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Licking The Velvet

  • Release date:
    April 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 46m
  • Cast:
    Blue Angel

Genre Lesbian, Gonzo, Toys

Director Viv Thomas

Cast Blue Angel, Nicole Smith, Viktoria Diamond, Ivanna Sugar, Sunny Diamond, Barbie White, Ivanna, Kitty Cat

Duration 107 minutes

Date of Production 24 March 2013

Condoms None

Extras While the two trailers, for Story of She 2 and Tides of Lust, are enticing, they are all you get.  With all the glamour models, a stills gallery should be a no-brainer. But, that's why they're called 'extras'.

Audio / Video Great all the way around. Shot in HDV. Presented in 16:9 aspect ratio, letterboxed.  The sounds are great, compared to most porn, the dialogue was clear and the music was well produced. Dolby Digital, 2 channel.

Condoms None

Preview After reviewing Lesbian Workout, and being impressed with the excellent production value and the beautiful cast, Licking the Velvet seemed like a can't miss prospect; and the title is cool, too. From the slick package design, including a succulent cover-shot, I'm expecting another winner. Although I couldn't pick a chick in this video out of a lineup, they are all beautiful, babe types with slim, sexy figures and long hair. I'm a little skeptical about the running time, but expect the short scenes to be of the highest quality.

The first scene starts with music, as blonde Viktoria Diamond and dark-haired Nicole Smith kiss in bed.  Viktoria works her way down Nicole's slim body to taste her sweetness.  After being loosened up a bit, Nicole receives her friends fingers inside for a dual-stim orgasm.  Then, Nicole returns the oral favors, before maneuvering into a sit-up trib.  The last tryst is a face ride by Nicole that shows how stunning she truly is.  This is a very good opening scene to start things off.

Blue Angel is a sexy, petite nymph with reddish hair and a tight body.  She engages the lithe, blonde  Ivanna Sugar in another hot bedroom toss.  This felt like a light-hearted encounter. Not too passionate, but stiil, a couple of beauties having a special kind of fun.  It turned out to be my favorite scene because Ivanna has a look that appeals to me, built for speed; although she would be fine without the hair extensions.

Nicole Smith is featured for the second time, this go-round with Sunny Diamond.  According to vivthomas.com, this is Nicole's first shoot ever.  I wouldn't have guessed.  The foreplay was hot, with plenty of kissing and breast play on a bench at the foot of the bed.  If you like breasts, this is the scene to skip to because of Sunny.  It ends with another face ride by Nicole; if it ain't broke...

The couch makes everything a little more awkward, but Barbie White, a petite blonde and Inna feel their way around until they connect.  Inna is so delicate with her licking and caressing her fried's sweet spot. When Barbie returns the favor, the result is a great looking 69.  If you're a fan of toys, there is a rainbow colored glass dildo put to great use. Lowest replay value.

Bad Cop puts a little drama into the Viv Thomas mix. Kitty Cat's boyfriend is a police target, but nowhere to be found.  The bad cop shows here how powerful the law is. She also gives her some nice night stick treatment.  It ends up being quite comical, with the paper-thin "plot" and the girls accents, but the cop uniform is smokin' hot on Blue Angel and the scene ends up being pretty good; a fitting close.

Final Thoughts Who would think costuming would be a highpoint of a skin flick? High point may be a bit much, but I was struck by the outfits more than I usually am.  Licking the Velvet is Highly Recommended because it has great production value, beautiful women in every scene, and some great shots of hot action throughout. The running time was a bit disappointing, but not a huge problem thanks to a consistent level of quality. Good for B/G or G/G couples or the solo-stroker of either gender.  Go get it.


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