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  • Release date:
    September 3, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 20m
  • Cast:
    Kobe Tai|Cheyne Collins|Evan Stone|Eric Masterson|Dillion Day|Wendy Divine|Kaylynn|Chennin Blanc|Lola (I)|Steve Taylor|Devin Wolf|Blair Segal|Ren Savant



Genre: Feature

Director: Ren Savant

Cast: Lola, Wendy Divine, Kaylynn, Evan Stone, Chennin Blanc, Blair Seagal, Steve Taylor, Cheyne Collins, Dillion Day, Kobe Tai, Eric Masterson, Sandy Scott, Devin Wolf

Length: 79.5 minutes

Date of Production: 10/10/99

Extra's: 10.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, 5 unrelated bonus scenes, trailers, 2 photogalleries, double sided dvd cover, positions room, forced spam

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The picture looked a bit hazy at times with a softer focus than I prefer and fair (at best) lighting. There was grain and video noise too. The sound was presented in English stereo but I didn't hear any separation (it was probably mono and remastered to display a stereo signal). It was a bit low in terms of volume and the music weak but overall, not bad.

Body of Review: Vivid has made a lot of feature porn over the years. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means porno with a plot. In a movie made nearly 4 years ago (ages in porno terms), Director Ren Savant presented a take-off on the mainstream movie The Stepford Wives. In the movie, Dillion works for a company that makes lifelike women for sexual pleasure. His wife, Kobe, doesn't know what he does for a living, and quickly finds out that the company president, Devin, wants to make a robot version of her, leading to all sorts of problems. The sex was actually pretty good but most of the scenes were edited into one another so the heat of each scene varied more than it could have. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Lola, the hot and lean brunette, had what amounted to a solo scene in the shower before Wendy gave her a little oral attention. It was warm, if limited.

Scene Two: Lola, having warmed up previously, took on Kaylynn and Evan while the others watched. Wendy took on Cheyne and Eric while Chennin played with Blair and moved onto the couch with the second group. Kaylynn took a bit of anal on her blemished ass in what was a distracted scene.

Scene Three: Kobe and Lola had a lesbian scene on a bed. Most of the sex was oral but some toys were brought in to spice it up a bit too. Warm.

Scene Four: Blair and Dillion had a scene outdoors with Steve joining them. Her oral talents were very skillful and her energetic nature was also heat-inducing.

Scene Five: Chennin and Cheyne did each other on a couch while Wendy and Eric had some fun on a loveseat.

Scene Six: Kobe and Devin had a romp on the bed. It looked good but seemed like the action started before the cameras were rolling. There was a short orgy scene outdoors but nothing worth mentioning. Fair.

Summary: I liked the concept here more than what actually took place. It wasn't a bad movie, after all, the sex was pretty good, the women attractive, and the energy level fairly good, but the limitations made me rate it as a Rent It. Check it out and you may find it more appealing than I did, it just seemed a bit too low budget for my tastes.


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