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Rocco’s Psycho Teens 4

  • Release date:
    February 6, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 52m
  • Cast:
    Blue AngelRocco Siffredi|Kid Jamaica|Blue Angel|Omar Galanti|Timea Bela|Mike Angelo|Victoria Tiffany|Shione Cooper|Bruno SX|Szabi|Antonio Ross|Summer Star|Linet Slag|Stacy Snake|Mazy Teen|Diamond Cross

Genre: Gonzo, 18+ Teens, Big Cocks

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Blue Angel, Shione Cooper, Victoria Tiffany, Linet Slag, Stacy Snake, Mazy Teen, Timea Bela, Diamond Cross, Rocco Siffredi, Bruno Sx, Kid Jamaica, Antonio Ross, Omar Galanti, Mike Angelo

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality was very good.

Length: 2 hours, 52 minutes

Release Date: 2/6/13

Extras: Extras included filmography, photo galeries, and trailers for Rocco’s Psycho Teens 3, Rocco’s Power Slave 2, Slutty Girls Love Rocco 4

Overview: I have no clue how Rocco does it but any guy in his early 50’s that can get 18 year old girls to bang—willingly—is aces in my book. Wow! If you love teen girls—and these girls are real life teens with teen bodies to match—Rocco’s Psycho Teens 4 will clearly have your ball sacks exploding with jizz sauce. These girls are more than just anughty; they’re dirty nasty sluts who after being with Rocco and his friends become more corrupted if that’s even possible!

Scene 1 Linlet Slag, Shione, Blue Angel

We see Shione tempting and teasing Kid Jamaica who begs her to stop. Rocco is on his way and he wants to have everything cleaned up. But Shione keeps taking off a little bit more clothing. Suddenly Rocco arrives and introduces everyone to Linlet. Then for some odd reason, he walks a bit towards the house where there are a line of guys waiting for them, plus Blue Angel who is standing behind a fence. Linlet is to blowbang the guys and the guys who aren’t being serviced by Linlet go over to Blue, who’s job it seemed was just to sit behind the fence and sort of fluff the guys before going back to Linlet who will then actually suck them off. Rocco pulls Linlet away and has her and Blue sort of kiss, then she goes on her knees for a cum bath. Such an unnecessary distraction from the sex that Shione and Kid Jamaica are about to engage in by the docks. Rocco sees what’s going on and brings Linlet—who is dressed like a trophy wife, not a teen girl—and soon enough, Rocco and Kid are both double teaming Linlet. Before that Kid and Shione are engaging in some pretty rough anal sex. Shione has a tight toned body with little tits and not much in the way of curves, giving her a sweet and tasty teen girl’s body. Kid and Shione have excellent chemistry so I would have preferred seeing more of them but the bulk of this scene goes towards Linlet who gets a double anal ride with Rocco and Kid. Shione is left to the side, masturbating with her legs spread and her completely nude body bathing under the sun. Linlet certainly is not complaining about having both guy’s attention as she continues to get her ass reamed by both. Shione is given some attention especially by Rocco, who can barely fit in her ass but manages to squeeze his way in then blast her face with his load while Kid does the same to Linlet.

Scene 2 Monica, Cutie

Rocco meets Monica and Cutie at the docks by his home and drive to his place where he gets the girls partially naked and doing some girl girl stuff. All of the sudden they’re alone and in walks Omar who already is rock hard and joins in. He peels off the remaing clothes and sticks his rod in them, first down their little mouths and then into their holes below their waste. The girls love having their pink stuffed with Omar’s giant shlong which, after he gets the girls to cum, is ready to enter their asses. None of the girls resist, taking every inch of Omar and nicely riding him up and down anally for the remainder of the scene.

Scene 3 Stacy Snake, Diamond Cross

Stacy and Diamond are a couple of troublemakers who are caught spray painting by Kid Jamaica. They beg him not to arrest him and the two ladies, looking sweet in their cut off jeans and tank tops, begin sucking Kid off. The girls look amazing as they share his cock. Their clothes off, Kid spreads their legs and begins banging away at both babes. Their pussies are so tight but Kid just works his way in with little trouble and the girls begin to quiver. He takes Diamond up the ass while having Stacy clean Diamond’s ass juices off his cock. It’s a sizzling back and forth but the ladies are well photographed, leaving us with enough satisfying eye candy, and enough jizz to blast all over yourself.

Scene 4 Mazy Teen, Timea Bela

Mazy and Timea are girls scouts but the only cookies Antonio wants lies between their legs. As soon as they meet up Antonio has the babes sucking him off. He returns the favor by peeling off their panties and muff diving both gorgeous teens. He manages to fuck Mazy up her ass and Timea only offers up her pussy but this scene is still great as we see both ladies really loving having their pussies slammed with Antonio’s rod, and having his load all over their faces when it’s all over.

Summary: Count me in as Psycho Teen fan. This series really lives up it’s title. Teen girls teasing us with everything they were blessed with plus watching the guys giving them a hard charging fuck and taking advantage of their greeness is why I and I’m sure many other teen anal porn fans will dig this series. Surprisingly, Rocco only makes a single appearance and I’m sure if he had been more involved in the performances it would have made this title even that much more explicit. There were a few things as I mentioned in the first scene that clearly didn’t add anything for me, nor did it really match up with the theme of the DVD. Let’s just agree that when you put out a teen anal DVD, let’s just watch nothing but sexy teens taking it in the ass. Other than that, I’m Recommending this one.


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