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So I Married a Pornstar

  • Release date:
    July 10, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 20m
  • Cast:
    Tony Tedeschi|Chris Cannon|Steven French|Mercedez|Natasha Dolling|Jesse V.|Mario Rossi|Tony G.|Shylar Cobi|Bo Edwards

So I Married A Porn Star


Genre: Feature

Director: Bo Edwards (AKA: Paul Thomas)

Cast: Mercedez, Tony Tedeschi, Steve French, Natasha Dolling, Mario Rossi, Chris Cannon, Jesse V.

Length: 76 minutes

Date of Production: 11/20/02

Extra's: bloopers, tease scene with Mercedez, short biography of Mercedez, cover shoot for the feature, 2 bonus scenes of Mercedez from the feature Webcam, 2 photogalleries, 16.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, double sided dvd cover, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture had some grain and color over saturation but wasn't terrible. The audio was presented in 2.0 stereo with minimal separation between the channels and sounded a touch hollow.

Body of Review: Mercedez, the busty young Texan of mixed heritage who's new to porn, seems to be the latest Vivid contract performer. I think she looks better than the dvd cover but it's always nice to see a fresh face in porn. In her debut release for Vivid, So I Married A Porn Star, she plays a gal who marries a customer in a strip club and quits stripping for him. He later finds out she works as a porn star and the tension mounts. There were some good lines here with lots of humor to go with some pretty warm sex scenes. If you like oral and straight sex with condoms, check out this breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Mercedez, a gal that looks like Prince's ex-girlfriend Apollonia but with larger implants, and Tony had a scene that started in a strip club and ended in a home. Oral and straight with a condom but pretty solidly made.

Scene Two: Mercedez and Steve had a scene on a bed during a porn shoot. Too many close ups but otherwise okay.

Scene Three: Natasha, a gal that looks like a younger and leaner version of Serenity, and Mario on a bed during a porn shoot. Mercedez joined in for a few moments of lesbian licking but the main performers here did a good job.

Scene Four: Natasha, still looking fresh except for her plethora of tattoo's, and Chris did the deed on a staircase. Oral and straight but lots of energy with chemistry. Yum!

Scene Five: Mercedez and Tony had a short scene together on the couch, not a full scene mind you, that was oral only and then a quick partial scene between Natasha and Chris but neither truly qualify as a "scene".

Scene Six: Mercedez, Jesse, Natasha, Tony and Mario had a scene during a porno shoot in a darkened room. Mercedez took care of Mario while Tony did the other two. This was actually a good scene as well although I was kind of expecting to see some anal given the advertising copy on the back dvd cover. Warm.

Summary: I liked this one for all it's technical limitations. The sex was good, the ladies attractive and even the extras were solid which all lead me to rate this one as Recommended. I'd have preferred the partial sex scenes to be fleshed out a bit which would've added value to the movie but overall, it was worth checking out.



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