

Length: 84 minutes

Date of Production: 10/24/01

Extra's: forced spam at beginning of dvd, trailers, unrelated sex scenes, photogallery, positions room (select the types of sexual activity you want rather than watch the movie itself)

Audio/Video Quality: The scenes all seemed to have too much grain and video noise that plagued earlier Vivid efforts (and a few recent ones too). The music was too loud and the audio too low much of the time. In all, not what I'd expect from the "New" Vivid.

Body of Review: Feature porn needs something beyond good sex to keep an audience interested. Otherwise, why not just buy a Gonzo dvd? In this case, the story was about a youngish couple played by Bobby and Taylor who were set to be married but ended up cheating on each other. Pretty common story in porn. The bad news is that the feature story seemed to be written on the back of a napkin and the acting here was much worse than the cast has done in the past. The worse news is that the sex scenes, with few exceptions, were boring at best. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Renee and Bobby in and around a car on a romantic hilltop. They had oral and condom clad straight before a bit of anal. Not great but it was good enough to remind of me of days gone by.

Scene Two: Dayton and Tony had sex on a bed. Like the other scenes, it was oral and straight but it lacked the passion I've seen both of them display in the past.

Scene Three: Taylor and Cheyne on a couch, then Nina and he went at it. I think a threesome might've helped heat things up here as the performers seemed to be going through the paces a bit too much for even a horny-toad guy like me to get interested.

Scene Four: Shelbee and Bobby on a couch. I haven't seen her perform in awhile so I was hoping she took a chance to get really hot for this movie. I lost that bet. The sex itself seemed held back and like they had other things on their minds.

Scene Five: Shelbee and Tony on the couch. Maybe he detected that she wasn't satisfied with Bobby's performance in the last scene and wanted to do her right. If so, he failed too although he was better than his pal. The oral wasn't bad but the straight sex seemed rushed-even more than in the other scenes here.

Scene Six: Taylor and Bobby on the floor. Making up sex is a great thing that can really heat up the screen. The two played lovers who had both strayed and this was their chance to convince us that they wanted to get back together. If this was the case, they should move into separate apts as they had no chemistry at all here in this very short scene.

Summary: Vivid has surprised me a lot lately as they have been putting more effort into their feature releases. Not just better extras but into the feature movies themselves. Sadly, this appears to be a throwback to earlier times when Vivid just took the "get them out the door" philosophy. Hopefully, it was just a single instance of not living up to expectations as the company and it's directors have shown some promise of late. In a related note, the bonus scenes were much better on average than the feature-that speaks volumes as to the worth of this one. Sorry.



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